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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

C'Thun-EU Honorable Kills
1Fierainfame Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU62269Not updated
2Narikóò Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU49822Not updated
3Flunfli Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU48038Not updated
4Jelito Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU43295Not updated
5Daliel Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU40926Not updated
6Yongg Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU35441Not updated
7Torakko Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU34361Not updated
8Qyn Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU34074Not updated
9Karnov Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU32273Not updated
10Bandid Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU29840Not updated
11Bullbow Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU28423Not updated
12Lazar Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU25972Not updated
13Nitrö Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU25002Not updated
14Kaliophe Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU24042Not updated
15Cuervö Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU24007Not updated
16Harlotck Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU23771Not updated
17Arrasato Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU22570Not updated
18Whoolfy Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU22196Not updated
19Ilicitus Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU21123Not updated
20Xiby Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU20186Not updated
21Arro Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU19384Not updated
22Sauca Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU19324Not updated
23Mitsuomii Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU19041Not updated
24Redkap Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU18719Not updated
25Rannarök Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU17957Not updated
26Nutrixia Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU17882Not updated
27Greenort Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU17744Not updated
28Pekit Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU17075Not updated
29Tóxikö Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU16362Not updated
30Félix Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU16343Not updated
31Davidsino Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU15740Not updated
32Esterios Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU14527Not updated
33Jat Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU14505Not updated
34Tiras Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU13876Not updated
35Xilol Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU13448Not updated
36Nälak Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU13444Not updated
37Mirilya Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU12870Not updated
38Mortal Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU12851Not updated
39Elrotauro Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU12139Not updated
40Pandadrina Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU11968Not updated
41Laprimä Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU11866Not updated
42Whiteläbël Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU11762Not updated
43Cirux Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU11454Not updated
44Zaskas Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU11369Not updated
45Calipsø Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU11349Not updated
46Klurg Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU10888Not updated
47Figuero Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU10740Not updated
48Morciguillo Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU9627Not updated
49Granguer Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU9116Not updated
50Yukiba Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU9050Not updated
51Meablalemeto Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU8989Not updated
52Torkas Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU8703Not updated
53Chupatripas Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU8633Not updated
54Gorgeles Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU8510Not updated
55Latroltotona Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU8214Not updated
56Wequen Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU8203Not updated
57Alestrassa Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU8071Not updated
58Amordor Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU7855Not updated
59Nortón Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU7729Not updated
60Ukrrul Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU7694Not updated
61Glimer Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU7561Not updated
62Luthï Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU7549Not updated
63Ëlesede Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU7351Not updated
64Xxtreme Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU7318Not updated
65Clippeer Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU7212Not updated
66Merophe Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU7132Not updated
67Telodirijo Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU6952Not updated
68Nÿtro Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU6814Not updated
69Sheridam Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU6611Not updated
70Kyel Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU6269Not updated
71Toctoc Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU6268Not updated
72Hipihopo Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU6198Not updated
73Aerelix Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU6127Not updated
74Pirica Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU6117Not updated
75Hakkuru Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU6116Not updated
76Oscilator Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU6064Not updated
77Frezze Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU6027Not updated
78Xoborracho Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU5885Not updated
79Saladina Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU5685Not updated
80Trinata Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU5640Not updated
81Assather Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU5596Not updated
82Tiricon Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU5563Not updated
83Edebor Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU5523Not updated
84Stroki Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU5154Not updated
85Trumbum Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU5114Not updated
86Shoebi Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU5065Not updated
87Zuma Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU5031Not updated
88Arkex Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU4965Not updated
89Dariu Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU4907Not updated
90Reknub Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU4903Not updated
91Àquiles Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU4841Not updated
92Bestialis Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU4792Not updated
93Furius Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU4669Not updated
94Llora Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU4463Not updated
95Endzeït Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU4433Not updated
96Ugluc Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU4375Not updated
97Forcarfti Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU4259Not updated
98Pandid Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU4249Not updated
99Elganjas Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU4131Not updated
100Ragosh Horde RevengeC'Thun-EU4014Not updated

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