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Anub'arak-EU Honorable Kills
1Fôxii Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU96702
2Kasâk Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU47612Not updated
3Amalíe Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU41202Not updated
4Daroon Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU34631
5Yxlol Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU31624Not updated
6Rhaye Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU27493
7Wendygo Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU26051Not updated
8Pyroxion Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU23997
9Loui Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU23144
10Enob Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU22125Not updated
11Tødy Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU22020Not updated
12Xylol Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU20953Not updated
13Stutzi Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU20033Not updated
14Takea Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU20020Not updated
15Schakai Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU19656Not updated
16Gangstyle Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU19323
17Mannifred Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU17717Not updated
18Amurel Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU16969Not updated
19Pesgalinon Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU16373
20Stutzy Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU16293Not updated
21Zórn Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU15776
22Draconis Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU15185Not updated
23Daroón Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU15151Not updated
24Madexx Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU14866Not updated
25Sejô Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU14736Not updated
26Jabberwalkie Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU14045Not updated
27Tornak Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU13560Not updated
28Jolyna Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU13507Not updated
29Jadis Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU13440Not updated
30Derenir Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU13296
31Búster Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU12787Not updated
32Nôzomi Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU12778Not updated
33Crôssfire Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU12390Not updated
34Cucu Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU11985Not updated
35Naroon Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU11407Not updated
36Heret Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU11305Not updated
37Sejó Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU10956Not updated
38Zilliso Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU10795
39Sáyá Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU9471Not updated
40Noxíous Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU9171Not updated
41Egôdracônis Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU9139Not updated
42Cruzius Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU9115Not updated
43Symphonic Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU9030Not updated
44Fengsheng Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU8926Not updated
45Leetz Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU8609
46Keenay Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU8227Not updated
47Esía Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU7889Not updated
48Louro Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU7745
49Dároon Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU7731
50Thérry Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU7687
51Scheija Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU7458Not updated
52Napal Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU7419Not updated
53Loûi Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU6800
54Sinche Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU6656Not updated
55Ayende Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU6611
56Leyya Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU6364
57Ellisande Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU6326
58Scrúbs Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU6013Not updated
59Tauroja Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU5931
60Solida Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU5729Not updated
61Zania Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU5699Not updated
62Kinea Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU5610Not updated
63Mercredi Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU5549Not updated
64Lulubamboo Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU5531Not updated
65Sasiko Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU5372Not updated
66Nadur Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU5299Not updated
67Bloodprince Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU5127
68Siphu Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU5092Not updated
69Kakk Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU4996Not updated
70Dûubi Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU4703
71Darroon Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU4624
72Tôdý Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU4515Not updated
73Irîna Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU4350
74Vermilion Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU3982Not updated
75Krajin Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU3896Not updated
76Thealie Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU3755
77Asuko Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU3646Not updated
78Daronia Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU3643Not updated
79Baaluu Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU3444Not updated
80Sinune Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU3260Not updated
81Palarion Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2803Not updated
82Daróon Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2767Not updated
83Envý Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2726Not updated
84Nahvi Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2487
85Bellastrange Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2481Not updated
86Hisea Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2475
87Yûlivee Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2334Not updated
88Vîtus Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2299
89Pwnlol Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2294
90Kelios Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2278Not updated
91Mariuha Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2267Not updated
92Aesia Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2227
93Amarânth Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2224Not updated
94Roonia Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2162Not updated
95Kallesebbel Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2141Not updated
96Riaki Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2094
97Dranzer Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2061
98Teufelssaat Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1960Not updated
99Côx Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1844Not updated
100Hexadezi Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1832Not updated

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