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Ghostlands-EU Honorable Kills
1Mythman Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU71945
2Tunari Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU22010Not updated
3Hitmyhead Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU20447Not updated
4Burningsoul Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU16553
5Magelf Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU12843Not updated
6Lappis Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU12325Not updated
7Printed Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU11505Not updated
8Zalrock Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU10880Not updated
9Belves Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU10769Not updated
10Metrohunter Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU10668Not updated
11Frèyz Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU10427Not updated
12Vanír Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU9607Not updated
13Luolamies Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU9365Not updated
14Hippiruoska Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU9187Not updated
15Exalibur Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU8745Not updated
16Rushwarrior Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU8260Not updated
17Aradian Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU6796Not updated
18Frèyr Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU6763Not updated
19Hencka Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU6161Not updated
20Käppänä Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU5937Not updated
21Aleia Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU5759Not updated
22Ruttoliekki Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU5702Not updated
23Freyà Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU5379Not updated
24Koldun Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU5200Not updated
25Zunkk Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU4898Not updated
26Kilari Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU4568Not updated
27Varaddacull Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU4407Not updated
28Magaber Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU4348Not updated
29Pawnbroker Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU3584Not updated
30Justaman Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU3495Not updated
31Tenkainen Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU3376Not updated
32Mastash Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU3333
33Koitere Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU3246Not updated
34Roqquli Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU3210Not updated
35Shotti Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU2876Not updated
36Igasho Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU2833
37Häpi Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU2513Not updated
38Äksdee Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU2499Not updated
39Sootinai Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU2366Not updated
40Hevygobliini Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU2323Not updated
41Luikki Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU2253Not updated
42Arveton Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU2144Not updated
43Luonnonlahja Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU2103Not updated
44Pelastaja Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU1998Not updated
45Luttinen Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU1927Not updated
46Nordeà Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU1892Not updated
47Wráth Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU1804Not updated
48Helikopteri Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU1753Not updated
49Paukku Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU1653Not updated
50Rawdeath Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU1512Not updated
51Bênx Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU1126Not updated
52Tösöö Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU1008Not updated
53Dorlor Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU934
54Prayer Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU805Not updated
55Rawendog Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU766Not updated
56Korwyn Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU756Not updated
57Anestel Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU697Not updated
58Rtfm Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU533Not updated
59Archard Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU529
60Karpo Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU448
61Nightp Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU280Not updated
62Niblit Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU275Not updated
63Herska Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU247Not updated
64Roguli Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU199Not updated
65Keilapallo Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU171
66Havukká Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU154Not updated
67Rusinam Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU136Not updated
68Ataljar Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU125Not updated
69Umza Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU100
69Nouto Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU100Not updated
71Keletappi Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU73Not updated
72Jämä Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU45Not updated
73Höpö Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU28Not updated
74Rawdealer Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU18Not updated
74Gobbis Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU18Not updated
74Rauta Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU18Not updated
77Bubonica Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU13
78Prööt Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU7Not updated
79Omnii Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU4Not updated
80Meatbarrier Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU3Not updated
81Marot Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU1
81Fenimal Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU1Not updated
81Dille Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU1Not updated
84Swanzi Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU0
84Ardentt Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU0Not updated
84Kumikeijo Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU0Not updated
84Satanicar Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU0Not updated
84Tomis Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU0Not updated
84Marv Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU0Not updated
84Childude Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU0Not updated
84Sanctuser Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU0Not updated
84Laatta Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU0Not updated
84Trollpower Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU0Not updated
84Soolo Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU0Not updated
84Habahabahot Natural Born LosersGhostlands-EU0Not updated

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