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Draenor-EU Honorable Kills
1Janeth Vita LunaDraenor-EU72724Not updated
2Pházed Vita LunaDraenor-EU41904Not updated
3Srazztam Vita LunaDraenor-EU39516
4Kruuzz Vita LunaDraenor-EU22156
5Venara Vita LunaDraenor-EU21012
6Blaumeux Vita LunaDraenor-EU20737
7Shobi Vita LunaDraenor-EU18926
8Mylhia Vita LunaDraenor-EU18910Not updated
9Alyca Vita LunaDraenor-EU18569Not updated
10Aasimon Vita LunaDraenor-EU16996Not updated
11Synergised Vita LunaDraenor-EU14184Not updated
12Donderop Vita LunaDraenor-EU12670Not updated
13Zangaril Vita LunaDraenor-EU12342
14Kealari Vita LunaDraenor-EU12061Not updated
15Necriss Vita LunaDraenor-EU11954
16Greenbob Vita LunaDraenor-EU11803Not updated
17Zangajin Vita LunaDraenor-EU11783
18Purrfecta Vita LunaDraenor-EU11549Not updated
19Temto Vita LunaDraenor-EU10469
20Nefarya Vita LunaDraenor-EU10433
21Woobe Vita LunaDraenor-EU9098
22Woobee Vita LunaDraenor-EU8276
23Shepalla Vita LunaDraenor-EU7442
24Graimoon Vita LunaDraenor-EU6983Not updated
25Peddel Vita LunaDraenor-EU6476Not updated
26Ordagthin Vita LunaDraenor-EU6085
27Upramis Vita LunaDraenor-EU6018Not updated
28Arizalia Vita LunaDraenor-EU5657
29Chowmeins Vita LunaDraenor-EU5651Not updated
30Raeya Vita LunaDraenor-EU5398
31Avada Vita LunaDraenor-EU5303Not updated
32Bushdin Vita LunaDraenor-EU5101Not updated
33Velarian Vita LunaDraenor-EU4866
34Ritzee Vita LunaDraenor-EU4779
35Miradez Vita LunaDraenor-EU4623
36Donderpad Vita LunaDraenor-EU4086Not updated
37Thirdaid Vita LunaDraenor-EU4033Not updated
38Evyl Vita LunaDraenor-EU3855
39Beatyman Vita LunaDraenor-EU3531
40Teezh Vita LunaDraenor-EU3016Not updated
41Taynt Vita LunaDraenor-EU2853Not updated
42Avaric Vita LunaDraenor-EU2778
43Bulltish Vita LunaDraenor-EU2636Not updated
44Diviwar Vita LunaDraenor-EU2537Not updated
45Dazamzam Vita LunaDraenor-EU2531
46Gunnertje Vita LunaDraenor-EU2329
47Woobunki Vita LunaDraenor-EU2313
48Vyel Vita LunaDraenor-EU2243
49Méek Vita LunaDraenor-EU2057Not updated
50Iorath Vita LunaDraenor-EU1935Not updated
51Ryzzle Vita LunaDraenor-EU1841Not updated
52Unpure Vita LunaDraenor-EU1746Not updated
53Mingella Vita LunaDraenor-EU1724Not updated
54Bluebandit Vita LunaDraenor-EU1538Not updated
55Spineripper Vita LunaDraenor-EU1431Not updated
56Incandesce Vita LunaDraenor-EU1376
57Mushashi Vita LunaDraenor-EU1108Not updated
58Kittelabar Vita LunaDraenor-EU1065Not updated
59Mèék Vita LunaDraenor-EU900Not updated
60Kurf Vita LunaDraenor-EU856
61Narandia Vita LunaDraenor-EU805Not updated
62Lawara Vita LunaDraenor-EU775Not updated
63Fathermcfist Vita LunaDraenor-EU672Not updated
64Woobookoo Vita LunaDraenor-EU629
65Morphinda Vita LunaDraenor-EU541Not updated
66Kruozz Vita LunaDraenor-EU533
67Xog Vita LunaDraenor-EU526
68Milkmebabe Vita LunaDraenor-EU455Not updated
69Zordina Vita LunaDraenor-EU410
70Trydan Vita LunaDraenor-EU348Not updated
71Vekma Vita LunaDraenor-EU333
72Chyler Vita LunaDraenor-EU284Not updated
73Lunatricks Vita LunaDraenor-EU260Not updated
74Vafu Vita LunaDraenor-EU207
75Woobl Vita LunaDraenor-EU173Not updated
76Mistcore Vita LunaDraenor-EU158Not updated
77Donderstraal Vita LunaDraenor-EU149Not updated
78Woobayy Vita LunaDraenor-EU137
79Woobo Vita LunaDraenor-EU136
80Emberaldus Vita LunaDraenor-EU135Not updated
81Mèek Vita LunaDraenor-EU125Not updated
82Konishiwah Vita LunaDraenor-EU122
83Yingou Vita LunaDraenor-EU114
84Warboxx Vita LunaDraenor-EU112
85Dondermonnik Vita LunaDraenor-EU99Not updated
85Kalisé Vita LunaDraenor-EU99
87Divilock Vita LunaDraenor-EU70Not updated
88Aeyri Vita LunaDraenor-EU69Not updated
89Kraazz Vita LunaDraenor-EU66
90Mcdog Vita LunaDraenor-EU61Not updated
91Naluena Vita LunaDraenor-EU51Not updated
92Asorian Vita LunaDraenor-EU50Not updated
93Cindira Vita LunaDraenor-EU49Not updated
94Fungii Vita LunaDraenor-EU48
95Biyul Vita LunaDraenor-EU19Not updated
96Twohorde Vita LunaDraenor-EU13
96Fourhorde Vita LunaDraenor-EU13
96Fivehorde Vita LunaDraenor-EU13
99Onehorde Vita LunaDraenor-EU12
99Threehorde Vita LunaDraenor-EU12

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