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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ragnaros-EU Honorable Kills
1Kamisora Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU97192Not updated
2Ijzerkoekje Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU50218Not updated
3Sinsation Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU42727Not updated
4Heira Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU24737Not updated
5Piscator Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU20302Not updated
6Jeddité Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU17634Not updated
7Puella Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU16792Not updated
8Knakish Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU16681Not updated
9Sapstab Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU15556Not updated
10Sananebeslak Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU12719Not updated
11Praésidio Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU12661Not updated
12Juustorulla Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU12482Not updated
13Iamperry Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU11545Not updated
14Keentra Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU11389Not updated
15Archaus Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU11273Not updated
16Maleficá Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU10536Not updated
17Mistiness Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU10137Not updated
18Iskarjarak Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU10135Not updated
19Manuél Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU9554Not updated
20Urukash Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU9228Not updated
21Fïnem Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU9053Not updated
22Waiper Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU8932Not updated
23Mtex Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU8370Not updated
24Anekale Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU8218Not updated
25Silviána Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU8095Not updated
26Shadowtepac Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU7356Not updated
27Svärt Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU6962Not updated
28Sheephappens Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU6767Not updated
29Lightamonium Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU6673Not updated
30Kalas Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU6245Not updated
31Effect Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU6102Not updated
32Groschny Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU5807Not updated
33Kénth Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU5619Not updated
34Genridamo Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU5466Not updated
35Swirrl Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU5388Not updated
36Authiel Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU5212Not updated
37Paraplu Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU4445Not updated
38Xarderas Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU4418Not updated
39Grist Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU4312Not updated
40Gortwog Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU4257Not updated
41Incubûs Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU4167Not updated
42Roxyna Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU3973Not updated
43Nírath Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU3718Not updated
44Sheakz Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU3553Not updated
45Roothless Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU3531Not updated
46Váo Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU3483Not updated
47Épííc Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU3448Not updated
48Maxbo Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU3327Not updated
48Tebra Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU3327Not updated
50Strixer Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU3272Not updated
51Hunterfal Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU3151Not updated
52Trolman Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU3116Not updated
53Skybol Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU2833Not updated
54Whysobad Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU2665Not updated
55Holykus Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU2609Not updated
56Thaiphone Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU2603Not updated
57Temil Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU2586Not updated
58Heisenbergx Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU2507Not updated
59Brokan Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU2267Not updated
60Thornga Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU2179Not updated
61Blackheal Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU2104Not updated
62Mayall Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU1976Not updated
63Tûrbo Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU1942Not updated
64Fixly Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU1586Not updated
65Qaualaxius Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU1543Not updated
66Parthe Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU1452Not updated
67Trissallia Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU1383Not updated
68Jhonmagic Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU1371Not updated
69Qrypton Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU1189Not updated
70Alaz Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU1148Not updated
71Qeksz Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU1105Not updated
72Haert Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU1091Not updated
73Mooxzz Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU1046Not updated
74Puffisor Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU941Not updated
75Eolo Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU763Not updated
76Tuffelloffel Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU736Not updated
77Hasarus Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU468Not updated
78Wailingsouls Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU459Not updated
79Implaler Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU428Not updated
80Akemichie Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU314Not updated
81Widona Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU275Not updated
82Luindil Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU230Not updated
83Primedouche Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU210Not updated
84Boin Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU191Not updated
85Evosky Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU152Not updated
86Reíatsu Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU134Not updated
87Pandacakes Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU103Not updated
88Frysepunktet Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU100Not updated
89Èthrax Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU94Not updated
90Nastasya Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU82Not updated
91Olaaf Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU55Not updated
92Cannonflick Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU45Not updated
93Jhonathanr Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU35Not updated
94Vuin Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU16Not updated
95Ashtor Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU4Not updated
96Vindruen Melees cant spellRagnaros-EU3Not updated

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