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Dark Iron-US Honorable Kills
1Ireplaceable NirvanaDark Iron-US95718Not updated
2Rainzon NirvanaDark Iron-US60321Not updated
3Leolord NirvanaDark Iron-US52775
4Heliosc NirvanaDark Iron-US41988Not updated
5Evetea NirvanaDark Iron-US41716Not updated
6Edchannel NirvanaDark Iron-US37404Not updated
7Tyriot NirvanaDark Iron-US36981Not updated
8Terminatorz NirvanaDark Iron-US28181Not updated
9Junglelaw NirvanaDark Iron-US27057Not updated
10Yukirin NirvanaDark Iron-US25552
11Locosnow NirvanaDark Iron-US25129Not updated
12Hideyoshii NirvanaDark Iron-US25125Not updated
13Aisaka NirvanaDark Iron-US23427
14Meetyourmake NirvanaDark Iron-US23194Not updated
15Neuralfan NirvanaDark Iron-US23053Not updated
16Tirramisu NirvanaDark Iron-US22911Not updated
17Cryingsolo NirvanaDark Iron-US22592Not updated
18Aimedx NirvanaDark Iron-US21368Not updated
19Yurnerolol NirvanaDark Iron-US20590Not updated
20Serslylong NirvanaDark Iron-US18629Not updated
21Sayagain NirvanaDark Iron-US18601Not updated
22Smilesteresa NirvanaDark Iron-US17663
23Dimsolid NirvanaDark Iron-US17372Not updated
24Oneonezero NirvanaDark Iron-US17306
25Oghel NirvanaDark Iron-US17228Not updated
26Óplul NirvanaDark Iron-US16889
27Saosoolong NirvanaDark Iron-US16652Not updated
28Sladegelmir NirvanaDark Iron-US16355Not updated
29Óplol NirvanaDark Iron-US15979Not updated
30Momimi NirvanaDark Iron-US15400Not updated
31Worldshaman NirvanaDark Iron-US15252
32Inker NirvanaDark Iron-US15132Not updated
33Biubiubiu NirvanaDark Iron-US14894
34Rainzdaisy NirvanaDark Iron-US14838Not updated
35Majiang NirvanaDark Iron-US14568Not updated
36Bookbooks NirvanaDark Iron-US14558Not updated
37Bloodromance NirvanaDark Iron-US13640Not updated
38Dchocola NirvanaDark Iron-US13457Not updated
39Jzsse NirvanaDark Iron-US13339Not updated
40Mayuyu NirvanaDark Iron-US13335
41Simida NirvanaDark Iron-US13278Not updated
42Misdirected NirvanaDark Iron-US13135Not updated
43Holymushi NirvanaDark Iron-US13088Not updated
44Imxiaode NirvanaDark Iron-US13078
45Bamboott NirvanaDark Iron-US12124Not updated
46Saintseiya NirvanaDark Iron-US11526
47Lyketh NirvanaDark Iron-US11192Not updated
48Sunnylight NirvanaDark Iron-US11190Not updated
49Smallpala NirvanaDark Iron-US10829Not updated
50Kangkang NirvanaDark Iron-US10311Not updated
51Candyelf NirvanaDark Iron-US10171Not updated
52Nyaruko NirvanaDark Iron-US9074
53Mlegend NirvanaDark Iron-US9069Not updated
54Woaixujin NirvanaDark Iron-US9021Not updated
55Tuhao NirvanaDark Iron-US8981
56Xonz NirvanaDark Iron-US8123Not updated
57Fairbrook NirvanaDark Iron-US7966Not updated
58Moonburst NirvanaDark Iron-US7839Not updated
59Superyunan NirvanaDark Iron-US7652Not updated
60Dohko NirvanaDark Iron-US7555Not updated
61Xpower NirvanaDark Iron-US7466Not updated
62Zeei NirvanaDark Iron-US7115Not updated
63Bleedingwind NirvanaDark Iron-US6705Not updated
64Suniness NirvanaDark Iron-US6227Not updated
65Oopshadow NirvanaDark Iron-US6179Not updated
66Frozenshadow NirvanaDark Iron-US6147
67Goldenfish NirvanaDark Iron-US6011Not updated
68Superyuchao NirvanaDark Iron-US5898Not updated
69Oopsyou NirvanaDark Iron-US5787Not updated
70Dimkingdom NirvanaDark Iron-US5699Not updated
71Yli NirvanaDark Iron-US5693Not updated
72Gandie NirvanaDark Iron-US5657
73Winder NirvanaDark Iron-US5485Not updated
74Veei NirvanaDark Iron-US5459Not updated
75Longerears NirvanaDark Iron-US5348Not updated
76Xuxiaojin NirvanaDark Iron-US5278Not updated
77Marionetmoon NirvanaDark Iron-US5228
78Serenel NirvanaDark Iron-US5223Not updated
79Laomu NirvanaDark Iron-US5171Not updated
80Kisli NirvanaDark Iron-US5095
81Keei NirvanaDark Iron-US5039Not updated
82Immortaledge NirvanaDark Iron-US4939Not updated
83Airpa NirvanaDark Iron-US4932Not updated
84Dominating NirvanaDark Iron-US4922Not updated
85Ovrload NirvanaDark Iron-US4809Not updated
86Renesmeew NirvanaDark Iron-US4505Not updated
87Ylo NirvanaDark Iron-US4473Not updated
88Sunniness NirvanaDark Iron-US4401Not updated
89Tsinro NirvanaDark Iron-US4362Not updated
90Sunnywind NirvanaDark Iron-US3853Not updated
91Metheslayer NirvanaDark Iron-US3837
92Shárp NirvanaDark Iron-US3659Not updated
93Cocosuck NirvanaDark Iron-US3595Not updated
94Raistlinm NirvanaDark Iron-US3513Not updated
95Faceup NirvanaDark Iron-US3465Not updated
96Deadlywind NirvanaDark Iron-US3425Not updated
97Fuyun NirvanaDark Iron-US3397Not updated
98Frostforce NirvanaDark Iron-US3379
99Excaliburz NirvanaDark Iron-US3343Not updated
100Oopstormer NirvanaDark Iron-US3267Not updated

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