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Thunderhorn-EU Honorable Kills
1Semyza The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU38512Not updated
2Jehoel The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU36278Not updated
3Radegund The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU31221Not updated
4Archi The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU30418Not updated
5Zenbeard The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU29869Not updated
6Jab The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU25845Not updated
7Ironwíll The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU19523Not updated
8Cachaça The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU18106Not updated
9Ebonroc The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU17952Not updated
10Swell The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU17482
11Baleyg The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU12688Not updated
12Maïfmoondove The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU11913
13Razziel The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU10587
14Bird The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU10178Not updated
15Palazka The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU9967Not updated
16Lalumni The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU9599Not updated
17Azelyn The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU9013Not updated
18Doof The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU8991Not updated
19Bunnylover The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU8667
20Kikujiro The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU8462Not updated
21Dallandra The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU8165
22Yarbull The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU7485
23Annien The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU7143Not updated
24Sundaysangel The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU6946Not updated
25Jorroo The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU6667Not updated
26Fràntic The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU6648Not updated
27Cheven The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU6564Not updated
28Globagusgunk The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU6541Not updated
29Arun The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU6423Not updated
30Coolhuntard The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU6270Not updated
31Hady The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU6265Not updated
32Xyloto The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU6084Not updated
33Leitha The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU6004Not updated
34Schematix The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU5893Not updated
35Silverbow The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU5892Not updated
36Ewocat The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU5821Not updated
37Naelana The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU5589
38Hypnotree The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU5350Not updated
39Alysanne The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU5324
40Livvid The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU4755Not updated
41Cucaracha The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU4573Not updated
42Startrix The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU4560Not updated
43Biotica The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU4391Not updated
44Ironwîll The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU4355Not updated
45Ryfor The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU4275Not updated
46Razzelle The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU4221
47Jeyne The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU4133Not updated
48Lizztrix The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3977
49Whitebeerd The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3973Not updated
50Mcgeek The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3837Not updated
51Delya The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3706Not updated
52Minxirian The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3564Not updated
53Ginx The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3457Not updated
54Alicy The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3412Not updated
55Razzcal The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3260Not updated
56Amiveria The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3213Not updated
57Meantriker The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3072Not updated
58Anubin The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU3013Not updated
59Cactushac The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2898Not updated
60Villemo The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2766Not updated
61Agstins The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2746Not updated
62Flooz The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2725Not updated
63Vortigan The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2573Not updated
64Krümelina The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2552
65Rayana The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2357Not updated
66Silentbunny The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2348Not updated
67Lorell The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2259Not updated
68Lavatar The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2257Not updated
69Jesub The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2253Not updated
70Ethena The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2174Not updated
71Nehmi The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2136Not updated
72Pillowtalk The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2095Not updated
73Slinktress The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2034Not updated
74Merodda The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU2021Not updated
75Torden The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1987Not updated
76Nenita The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1983Not updated
77Paulie The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1937Not updated
78Magnolia The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1913Not updated
79Plaagmeester The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1895Not updated
80Krazh The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1800Not updated
81Bald The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1756Not updated
82Razzent The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1662
83Gelumagica The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1580Not updated
84Spïcey The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1563Not updated
85Shirein The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1554Not updated
86Nuro The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1460Not updated
87Nevelheks The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1383Not updated
88Furrybunny The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1373Not updated
89Mslouise The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1291Not updated
90Lovebunny The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1282Not updated
91Simpura The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1139Not updated
92Triumvirate The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1131Not updated
93Ewò The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1117Not updated
94Delundra The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1038Not updated
95Eshen The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1009Not updated
96Spengler The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU1002Not updated
97Darklava The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU963Not updated
98Phantomime The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU932Not updated
99Oradi The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU909Not updated
100Aslary The Old GuardThunderhorn-EU889Not updated

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