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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Runetotem-US Honorable Kills
1Provokation The Silver WillowRunetotem-US211784Not updated
2Persecution The Silver WillowRunetotem-US63282Not updated
3Temptscha The Silver WillowRunetotem-US61817Not updated
4Medissia The Silver WillowRunetotem-US32918Not updated
5Twinbrokp The Silver WillowRunetotem-US25030Not updated
6Cayleb The Silver WillowRunetotem-US24064Not updated
7Bodazaphfa The Silver WillowRunetotem-US22394Not updated
8Cram The Silver WillowRunetotem-US21848Not updated
9Skyllark The Silver WillowRunetotem-US21529Not updated
10Njalstorm The Silver WillowRunetotem-US21477Not updated
11Whisperyabys The Silver WillowRunetotem-US19700Not updated
12Vìcodìn The Silver WillowRunetotem-US19002Not updated
13Reddik The Silver WillowRunetotem-US18959Not updated
14Hippyelf The Silver WillowRunetotem-US14852Not updated
15Jaqed The Silver WillowRunetotem-US14621Not updated
16Sspartt The Silver WillowRunetotem-US14086Not updated
17Vitank The Silver WillowRunetotem-US14075Not updated
18Sxxshammyxxs The Silver WillowRunetotem-US13767Not updated
19Avelyth The Silver WillowRunetotem-US13184Not updated
20Splenremover The Silver WillowRunetotem-US11609Not updated
21Loldraenei The Silver WillowRunetotem-US11567Not updated
22Darttagnan The Silver WillowRunetotem-US11052Not updated
23Scottnovak The Silver WillowRunetotem-US10743Not updated
24Fattybob The Silver WillowRunetotem-US10433Not updated
25Kildare The Silver WillowRunetotem-US9874Not updated
26Trolldo The Silver WillowRunetotem-US9856Not updated
27Wen The Silver WillowRunetotem-US9649Not updated
28Tinypeople The Silver WillowRunetotem-US9404Not updated
29Allix The Silver WillowRunetotem-US9250Not updated
30Jzerö The Silver WillowRunetotem-US9178Not updated
31Extent The Silver WillowRunetotem-US8827Not updated
32Branith The Silver WillowRunetotem-US8796Not updated
33Andraphyte The Silver WillowRunetotem-US8605Not updated
34Raag The Silver WillowRunetotem-US8278Not updated
35Olololololol The Silver WillowRunetotem-US7797Not updated
36Humplestlskn The Silver WillowRunetotem-US7635Not updated
37Pyrotwin The Silver WillowRunetotem-US7584Not updated
38Kyttiarah The Silver WillowRunetotem-US7554Not updated
39Aeolvyn The Silver WillowRunetotem-US7342Not updated
40Xhankor The Silver WillowRunetotem-US7337Not updated
41Valiyum The Silver WillowRunetotem-US7322Not updated
42Ivanhoe The Silver WillowRunetotem-US6994Not updated
43Grimar The Silver WillowRunetotem-US6364Not updated
44Debobinkhead The Silver WillowRunetotem-US6035Not updated
45Chahuahua The Silver WillowRunetotem-US5947Not updated
46Karien The Silver WillowRunetotem-US5711Not updated
47Liltyke The Silver WillowRunetotem-US5661Not updated
48Leandra The Silver WillowRunetotem-US5573Not updated
49Sylesana The Silver WillowRunetotem-US5523Not updated
50Babymaknhips The Silver WillowRunetotem-US5364Not updated
51Logangrim The Silver WillowRunetotem-US5326Not updated
52Content The Silver WillowRunetotem-US5299Not updated
53Silvertop The Silver WillowRunetotem-US4954Not updated
54Bjornfell The Silver WillowRunetotem-US4929Not updated
55Thunderkegs The Silver WillowRunetotem-US4599Not updated
56Iccebergg The Silver WillowRunetotem-US4567Not updated
57Dellrind The Silver WillowRunetotem-US4530Not updated
58Roegar The Silver WillowRunetotem-US4472Not updated
59Narcotixx The Silver WillowRunetotem-US4169Not updated
60Lilurah The Silver WillowRunetotem-US4139Not updated
61Maculai The Silver WillowRunetotem-US3548Not updated
62Dilyang The Silver WillowRunetotem-US3442Not updated
63Lynceus The Silver WillowRunetotem-US3249Not updated
64Cuddlezpuss The Silver WillowRunetotem-US3244Not updated
65Revolted The Silver WillowRunetotem-US2930Not updated
66Takeya The Silver WillowRunetotem-US2878Not updated
67Whois The Silver WillowRunetotem-US2831Not updated
68Redcooter The Silver WillowRunetotem-US2701Not updated
69Sepaku The Silver WillowRunetotem-US2615Not updated
70Sílverarrow The Silver WillowRunetotem-US2507Not updated
71Jayson The Silver WillowRunetotem-US2445Not updated
72Antheil The Silver WillowRunetotem-US2427Not updated
73Dembillz The Silver WillowRunetotem-US2317Not updated
74Wizofoz The Silver WillowRunetotem-US2173Not updated
75Syrona The Silver WillowRunetotem-US2086Not updated
76Fenriris The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1836Not updated
76Dippipe The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1836Not updated
78Zannder The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1780Not updated
79Poreotix The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1616Not updated
80Famoso The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1608Not updated
81Gahn The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1588Not updated
82Wangsta The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1572Not updated
83Craized The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1552Not updated
84Katayaan The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1460Not updated
85Lochet The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1372Not updated
86Madraallta The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1237Not updated
87Vincenzo The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1214Not updated
88Manscape The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1160Not updated
89Eviya The Silver WillowRunetotem-US1054Not updated
90Faithfalisis The Silver WillowRunetotem-US908Not updated
91Stonetaer The Silver WillowRunetotem-US853Not updated
92Annjen The Silver WillowRunetotem-US852Not updated
93Quacker The Silver WillowRunetotem-US798Not updated
94Frostvi The Silver WillowRunetotem-US779Not updated
95Firevi The Silver WillowRunetotem-US774Not updated
96Barrook The Silver WillowRunetotem-US753Not updated
97Zyphantia The Silver WillowRunetotem-US696Not updated
98Nautrium The Silver WillowRunetotem-US691Not updated
99Dval The Silver WillowRunetotem-US668Not updated
100Loucifer The Silver WillowRunetotem-US659Not updated

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