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Frostmane-EU Honorable Kills
1Zennie Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU346841
2Ulek Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU196823
3Zaytoven Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU171084
4Frah Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU167844
5Pinkpanthér Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU167471
6Lexikat Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU164274
7Redfield Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU161077
8Zeni Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU149106
9Rawex Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU144673Not updated
10Sildor Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU133193
11Mètilic Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU126241
12Battlebeard Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU121658
13Prrox Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU119940
14Munneh Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU117193Not updated
15Starshard Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU110606
16Sikor Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU110517
17Ayugi Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU110367Not updated
18Quan Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU109826
19Painmaizter Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU106941
20Proklinjac Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU105892
21Elsa Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU103801
22Pikeno Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU102835
23Creomortis Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU97837Not updated
24Valley Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU89122
25Tékk Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU85024Not updated
26Saaky Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU83354
27Caye Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU83071Not updated
28Underkovr Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU82699Not updated
29Yeba Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU73904Not updated
30Neogeo Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU72215
31Ludicris Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU71591Not updated
32Tommyw Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU70333
33Lexicat Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU69566
34Arlellie Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU67406Not updated
35Jubilee Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU65269
36Parker Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU63015
37Almostfinn Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU58907
38Rozpruwaczka Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU56409
39Vimtu Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU53109
40Callils Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU52458Not updated
41Moggelito Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU50827
42Meglomaniac Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU49863Not updated
43Wykrawacz Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU49632
44Patryko Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU49027
45Ónora Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU48871
46Assista Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU48305
47Maxiimus Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU45676
48Sylvestra Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU45394
49Tarkin Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU44622
50Piixus Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU44610
51Nesku Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU44100Not updated
52Fpt Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU44050
53Batty Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU42443
54Zîro Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU42398
55Darki Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU41960
56Crowman Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU41828Not updated
57Quendorsof Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU41263Not updated
58Lillienne Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU41182
59Flanky Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU40020
60Sidé Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU39570
61Tzet Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU39201
62Soryna Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU39098
63Rolnics Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU38935
64Fazeroll Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU38180
65Spoq Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU37966
66Níbbs Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU37962Not updated
67Dignity Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU36977
68Tenir Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU36829
69Ironwork Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU36724Not updated
70ßear Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU36690
71Zuqoe Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU35712
72Corvis Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU35347Not updated
73Arkangel Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU35038
74Neske Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU34975
75Perssian Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU34738
76Aról Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU34384
77Banedream Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU34265Not updated
78Nazlie Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU34133Not updated
79Raws Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU33672Not updated
80Shinryuu Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU32558
81Zenito Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU30696
82Aríl Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU30325
83Githlum Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU30237
84Faajrfrost Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU29990
85Nightc Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU29980
86Neddic Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU29768
87Atreiu Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU29613
88Zodneo Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU29211Not updated
89Starseal Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU28390
90Neveko Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU28279Not updated
91Memrach Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU27610
92Anubïs Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU27154Not updated
93Degvr Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU27143
94Savante Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU27123Not updated
95Deceivér Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU26890
96Voxel Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU26812Not updated
97Magemunk Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU26478
98Zìke Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU26201
99Drentis Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU24739Not updated
100Pasquda Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU24723Not updated

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