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Arthas-TW Honorable Kills
1無名 Sabre DanceArthas-TW71727Not updated
2蘭文 Sabre DanceArthas-TW40390Not updated
3Victoire Sabre DanceArthas-TW38386Not updated
4魔高一丈 Sabre DanceArthas-TW33267Not updated
5曉之零無 Sabre DanceArthas-TW33237Not updated
6Dearsheep Sabre DanceArthas-TW31370Not updated
7火炎狐 Sabre DanceArthas-TW29832Not updated
8北裂境的凜風 Sabre DanceArthas-TW29129Not updated
9瘋狂斬殺者 Sabre DanceArthas-TW25594
10獵殺你老母 Sabre DanceArthas-TW24332Not updated
11部落才是王道 Sabre DanceArthas-TW23362Not updated
12漆黑夜晚 Sabre DanceArthas-TW21550Not updated
13木易凡 Sabre DanceArthas-TW19643Not updated
14翻個墻 Sabre DanceArthas-TW18818Not updated
15Fiby Sabre DanceArthas-TW18194Not updated
16鎚頭 Sabre DanceArthas-TW15504
17一冷一 Sabre DanceArthas-TW15241Not updated
18熯燒的胸毛 Sabre DanceArthas-TW14862Not updated
19嘴角不屑 Sabre DanceArthas-TW14441Not updated
20為戰而昇 Sabre DanceArthas-TW13417Not updated
21焚心儀火 Sabre DanceArthas-TW12597Not updated
22Shadowskille Sabre DanceArthas-TW11964Not updated
23俢羅 Sabre DanceArthas-TW11851Not updated
24戢武 Sabre DanceArthas-TW11795Not updated
25紫愛薇 Sabre DanceArthas-TW11590Not updated
26絕對權力 Sabre DanceArthas-TW11428
27韓德爾 Sabre DanceArthas-TW11397
28帕帕羅薩 Sabre DanceArthas-TW11058Not updated
29浪漫桃丸丸 Sabre DanceArthas-TW10825Not updated
30小長紅 Sabre DanceArthas-TW10806Not updated
31軒思思 Sabre DanceArthas-TW10798Not updated
32十三爺他爺 Sabre DanceArthas-TW10389Not updated
32翻滾吧阿才哥 Sabre DanceArthas-TW10389Not updated
34需要安慰 Sabre DanceArthas-TW9842Not updated
35九星刃月 Sabre DanceArthas-TW9431Not updated
36馬瘋佬 Sabre DanceArthas-TW9358Not updated
37炮秒 Sabre DanceArthas-TW9060Not updated
38Kason Sabre DanceArthas-TW8887Not updated
39奇米里幾亞 Sabre DanceArthas-TW8853
40董輝 Sabre DanceArthas-TW8518Not updated
41兽本善良 Sabre DanceArthas-TW8400Not updated
42影隱 Sabre DanceArthas-TW8232Not updated
43我愛放冷箭 Sabre DanceArthas-TW8078Not updated
44蕭美人 Sabre DanceArthas-TW8017Not updated
45小黑炭 Sabre DanceArthas-TW7999Not updated
46春與楓 Sabre DanceArthas-TW7562Not updated
47十三奶 Sabre DanceArthas-TW7467Not updated
48小杖行天下 Sabre DanceArthas-TW7371Not updated
49低端薩滿 Sabre DanceArthas-TW7294Not updated
50瘋狂蝴蝶手 Sabre DanceArthas-TW7205Not updated
51裝甲牛頭炮 Sabre DanceArthas-TW7078
52冷若晴 Sabre DanceArthas-TW6914Not updated
53大宮松鼠 Sabre DanceArthas-TW6830Not updated
54曼可遁 Sabre DanceArthas-TW6663Not updated
55夢魘幻月 Sabre DanceArthas-TW6658Not updated
56賊行天下知 Sabre DanceArthas-TW6617Not updated
57鐘晴 Sabre DanceArthas-TW6550Not updated
58無敵的風姿 Sabre DanceArthas-TW6499Not updated
59無聊玩法師 Sabre DanceArthas-TW6422
60花嚒草嚒踩嚒 Sabre DanceArthas-TW6351Not updated
61元素风暴 Sabre DanceArthas-TW5777Not updated
62Ercc Sabre DanceArthas-TW5745Not updated
63愛在公元前 Sabre DanceArthas-TW5585Not updated
64枯萎的仙人球 Sabre DanceArthas-TW5550Not updated
65元素掌控者 Sabre DanceArthas-TW5534Not updated
66聖騎士星矢 Sabre DanceArthas-TW5436Not updated
67治療加好我 Sabre DanceArthas-TW5329Not updated
68下夕下景 Sabre DanceArthas-TW5042Not updated
69默手 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4984Not updated
70滿滿爾爾 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4913Not updated
71暮雪淩風 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4898Not updated
72天草鬼燒 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4836Not updated
73鳳姐迷倒一片 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4786Not updated
74背貝酋長 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4611Not updated
75惡靈小風 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4603Not updated
76夜月一夕 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4556Not updated
77吾乃仙也 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4506Not updated
78炎黃之怒 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4502Not updated
79熾牙 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4456Not updated
80Queltharan Sabre DanceArthas-TW4448Not updated
81雜碎貓 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4332
82血殺之殤 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4243Not updated
83平淡無奇 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4167Not updated
84樹谷 Sabre DanceArthas-TW4157Not updated
85天下第一神捕 Sabre DanceArthas-TW3994Not updated
86遠眺 Sabre DanceArthas-TW3943Not updated
86黑煉 Sabre DanceArthas-TW3943Not updated
88聖光糖糖 Sabre DanceArthas-TW3896Not updated
89刺青惊羽 Sabre DanceArthas-TW3704Not updated
90Jsaint Sabre DanceArthas-TW3690Not updated
91妞嚒妹嚒泡嚒 Sabre DanceArthas-TW3683Not updated
92火水未濟 Sabre DanceArthas-TW3588Not updated
93云天化 Sabre DanceArthas-TW3524Not updated
94死亡絕束 Sabre DanceArthas-TW3476Not updated
95燄霜 Sabre DanceArthas-TW3456
96孤風殘月 Sabre DanceArthas-TW3417Not updated
97Gazpacho Sabre DanceArthas-TW3246Not updated
98Bloodtheory Sabre DanceArthas-TW3213Not updated
99Mangosweet Sabre DanceArthas-TW3181Not updated
100狂暴月食 Sabre DanceArthas-TW3131Not updated

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