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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thunderhorn-EU Honorable Kills
1Marysiue Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU105139Not updated
2Honzicek Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU90002Not updated
3Rybovcan Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU80211Not updated
4Gortgan Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU72523Not updated
5Hoborg Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU65882Not updated
6Mesiar Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU65756Not updated
7Wizbon Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU53352Not updated
8Czeska Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU52605Not updated
9Aksamah Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU49752Not updated
10Thorliev Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU40956Not updated
11Janicka Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU39723Not updated
12Therumick Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU37739Not updated
13Henrynight Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU37023Not updated
14Lodomo Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU34246Not updated
15Grizzt Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU28073Not updated
16Anha Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU25509Not updated
17Simonacz Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU24378Not updated
18Haluska Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU23912Not updated
19Milka Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU21668Not updated
20Toblakaj Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU19888Not updated
21Zebulon Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU19755Not updated
22Drakan Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU19362Not updated
23Jofre Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU19227Not updated
24Anhuris Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU18142Not updated
25Nemethon Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU17397Not updated
26Monaa Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU16563Not updated
27Zebø Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU16562Not updated
28Yasminn Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU16233Not updated
29Regrin Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU15920Not updated
30Mnaga Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU15716Not updated
31Luniss Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU14556Not updated
32Lemplak Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU13276Not updated
32Zvolena Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU13276Not updated
34Jenicek Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU12176Not updated
35Duriela Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU11706Not updated
36Aleeria Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU11673Not updated
37Uzza Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU11530Not updated
38Kexik Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU11191Not updated
39Médea Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU11151Not updated
40Jainna Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU10931Not updated
41Shobooll Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU10847Not updated
42Donathia Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU10710Not updated
43Grummo Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU10053Not updated
44Vejcucnik Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU10000Not updated
45Paenitentia Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU9666Not updated
46Mattu Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU8222Not updated
47Pantclaw Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU8179Not updated
48Jastyn Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU7682Not updated
49Hroky Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU7582Not updated
50Minys Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU7284Not updated
51Darvais Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU7275Not updated
52Yeneffer Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU7231Not updated
53Mightyfenix Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU7213Not updated
54Delaila Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU7065Not updated
55Hrok Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU6881Not updated
56Sydahk Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU6858Not updated
57Fesacik Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU6770Not updated
58Dokk Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU6760Not updated
59Dolgen Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU6366Not updated
60Mil Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU6169Not updated
61Heiley Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU6145Not updated
62Vymetac Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU5764Not updated
63Knife Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU5629Not updated
64Beleren Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU5570Not updated
65Pernazabiják Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU5515Not updated
66Grazz Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU5211Not updated
67Markytanka Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU5086Not updated
68Lopuch Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU5082Not updated
69Johnyrr Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU4930Not updated
70Kató Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU4794Not updated
71Malfius Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU4683Not updated
72Tresnicka Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU4587Not updated
73Xobena Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU3797Not updated
74Cewader Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU3771Not updated
75Grummoo Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU3770Not updated
76Eredas Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU3643Not updated
77Dunco Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU3601Not updated
78Ganatona Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU3416Not updated
79Henrymystic Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU3368Not updated
80Gorin Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU3354Not updated
81Puly Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU3171Not updated
82Kardinal Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU2707Not updated
83Poselbohu Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU2704Not updated
84Darghor Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU2656Not updated
85Haldirir Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU2467Not updated
86Pernikponik Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU2265Not updated
87Skycz Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU2053Not updated
88Klobasnik Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU2034Not updated
89Ganco Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU1945Not updated
90Elderane Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU1732Not updated
91Shakazullu Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU1693Not updated
92Mispulina Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU1649Not updated
93Diraa Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU1549Not updated
94Dracor Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU1521Not updated
95Aaken Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU1464Not updated
96Prcekwins Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU1242Not updated
97Truhlik Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU1235Not updated
98Idonttank Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU1184Not updated
99Merysladka Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU1182Not updated
100Iacekwins Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU1171Not updated

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