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Tichondrius-US Honorable Kills
1Roxeni Old GuardTichondrius-US183527
2Senøj Old GuardTichondrius-US131152Not updated
3Sydar Old GuardTichondrius-US127814
4Darlik Old GuardTichondrius-US95733Not updated
5Gherzul Old GuardTichondrius-US93327
6Dippundotz Old GuardTichondrius-US86974
7Hydroponx Old GuardTichondrius-US85602
8Ligong Old GuardTichondrius-US80243
9Tesla Old GuardTichondrius-US78982
10Furysick Old GuardTichondrius-US74513Not updated
11Blackbreath Old GuardTichondrius-US69256Not updated
12Muricas Old GuardTichondrius-US66313Not updated
13Kilrad Old GuardTichondrius-US62909Not updated
14Vish Old GuardTichondrius-US61730Not updated
15Mooiio Old GuardTichondrius-US61152
16Takju Old GuardTichondrius-US57507
17Zoiy Old GuardTichondrius-US56216
18Treebeard Old GuardTichondrius-US55770Not updated
19Kadillak Old GuardTichondrius-US53128Not updated
20Lufia Old GuardTichondrius-US50590
21Orr Old GuardTichondrius-US50548
22Rhainne Old GuardTichondrius-US50309Not updated
23Drunior Old GuardTichondrius-US49616
24Truushot Old GuardTichondrius-US47733
25Invitations Old GuardTichondrius-US46773Not updated
26Seerinox Old GuardTichondrius-US46167Not updated
27Imsmexy Old GuardTichondrius-US46139
28Shimilia Old GuardTichondrius-US44403
29Bowflex Old GuardTichondrius-US43369
30Ragingxchaos Old GuardTichondrius-US43323Not updated
31Hemaniac Old GuardTichondrius-US42802Not updated
32Kbz Old GuardTichondrius-US42724Not updated
33Gravestalker Old GuardTichondrius-US42214
34Fateslight Old GuardTichondrius-US39063Not updated
35Donnab Old GuardTichondrius-US38324Not updated
36Soulcraft Old GuardTichondrius-US38185Not updated
37Ogkiller Old GuardTichondrius-US38118Not updated
38Superhunta Old GuardTichondrius-US37800
39Tiduzz Old GuardTichondrius-US37137
40Sukinta Old GuardTichondrius-US35815
41Broseidøn Old GuardTichondrius-US35372Not updated
42Vallyin Old GuardTichondrius-US35134Not updated
43Shortshots Old GuardTichondrius-US34903
44Ûßer Old GuardTichondrius-US34742Not updated
45Vurth Old GuardTichondrius-US34326Not updated
46Nakgu Old GuardTichondrius-US34270
47Koyote Old GuardTichondrius-US32915
48Solat Old GuardTichondrius-US32608Not updated
49Rumkronk Old GuardTichondrius-US32239Not updated
50Yetosun Old GuardTichondrius-US31998Not updated
51Weapwn Old GuardTichondrius-US30023Not updated
52Djami Old GuardTichondrius-US29689Not updated
53Randysavvage Old GuardTichondrius-US29560Not updated
54Crusoe Old GuardTichondrius-US29459Not updated
55Nacetank Old GuardTichondrius-US29320
56Hirumahanu Old GuardTichondrius-US28172Not updated
57Säss Old GuardTichondrius-US27343Not updated
58Damar Old GuardTichondrius-US26940Not updated
59Kleyus Old GuardTichondrius-US26789Not updated
60Willam Old GuardTichondrius-US26496Not updated
61Cleyus Old GuardTichondrius-US25895Not updated
62Orieus Old GuardTichondrius-US25228Not updated
63Gullmor Old GuardTichondrius-US25010
64Demazi Old GuardTichondrius-US24498Not updated
65Twistedblood Old GuardTichondrius-US24423Not updated
66Crank Old GuardTichondrius-US24403
67Zalthos Old GuardTichondrius-US24080Not updated
68Varcyn Old GuardTichondrius-US23765Not updated
69Dreadsoldier Old GuardTichondrius-US23239Not updated
70Jiverson Old GuardTichondrius-US22828Not updated
71Egan Old GuardTichondrius-US22478Not updated
72Kalirian Old GuardTichondrius-US22006Not updated
73Darrsh Old GuardTichondrius-US21836Not updated
74Haezul Old GuardTichondrius-US21445
75Oggie Old GuardTichondrius-US21285
76Deathmerx Old GuardTichondrius-US20756Not updated
77Drezzt Old GuardTichondrius-US20704Not updated
78Methrine Old GuardTichondrius-US20478
79Knopsaggin Old GuardTichondrius-US20292Not updated
80Doonie Old GuardTichondrius-US20207
81Brittle Old GuardTichondrius-US20190Not updated
82Tsei Old GuardTichondrius-US19934Not updated
83Flor Old GuardTichondrius-US19668Not updated
84Rageman Old GuardTichondrius-US19642
85Hintrolli Old GuardTichondrius-US19624Not updated
86Asriella Old GuardTichondrius-US19419
87Hamiam Old GuardTichondrius-US19205
88Wascal Old GuardTichondrius-US19188Not updated
89Dolk Old GuardTichondrius-US19131Not updated
90Gentoo Old GuardTichondrius-US18943Not updated
91Themayor Old GuardTichondrius-US18833Not updated
92Fooma Old GuardTichondrius-US18716Not updated
93Redem Old GuardTichondrius-US18605
94Sakiato Old GuardTichondrius-US18567
95Cigz Old GuardTichondrius-US18365Not updated
96Slowme Old GuardTichondrius-US17962
97Lillith Old GuardTichondrius-US17950Not updated
98Abazure Old GuardTichondrius-US17849
99Mardorlo Old GuardTichondrius-US17753Not updated
100Foomaring Old GuardTichondrius-US17448Not updated

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