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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Dath'Remar-US Honorable Kills
1Kerwinna Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US73781Not updated
2Faimage Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US50294
3Dakyras Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US42496
4Gothr Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US33155Not updated
5Magnarose Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US32919Not updated
6Zoltannovar Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US30875
7Morriane Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US29929
8Faiadin Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US25876Not updated
9Fiercee Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US22580Not updated
10Déarest Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US22381Not updated
11Vtard Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US22074
12Shyae Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US21865Not updated
13Wudon Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US20112Not updated
14Fishytale Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US17596Not updated
15Greenteas Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US17572Not updated
16Sin Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US17128Not updated
17Desaree Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US15542Not updated
18Greyhowl Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US14506Not updated
19Yvaenne Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US14382Not updated
20Greyjoy Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US13400Not updated
21Stormraiser Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US13304Not updated
22Golevida Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US13163Not updated
23Grymauch Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US12112
24Zoltman Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US12010
25Diaboliq Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US11865Not updated
26Arbarlexis Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US11381
27Vissi Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US11359
28Uniit Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US11228Not updated
29Erystheia Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US9351Not updated
30Boglod Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US9145Not updated
31Aeristra Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US8924
32Owaen Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US8133Not updated
33Audrie Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US6982Not updated
34Täengoo Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US6200Not updated
35Econsiliate Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US6141Not updated
36Desrii Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US6102Not updated
37Torpor Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US5944Not updated
38Lillith Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US5667Not updated
39Tokyobanana Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US5568Not updated
40Adryss Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US5236
41Milodinosaur Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US4831Not updated
42Cerealkillå Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US4597Not updated
43Purecake Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US4580Not updated
44Zeong Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US4576Not updated
45Nexo Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US3614Not updated
46Bigwinner Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US3611Not updated
47Surebetsbich Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US3420Not updated
48Fuzze Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US3271Not updated
49Moonhealer Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US3237Not updated
50Tinycat Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US3235Not updated
51Ivoire Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US3182
52Novur Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US2963Not updated
53Solaura Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US2797Not updated
54Faiknight Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US2513Not updated
55Tausarpiah Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US2409Not updated
56Racca Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US2382Not updated
57Varylla Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US2379Not updated
58Kokokrunch Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US2269Not updated
59Geelee Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US2099Not updated
60Catylia Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US2082Not updated
61Larkh Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US2011Not updated
62Vissii Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US2004Not updated
63Bubblyjelly Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US1837Not updated
64Criminal Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US1771Not updated
65Pesmerga Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US1741Not updated
66Rumurette Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US1735Not updated
67Dawgyras Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US1662
68Sitheliardys Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US1435Not updated
69Setkeh Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US1349Not updated
70Gooloo Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US1196Not updated
71Verax Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US1152Not updated
72Hahahehe Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US968Not updated
73Greyfaery Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US910Not updated
74Rebanadora Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US881Not updated
75Triumvir Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US845Not updated
76Greyaxis Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US844Not updated
77Overninek Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US818Not updated
78Goolee Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US813
79Arthexn Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US764
80Feil Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US754Not updated
81Narlli Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US622Not updated
82Bakerballs Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US574Not updated
83Nehara Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US534Not updated
84Trendkillz Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US511Not updated
85Greysquall Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US483Not updated
86Barox Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US450Not updated
87Hamamichi Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US436
88Wørløck Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US424Not updated
89Buttkicked Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US415Not updated
90Wolfeus Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US396Not updated
91Ongulian Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US373
92Vinke Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US349Not updated
93Annadwynn Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US328Not updated
94Eunjeong Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US306Not updated
95Bearably Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US303
96Saodiseng Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US291Not updated
97Bigbitties Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US289Not updated
98Maderra Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US277Not updated
99Hotate Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US262Not updated
100Ruichi Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US249Not updated

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