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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Drek'Thar-EU Honorable Kills
1Élunée Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU59054Not updated
2Vazul Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU40503Not updated
3Elvindir Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU24005Not updated
4Lepèrefouras Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU18368Not updated
5Sentenzà Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU18169Not updated
6Daylicieuse Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU17779Not updated
7Occidia Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU16801Not updated
8Mëdëa Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU16705Not updated
9Åröhð Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU14345Not updated
10Hashishin Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU14335Not updated
11Jenéralecu Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU13355Not updated
12Stromgoll Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU13132Not updated
13Tsünamie Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU12979Not updated
14Shancks Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU12302Not updated
15Sanguinius Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU11835Not updated
16Slizla Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU11641Not updated
17Xerya Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU11563Not updated
18Wâshø Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU11412Not updated
19Alucarsinent Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU10726Not updated
20Aelias Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU10690Not updated
21Anaïse Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU10561Not updated
22Aliztta Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU10499Not updated
23Utaa Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU10346Not updated
24Kénata Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU10117Not updated
25Syrcea Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU9764Not updated
26Pitielf Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU9637Not updated
27Darkoreur Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU9411Not updated
28Cmpunk Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU8640Not updated
29Naxxirion Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU8260Not updated
30Nérévarine Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU8180Not updated
31Destructorre Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU7350Not updated
32Emilâ Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU7012Not updated
33Aracànø Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU6965Not updated
34Psykouf Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU6779Not updated
35Blackcrown Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU6584Not updated
36Entrecøtte Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU6457Not updated
37Taurenad Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU5967Not updated
37Zerxes Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU5967Not updated
39ßlatàh Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU5897Not updated
40Tekwhisky Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU5847Not updated
41Narkalax Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU5793Not updated
42Aewya Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU5737Not updated
43Brãn Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU5671Not updated
44Trïad Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU5632Not updated
45Equinøxx Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU5486Not updated
46Lølyløl Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU5440Not updated
47Néréïs Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU5302Not updated
48Shishiza Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU5215Not updated
49Zacorik Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU4980Not updated
50Stelenko Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU4864Not updated
51Catalihnka Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU4407Not updated
52Popper Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU4349Not updated
53Ekestraz Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU4261Not updated
54Toxane Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU4189Not updated
55Pitichassou Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU4108Not updated
56Persianne Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU3863Not updated
57Colloseus Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU3712Not updated
58Jvm Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU3429Not updated
59Arakune Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU3394Not updated
60Bäbz Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU3379Not updated
61Gaalak Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU3368Not updated
62Daedeloth Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU2986Not updated
63Darkømørt Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU2940Not updated
64Safêmal Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU2916Not updated
65Loulôu Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU2854Not updated
66Juriko Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU2639Not updated
67Cocowlocow Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU2578Not updated
68Gägä Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU2496Not updated
69Yùbaba Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU2406Not updated
70Maglash Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU2203Not updated
71Kràkøs Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU1975Not updated
72Xiøn Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU1935Not updated
73Cmpûnk Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU1799Not updated
74Guntler Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU1362Not updated
75Héraclés Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU1297Not updated
76Daïnard Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU1286Not updated
77Märfäna Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU1260Not updated
78Hârshen Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU1180Not updated
79Ydrazas Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU1178Not updated
80Specialkey Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU1085Not updated
81Dîno Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU1013Not updated
82Dinen Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU993Not updated
83Tekawek Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU927Not updated
84Shiñ Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU883Not updated
85Akinori Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU858Not updated
86Metwo Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU843Not updated
87Øbalänka Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU833Not updated
88Âquilon Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU740Not updated
89Akadénislem Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU600Not updated
90Jetz Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU586Not updated
91Sôhtoren Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU471Not updated
92Thänâtøs Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU449Not updated
93 Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU392Not updated
94Mistahyde Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU388Not updated
95Magêlys Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU304Not updated
96Zhombata Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU286Not updated
97Tyhh Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU250Not updated
98Alvida Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU207Not updated
99Abred Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU204Not updated
100Tonnelevent Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU163Not updated

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