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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Silvermoon-EU Honorable Kills
1Direwind Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU41864Not updated
2Leufast Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU33205Not updated
3Xardas Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU30640Not updated
4Snofsan Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU26174Not updated
5Aruon Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU26134Not updated
6Karaghan Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU25551Not updated
7Drunkster Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU25367Not updated
8Marmelad Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU24003Not updated
9Warkok Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU23998Not updated
10Níghtmarë Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU23077Not updated
11Rinako Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU22732Not updated
12Grodar Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU22476Not updated
13Kaglimir Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU18903Not updated
14Bajamaja Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU18218Not updated
15Shamanblad Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU17179Not updated
16Fislisa Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU17113Not updated
17Dyabolic Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU16255Not updated
18Shifthappêns Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU16190Not updated
19Pruttkudde Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU15850Not updated
20Scarhead Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU14784Not updated
21Devou Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU13918Not updated
22Hidingbeauty Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU13712Not updated
23Hejkompis Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU13539Not updated
24Sávage Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU12821Not updated
25Telleath Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU12257Not updated
26Atramédes Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU11497Not updated
27Soliid Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU11385Not updated
28Pulver Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU11226Not updated
29Neekoow Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU10471Not updated
30Fubz Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU9920Not updated
31Obcisor Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU9845Not updated
32Seipuss Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU9535Not updated
33Mistmantle Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU8724Not updated
34Kajsawarg Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU8574Not updated
35Enstorstark Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU8004Not updated
36Druuken Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU8003Not updated
37Rossalina Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU7971Not updated
38Milenda Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU7742Not updated
39Yunus Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU7684Not updated
40Thewarlord Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU7625Not updated
41Narutö Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU7571Not updated
42Blackdevin Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU7298Not updated
43Crizzel Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU7209Not updated
44Traitorz Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU6972Not updated
45Shealdmaster Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU6430Not updated
46Anuran Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU6246Not updated
47Scìppypòwa Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU5637Not updated
48Mightshade Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU5163Not updated
49Antecca Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU5145Not updated
50Letizx Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU5046Not updated
51Zerodreamer Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU4900Not updated
52Figaros Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU4881Not updated
53Mamban Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU4878Not updated
54Zlodrvo Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU4808Not updated
55Raniri Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU4801Not updated
56Tolvtum Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU4502Not updated
57Milendy Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU4422Not updated
58Phynoh Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU4384Not updated
59Féélthëdôts Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU4374Not updated
60Weles Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU4363Not updated
61Backz Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU3993Not updated
62Oumoeder Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU3968Not updated
63Perdolan Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU3660Not updated
64Shadowslifer Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU3658Not updated
65Zonix Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU3585Not updated
66Tiair Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU3535Not updated
67Disney Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU3428Not updated
68Oti Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU3267Not updated
69Kitevan Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU3098Not updated
70Magoz Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2958Not updated
71Susamia Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2946Not updated
72Newklear Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2904Not updated
73Neritos Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2868Not updated
74Felplague Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2800Not updated
75Abazaba Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2711Not updated
76Trånggång Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2702Not updated
77Råttflickan Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2691Not updated
78Estellise Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2606Not updated
79Deorlia Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2604Not updated
80Brainfreezé Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2559Not updated
81Axez Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2524Not updated
82Ormtjusarn Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2490Not updated
83Chrelle Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2488Not updated
84Merkal Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU2366Not updated
85Berghitte Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1933Not updated
86Lycäntrope Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1917Not updated
87Nobias Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1858Not updated
88Leopaladin Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1811Not updated
89Wiiee Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1773Not updated
90Sockerdricka Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1645Not updated
91Lolidragon Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1566Not updated
92Chilsé Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1551Not updated
93Spuw Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1517Not updated
93Siude Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1517Not updated
95Glanyc Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1494Not updated
96Forkz Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1340Not updated
97Renegy Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1233Not updated
98Duha Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1232Not updated
99Stocktrader Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1208Not updated
100Lionelmessí Just ChillinSilvermoon-EU1133Not updated

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