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Illidan-US Honorable Kills
1Madbòy The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US51682Not updated
2Uenosan The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US50931Not updated
3Aloonee The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US42822
4Miissleft The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US30191Not updated
5Lucemferre The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US26132
6Devilvenger The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US21418Not updated
7Chibimaruko The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US20290Not updated
8Térésa The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US19546Not updated
9Ataa The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US17458Not updated
10Devilfreez The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US17074Not updated
11Walkersama The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US16085Not updated
12Aoliao The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US14758Not updated
13Mugiwara The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US14609Not updated
14Veterinary The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US13986
15Juicybolts The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US12989Not updated
16Chelseatt The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US12792Not updated
17Jjfly The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US12078Not updated
18Danzhenteng The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US11015Not updated
19Meivtea The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US10828Not updated
20Baolikitten The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US9366Not updated
21Achhilles The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US8970Not updated
22Shaiyi The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US8584Not updated
23Notoriouse The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US8574Not updated
24Ugrubby The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US8569Not updated
25Vampireying The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US7707
26Tashiqi The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US7265Not updated
27Anubseran The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US7161
28Misstina The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US6771Not updated
29Chiochio The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US6365Not updated
30Mádboy The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US6127Not updated
31Ashonly The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US5887Not updated
32Lastmerlinii The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US5764Not updated
33Besq The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US5692
34Ningcaichen The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US4652Not updated
35Daocao The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US4561Not updated
36Shuimu The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US4469Not updated
37Coconovo The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US4347Not updated
38Giruti The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US4285Not updated
39Jbdiaozhale The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US4184Not updated
40Katherlin The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US4096
41Heavenying The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US3964
42Niutoudly The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US3572
43Madbóy The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US3555Not updated
44Jotei The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US3525Not updated
45Wantchai The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US3483Not updated
46Happyash The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US3465Not updated
47Jabbawalker The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US3056
48Peachrevival The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US2882Not updated
49Wildzone The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US2835Not updated
50Shouzhi The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US2808Not updated
51Mikuya The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US2787
52Ooreo The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US2559Not updated
53Erovampire The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US2474Not updated
54Kittybaobao The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US2160Not updated
55Yuexia The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US2150
56Angeldontcry The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US2031Not updated
57Furyice The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US1961Not updated
58Whosyourdad The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US1945Not updated
59Bostonpizza The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US1927Not updated
60Honeymeina The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US1823Not updated
61Trydamere The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US1813
62Jiqiàn The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US1501Not updated
63Unobobo The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US1216
64Ksaxe The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US1147Not updated
65Redted The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US1110Not updated
66Devilevil The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US1098Not updated
67Pandazs The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US1054Not updated
68Windhoff The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US981Not updated
69Keennd The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US927Not updated
70Miisa The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US921
71Penguinsa The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US901
72Yalaxi The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US822Not updated
73Sulababe The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US759Not updated
74Bellay The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US637
75Paralyzers The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US620Not updated
76Akumaxx The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US517Not updated
77Misscatt The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US468Not updated
78Sikher The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US419Not updated
79Staticfield The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US398Not updated
80Devildoom The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US353Not updated
81Onlylovemiao The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US351
82Ironzaku The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US304
83Ailleria The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US286
84Androni The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US279
85Devilslayer The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US218Not updated
86Frenzier The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US194
87Aésir The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US169Not updated
88Rinosiila The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US159Not updated
89Bashishi The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US114Not updated
90Orbitor The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US107Not updated
91Akumababe The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US70Not updated
92Lvcavalier The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US61Not updated
93Abstoriko The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US48Not updated
94Luodayou The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US32Not updated
95Dingchun The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US6
96Ironroad The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US5Not updated
97Bantakun The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US3Not updated
98Bibibaba The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US2Not updated
98Moonnights The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US2Not updated
100Davidbaby The Frozen ForbiddenCityIllidan-US1Not updated

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