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Blackrock-US Honorable Kills
1Wakaga One More TimeBlackrock-US57007Not updated
2Polskadruid One More TimeBlackrock-US26162Not updated
3Mackkh One More TimeBlackrock-US23012Not updated
4Cagedlemons One More TimeBlackrock-US22872Not updated
5Baatezu One More TimeBlackrock-US17373Not updated
6Dashest One More TimeBlackrock-US16427Not updated
7Dixirebl One More TimeBlackrock-US15888Not updated
8Hellfÿre One More TimeBlackrock-US15288Not updated
9Shnooshnoo One More TimeBlackrock-US14897Not updated
10Proglide One More TimeBlackrock-US14590Not updated
11Gergal One More TimeBlackrock-US12016Not updated
12Strngerdangr One More TimeBlackrock-US10772Not updated
13Khorim One More TimeBlackrock-US10402Not updated
14Cyrïs One More TimeBlackrock-US9699Not updated
15Nilotnaras One More TimeBlackrock-US9005Not updated
16Dkalot One More TimeBlackrock-US8961Not updated
17Dimenzions One More TimeBlackrock-US7621Not updated
18Dangerdawg One More TimeBlackrock-US7610Not updated
19Sylcale One More TimeBlackrock-US6617Not updated
20Astlpho One More TimeBlackrock-US6315Not updated
21Reb One More TimeBlackrock-US6206Not updated
22Beq One More TimeBlackrock-US6180Not updated
23Chronoxa One More TimeBlackrock-US6154Not updated
24Chronosis One More TimeBlackrock-US5814Not updated
25Nacella One More TimeBlackrock-US5760Not updated
26Dothetroll One More TimeBlackrock-US5591Not updated
27Spleeslap One More TimeBlackrock-US5308Not updated
28Effiee One More TimeBlackrock-US5274Not updated
29Quickblaze One More TimeBlackrock-US4878Not updated
30Guny One More TimeBlackrock-US4791Not updated
31Doodadfÿre One More TimeBlackrock-US4760Not updated
32Shockwavze One More TimeBlackrock-US4470Not updated
33Iral One More TimeBlackrock-US3976Not updated
34Chronozis One More TimeBlackrock-US3949Not updated
35Noheelzz One More TimeBlackrock-US3580Not updated
36Karnifex One More TimeBlackrock-US3536Not updated
37Cutnutwice One More TimeBlackrock-US3525Not updated
38Soulchain One More TimeBlackrock-US3290Not updated
39Odessea One More TimeBlackrock-US3141Not updated
40Icyviener One More TimeBlackrock-US3018Not updated
41Customized One More TimeBlackrock-US2999Not updated
42Orkwa One More TimeBlackrock-US2932Not updated
43Shadowfÿre One More TimeBlackrock-US2854Not updated
44Sylca One More TimeBlackrock-US2820Not updated
45Velvateen One More TimeBlackrock-US2662Not updated
46Bashnbrains One More TimeBlackrock-US2638Not updated
47Harko One More TimeBlackrock-US2346Not updated
48Flammin One More TimeBlackrock-US2326Not updated
49Jamesxi One More TimeBlackrock-US2318Not updated
50Hauta One More TimeBlackrock-US2148Not updated
51Tilt One More TimeBlackrock-US2100Not updated
52Liuaki One More TimeBlackrock-US2096Not updated
53Brinsingr One More TimeBlackrock-US1950Not updated
54Zasakara One More TimeBlackrock-US1835Not updated
55Whetdream One More TimeBlackrock-US1718Not updated
56Shumun One More TimeBlackrock-US1601Not updated
57Crackshots One More TimeBlackrock-US1598Not updated
58Elaclys One More TimeBlackrock-US1529Not updated
59Perciouz One More TimeBlackrock-US1325Not updated
60Dreadfÿre One More TimeBlackrock-US1313Not updated
61Zephus One More TimeBlackrock-US1216Not updated
62Shìranui One More TimeBlackrock-US1210Not updated
63Parknlotpimp One More TimeBlackrock-US980Not updated
64Entrerie One More TimeBlackrock-US974Not updated
65Chronosia One More TimeBlackrock-US809Not updated
66Amoena One More TimeBlackrock-US612Not updated
67Lanayas One More TimeBlackrock-US597Not updated
68Shealla One More TimeBlackrock-US574Not updated
69Dominuz One More TimeBlackrock-US561Not updated
70Bullhunk One More TimeBlackrock-US434Not updated
70Manstone One More TimeBlackrock-US434Not updated
72Surefÿre One More TimeBlackrock-US270Not updated
73Crimsongreen One More TimeBlackrock-US268Not updated
74Shameltoe One More TimeBlackrock-US251Not updated
75Bulldowzer One More TimeBlackrock-US242Not updated
76Anneaux One More TimeBlackrock-US160Not updated
77Syllane One More TimeBlackrock-US131Not updated
78Tinycloacina One More TimeBlackrock-US106Not updated
79Kptnkrunch One More TimeBlackrock-US93Not updated
80Koinar One More TimeBlackrock-US84Not updated
81Bresmine One More TimeBlackrock-US64Not updated
82Mostoff One More TimeBlackrock-US47Not updated
83Mikal One More TimeBlackrock-US23Not updated
84Daronasse One More TimeBlackrock-US9Not updated
85Vanpëlt One More TimeBlackrock-US6Not updated
86Mmoophy One More TimeBlackrock-US4Not updated
87Badjuju One More TimeBlackrock-US1Not updated
87Ramóna One More TimeBlackrock-US1Not updated
89Beggs One More TimeBlackrock-US0Not updated

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