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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Sen'jin-EU Honorable Kills
1Beolàs Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU182287
2Elá Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU74038
3Shardik Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU57878
4Savaron Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU52895Not updated
5Cellarfloore Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU35116
6Danergsi Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU29948Not updated
7Mortimax Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU26130
8Nanjuk Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU24680
9Katastrophia Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU24663
10Aythia Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU20391Not updated
11Firstclass Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU18859
12Shakahn Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU17892
13Bamidromus Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU17631
14Lavirra Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU16059
15Selandriell Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU15202
16Levana Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU14407
17Nightchick Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU14262
18Mathy Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU13595
19Rhanna Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU12709
20Albinion Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU12308
21Bran Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU11786
22Trior Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU11363
23Mánadís Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU8661
24Narhà Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU8579
25Fedi Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU8448Not updated
26Shirin Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU7796
27Toven Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU7690
28Echina Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU7248
29Nimbifer Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU7011
30Nirvania Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU6361
31Erilea Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU6186
32Jerrie Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU6087
33Celimoll Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU6077
34Echthelion Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU6018
35Holyyvy Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU5681Not updated
36Cosaro Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU5650
37Eleora Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU5381
38Tissima Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU5369
39Jesmen Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU5306
40Nightpanther Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU5260
41Ichhauzurück Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU4847
42Hoschikumo Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU4837Not updated
43Gortal Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU4807Not updated
44Kalyca Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU4714
45Blumenerz Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU4528Not updated
46Silverfail Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU4515Not updated
47Zanyuro Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU4419Not updated
48Hârt Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU4397
49Pöppi Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU4285Not updated
50Ontop Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU4263
51Meiken Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU4199
52Targeton Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU4193Not updated
53Raneà Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU3881
54Paradoxon Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU3805
55Darknäss Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU3686
56Poisonyvy Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU3441Not updated
57Lia Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU3217
58Fréyà Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU3153Not updated
59Adonius Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU3037Not updated
60Ivanová Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2876
61Wûrstwasser Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2859
62Littlechopi Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2775Not updated
63Sharukahn Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2730
64Boeendal Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2723Not updated
65Elunielle Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2548
66Bellazani Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2529
67Korsai Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2514Not updated
68Lulani Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2469
69Sanî Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2444Not updated
70Rexin Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2301
71Aplana Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2199
72Hakaté Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2176
73Dromak Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2175Not updated
74Castial Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2146
75Ahgony Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2048
76Richtl Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2045
77Darisha Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2039
78Xeslâro Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU2023
79Dromrose Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1942
80Mortimex Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1919
81Sibur Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1883Not updated
82Hurrikane Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1704
83Babtista Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1676
84Barabas Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1671
85Candíce Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1598
86Climia Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1588Not updated
87Juppijäger Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1548
88Zenõsuke Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1489Not updated
89Eliashedarr Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1229
90Tong Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1136
91Noir Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1111Not updated
92Quijin Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1103
93Starsearch Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU1008
94Oakley Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU980
95Diopsys Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU916Not updated
95Krawalleiche Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU916
97Yasuran Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU902
98Loneeagle Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU853
99Azíza Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU815
100Quidinia Lumen AzerothiiSen'jin-EU741

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