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Arthas-TW Honorable Kills
1火火靚釹 Zero To HeroArthas-TW45220Not updated
2仲子 Zero To HeroArthas-TW44227Not updated
3Qn Zero To HeroArthas-TW43106Not updated
4歎歎 Zero To HeroArthas-TW39897Not updated
5首夫托拉斯基 Zero To HeroArthas-TW31413Not updated
6蘇珊老妖 Zero To HeroArthas-TW23311Not updated
7骨頭好吃耶 Zero To HeroArthas-TW23110Not updated
8Nabokov Zero To HeroArthas-TW22287Not updated
9海角襲胸 Zero To HeroArthas-TW22061Not updated
10Klungz Zero To HeroArthas-TW21820Not updated
11東京好熱 Zero To HeroArthas-TW21451Not updated
12蘇珊霸王 Zero To HeroArthas-TW21285Not updated
13幽靈大士 Zero To HeroArthas-TW20858Not updated
14燈泡有腦 Zero To HeroArthas-TW19085Not updated
15史昂 Zero To HeroArthas-TW17575Not updated
16鎧旋 Zero To HeroArthas-TW15043Not updated
17戴斯耐特 Zero To HeroArthas-TW15023Not updated
18Wondergirlss Zero To HeroArthas-TW14029Not updated
19Deirdre Zero To HeroArthas-TW13088Not updated
20戰神老爹 Zero To HeroArthas-TW12926Not updated
21蘇珊魂 Zero To HeroArthas-TW12313Not updated
22天天搞那個 Zero To HeroArthas-TW12142Not updated
23火火猛男 Zero To HeroArthas-TW11969Not updated
24愛我一棒槌 Zero To HeroArthas-TW11346Not updated
25交流電 Zero To HeroArthas-TW10824Not updated
26Thegodmake Zero To HeroArthas-TW10666Not updated
27佛雷斯 Zero To HeroArthas-TW10113Not updated
28大睿 Zero To HeroArthas-TW10033Not updated
29Leehomee Zero To HeroArthas-TW9836Not updated
30黑獅子愛德華 Zero To HeroArthas-TW9649
31急症室 Zero To HeroArthas-TW9533Not updated
32山河慟哭 Zero To HeroArthas-TW9314Not updated
33Cheese Zero To HeroArthas-TW9210Not updated
34冷瞳 Zero To HeroArthas-TW8978Not updated
35Skyrose Zero To HeroArthas-TW8932Not updated
36狼哩個狼 Zero To HeroArthas-TW8908Not updated
37Tairyu Zero To HeroArthas-TW8061Not updated
38顫抖吧 Zero To HeroArthas-TW7868Not updated
39真勢如破竹 Zero To HeroArthas-TW7837Not updated
40蘇珊 Zero To HeroArthas-TW7628Not updated
41向前一標 Zero To HeroArthas-TW6835Not updated
42箭鼎 Zero To HeroArthas-TW6675Not updated
43林北松鼠哥 Zero To HeroArthas-TW6098
44召師 Zero To HeroArthas-TW6006Not updated
45颯諺 Zero To HeroArthas-TW5633Not updated
46轉朱閣 Zero To HeroArthas-TW5613Not updated
47散步的魚兒 Zero To HeroArthas-TW5192Not updated
48雪昭 Zero To HeroArthas-TW4859Not updated
49Zhou Zero To HeroArthas-TW4805Not updated
50Cydia Zero To HeroArthas-TW4490Not updated
51Persia Zero To HeroArthas-TW4386Not updated
52奧蕾莉亞之歌 Zero To HeroArthas-TW4381Not updated
53謝絕來訪 Zero To HeroArthas-TW4336Not updated
54茗雪兒 Zero To HeroArthas-TW4328Not updated
55雲羲 Zero To HeroArthas-TW4095Not updated
56Mayo Zero To HeroArthas-TW4059Not updated
57星辰小雨 Zero To HeroArthas-TW3973Not updated
58小白狼 Zero To HeroArthas-TW3931Not updated
59低綺戶 Zero To HeroArthas-TW3915Not updated
60衝鋒不亂髮型 Zero To HeroArthas-TW3586Not updated
61我唻整死你菛 Zero To HeroArthas-TW3508Not updated
62第五貓妖 Zero To HeroArthas-TW3485Not updated
63小慧兒 Zero To HeroArthas-TW3190Not updated
64鐮刀 Zero To HeroArthas-TW3028Not updated
65千水凝冰 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2921Not updated
66雷薩斯希雅 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2914Not updated
67萌叔控 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2906Not updated
68Gonyu Zero To HeroArthas-TW2897Not updated
69大獅兇 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2852Not updated
70洛水璃 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2704Not updated
71Freefighter Zero To HeroArthas-TW2619Not updated
72夜幕下的殺戮 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2452Not updated
73蘋果水 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2417Not updated
74哀傷尋路人 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2397Not updated
75Airtree Zero To HeroArthas-TW2375Not updated
76午夜之陽 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2297Not updated
77邪神油菜 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2263Not updated
78幸福歸來 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2232Not updated
79扛壩子 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2182Not updated
80Warth Zero To HeroArthas-TW2148Not updated
81漸遠 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2016Not updated
82一定要靠自己 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1965Not updated
83繞芷柔 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1868Not updated
84死訷吥哭 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1794Not updated
85菀風小念 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1729Not updated
86追風御守 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1681Not updated
87純青色 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1679Not updated
88心很空 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1608Not updated
89死神小雨 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1602
90露祺亞 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1600Not updated
91就是愛流浪 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1594Not updated
92烏爾砍其 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1592Not updated
93劫火紅蓮 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1515Not updated
94佛蘭妮阿德斯 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1498
95岡本斥丸 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1441Not updated
96星辰小花 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1421Not updated
97爵士奶爸 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1392Not updated
98Solight Zero To HeroArthas-TW1342Not updated
99喜歡吃蘋果 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1251Not updated
100闇幽 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1243Not updated

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