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Runetotem-US Honorable Kills
1Blynk The UnboundRunetotem-US31818Not updated
2Roskooh The UnboundRunetotem-US20543Not updated
3Butan The UnboundRunetotem-US17584Not updated
4Mogarath The UnboundRunetotem-US15392Not updated
5Talown The UnboundRunetotem-US13766Not updated
6Baldazor The UnboundRunetotem-US12302Not updated
7Tegwen The UnboundRunetotem-US10430Not updated
8Bàsegòd The UnboundRunetotem-US10257Not updated
9Steil The UnboundRunetotem-US9545Not updated
10Fonza The UnboundRunetotem-US9278Not updated
11Byamee The UnboundRunetotem-US8536
12Tranqshot The UnboundRunetotem-US6675Not updated
13Îñstîñçt The UnboundRunetotem-US6202Not updated
14Tribangle The UnboundRunetotem-US5828Not updated
15Bhutan The UnboundRunetotem-US5696
16Gabriellan The UnboundRunetotem-US5425Not updated
17Belgas The UnboundRunetotem-US5363Not updated
18Moodan The UnboundRunetotem-US5204Not updated
19Iceydedpeple The UnboundRunetotem-US4893Not updated
20Fonzil The UnboundRunetotem-US4637Not updated
21Grajahbach The UnboundRunetotem-US4578Not updated
22Chaoscreater The UnboundRunetotem-US3740Not updated
23Warriorwife The UnboundRunetotem-US3620Not updated
24Spartadeath The UnboundRunetotem-US3455Not updated
25Isys The UnboundRunetotem-US3330Not updated
26Kigrin The UnboundRunetotem-US3032Not updated
27Tassi The UnboundRunetotem-US2939Not updated
28Lockit The UnboundRunetotem-US2843Not updated
29Zurple The UnboundRunetotem-US2383Not updated
30Aineias The UnboundRunetotem-US2319Not updated
31Couch The UnboundRunetotem-US2309Not updated
32Ody The UnboundRunetotem-US1737Not updated
33Griselda The UnboundRunetotem-US1673Not updated
34Dezzra The UnboundRunetotem-US1669Not updated
35Kyndor The UnboundRunetotem-US1657Not updated
36Ibetokem The UnboundRunetotem-US1597Not updated
37Aquarise The UnboundRunetotem-US1505Not updated
38Railzz The UnboundRunetotem-US1372Not updated
39Kyroan The UnboundRunetotem-US1370Not updated
40Naava The UnboundRunetotem-US1046Not updated
41Beatinuraxe The UnboundRunetotem-US775Not updated
42Taicee The UnboundRunetotem-US751Not updated
43Wîz The UnboundRunetotem-US750Not updated
44Reash The UnboundRunetotem-US694Not updated
45Roann The UnboundRunetotem-US617Not updated
46Claraallen The UnboundRunetotem-US604Not updated
47Reverendbozo The UnboundRunetotem-US576Not updated
48Mutantfrog The UnboundRunetotem-US564Not updated
49Bízarro The UnboundRunetotem-US559Not updated
50Bauwulf The UnboundRunetotem-US444Not updated
51Cocoshake The UnboundRunetotem-US416Not updated
52Stieltzkin The UnboundRunetotem-US370Not updated
53Blakrage The UnboundRunetotem-US362Not updated
54Alyger The UnboundRunetotem-US306Not updated
55Brynk The UnboundRunetotem-US272
56Elesis The UnboundRunetotem-US173Not updated
57Tekka The UnboundRunetotem-US164
58Brianfantana The UnboundRunetotem-US125Not updated
59Cocowar The UnboundRunetotem-US89Not updated
60Wijun The UnboundRunetotem-US44Not updated
61Hellcam The UnboundRunetotem-US43Not updated
62Piadia The UnboundRunetotem-US39Not updated
63Fonzul The UnboundRunetotem-US27Not updated
64Wiltoon The UnboundRunetotem-US16Not updated
65Tammika The UnboundRunetotem-US8Not updated
66Jandoor The UnboundRunetotem-US6Not updated
67Cocodoodle The UnboundRunetotem-US1Not updated
68Creepston The UnboundRunetotem-US0Not updated
68Euli The UnboundRunetotem-US0Not updated
68Zandelf The UnboundRunetotem-US0Not updated

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