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Krag'jin-EU Honorable Kills
1Morack NukularKrag'jin-EU71439Not updated
2Yuúki NukularKrag'jin-EU50093Not updated
3Excaliburst NukularKrag'jin-EU48167Not updated
4Magroth NukularKrag'jin-EU23876Not updated
5Rawen NukularKrag'jin-EU22987Not updated
6Gürkchen NukularKrag'jin-EU21283Not updated
7Nîghtfall NukularKrag'jin-EU16845Not updated
8Créll NukularKrag'jin-EU14099Not updated
9Kiyono NukularKrag'jin-EU13798Not updated
10Dukkha NukularKrag'jin-EU12260Not updated
11Artorias NukularKrag'jin-EU12100Not updated
12Miyo NukularKrag'jin-EU12023Not updated
13Lupyn NukularKrag'jin-EU11094Not updated
14Roda NukularKrag'jin-EU9899
15Getonmylevel NukularKrag'jin-EU9564Not updated
16Showtíme NukularKrag'jin-EU8277Not updated
17Leeled NukularKrag'jin-EU8171Not updated
18Aesy NukularKrag'jin-EU6681
19Tine NukularKrag'jin-EU6292Not updated
20Saie NukularKrag'jin-EU3941Not updated
21Shavina NukularKrag'jin-EU2963Not updated
22Yukari NukularKrag'jin-EU2820Not updated
23Sharell NukularKrag'jin-EU2803Not updated
24Enura NukularKrag'jin-EU2547
25Diseasedyø NukularKrag'jin-EU2335Not updated
26Showtîme NukularKrag'jin-EU2208Not updated
27Contagiousyo NukularKrag'jin-EU1983Not updated
28Gabrioll NukularKrag'jin-EU1947Not updated
29Nidhöggr NukularKrag'jin-EU1916Not updated
30Showtimé NukularKrag'jin-EU1751Not updated
31Luvina NukularKrag'jin-EU1698Not updated
32Peepee NukularKrag'jin-EU1669Not updated
33Cylin NukularKrag'jin-EU1658Not updated
34Ziip NukularKrag'jin-EU1522
35Neni NukularKrag'jin-EU1352Not updated
36Figaroo NukularKrag'jin-EU976Not updated
37Kayard NukularKrag'jin-EU931Not updated
38Amsterdiampf NukularKrag'jin-EU909Not updated
39Øwner NukularKrag'jin-EU865Not updated
40Taio NukularKrag'jin-EU815Not updated
41Mjiølnir NukularKrag'jin-EU789Not updated
41Erokles NukularKrag'jin-EU789Not updated
43Exarûs NukularKrag'jin-EU665Not updated
44Fiya NukularKrag'jin-EU592Not updated
45Yuukí NukularKrag'jin-EU584Not updated
46Aylow NukularKrag'jin-EU317Not updated
47Ticca NukularKrag'jin-EU208Not updated
48Gwynn NukularKrag'jin-EU133Not updated
49Enkil NukularKrag'jin-EU105Not updated
50Lèstàt NukularKrag'jin-EU82
51Jósef NukularKrag'jin-EU33Not updated
52Aiids NukularKrag'jin-EU15Not updated
53Xuvionk NukularKrag'jin-EU8Not updated
54Trinytî NukularKrag'jin-EU7Not updated
55Lomgnar NukularKrag'jin-EU5Not updated
56Cvnt NukularKrag'jin-EU3Not updated
56Semikolon NukularKrag'jin-EU3Not updated
58Zilandra NukularKrag'jin-EU2Not updated
58Mekare NukularKrag'jin-EU2
58Mitsukó NukularKrag'jin-EU2Not updated
58Aristoria NukularKrag'jin-EU2Not updated
62Kopfnúss NukularKrag'jin-EU1Not updated
63Mykona NukularKrag'jin-EU0Not updated
63Yinxao NukularKrag'jin-EU0Not updated

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