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Shadowmoon-TW Honorable Kills
1徐小龍 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW297198
2麥哥照 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW111688
3曉之領域 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW47838
4討厭取名字 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW46094Not updated
5Andyheehee Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW40172Not updated
6我愛一條 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW34508Not updated
7Cudi Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW34188Not updated
8猛蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW27625Not updated
9西野小官 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW25662Not updated
10雷提 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW25434Not updated
11寵愛咪咪 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW25326Not updated
12肥螳螂 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW25275Not updated
13加蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW23865Not updated
14伊芙莉特 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW20018Not updated
15吉川春代 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW18853Not updated
16黑暗降臨 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW18424Not updated
17陽光小霹 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW17533
18漢堡俠 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW17025Not updated
19Abbie Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW16083Not updated
20能動能靜 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW16061Not updated
21Eneus Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW15984Not updated
22高樹馬利亞 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW14849Not updated
23我還沒發功 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW14638Not updated
24巴斯太空部隊 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW13640
25Guetta Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW13348Not updated
26黑暗米騏 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW12553Not updated
27駭骨之痛 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW12105Not updated
28兩顆蛋蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW12100
29艾爾柏特 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW11574
30雨生龍之介 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW10767
31帥蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW10179Not updated
32妖弓 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW9760
33大大公獅 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW9708Not updated
34Pacino Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW9588Not updated
35夏蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW9517
36苗栗底迪 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW9386Not updated
37鱔魂 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW9174Not updated
38跳蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW8915Not updated
39張媽媽煎顆蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW8541Not updated
40暗箭傷人 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW7468Not updated
41肉蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW7425Not updated
42超級棒賽人 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW7166
43少圻 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW7090
44蛇歇美人 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW7031
45希淇 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW6393
46辛娣 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW6202
47先生幾分熟 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW6144
48牛人普鳥 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW5888Not updated
49魔法水星 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW5488Not updated
50椿小奴 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW4879Not updated
51瘋狂搗蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW4838Not updated
52Shankar Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW4801Not updated
53華麗尊者 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW4775Not updated
54涼酒 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW4758Not updated
55星騎士奕 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW4754Not updated
56活體爆蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW4606
57妮可羅蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW4595
58影芙蓉 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW4541
59瑟琳玻芬 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW4529
60生重 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW4234Not updated
61小姐幾分熟 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW4120
62魔術米騏 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3936
63暗影之刃 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3804Not updated
64艾露兒 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3786Not updated
65叢林小火雞 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3666Not updated
66暗夜風行 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3665Not updated
67烏拉諾斯賊聖 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3363
68羽瀨川拓人 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3318Not updated
69Rayo Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3214
70Rayoo Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3208Not updated
71張媽媽買顆蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3149
72阿兜啃 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3131
73石皮云鬼 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW3120Not updated
74古小喻 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW2956Not updated
75堤爾米雪糕 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW2757Not updated
76Alpacino Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW2653Not updated
77鋼蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW2243Not updated
78佛朗基蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW2151Not updated
79浪類 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW2118
80瑪提諾 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW2109Not updated
81Heehe Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW2085Not updated
82Rashee Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW2064
83安蘇娜姆 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1679Not updated
84Kamael Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1571
85雨淇 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1505
86巡弋飛蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1462
87彪爺 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1445Not updated
88溫莎公爵 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1365Not updated
89愛爾麥蒂 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1312Not updated
90夏西夏緊 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1267
91魔小澪 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1123Not updated
92凱雷爾 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1020Not updated
93Siuki Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW1018
94雪蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW966
95Pearl Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW952Not updated
96血蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW950Not updated
97魅濃 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW916Not updated
98大鼻孔 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW910
99宅男的天空 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW856Not updated
100沒蛋 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW828Not updated

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