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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sunstrider-EU Honorable Kills
1Savix Hollow PointSunstrider-EU49764Not updated
2Réév Hollow PointSunstrider-EU34725Not updated
3Serpenz Hollow PointSunstrider-EU31463Not updated
4Páwned Hollow PointSunstrider-EU28675Not updated
5Goodmushin Hollow PointSunstrider-EU23277Not updated
6Trivenia Hollow PointSunstrider-EU22573Not updated
7Savagemaster Hollow PointSunstrider-EU21834Not updated
8Poisened Hollow PointSunstrider-EU20126Not updated
9Bowskills Hollow PointSunstrider-EU19313Not updated
10Insomnía Hollow PointSunstrider-EU19069Not updated
11Toys Hollow PointSunstrider-EU18454Not updated
12Lazaru Hollow PointSunstrider-EU18065Not updated
13Savvi Hollow PointSunstrider-EU16614Not updated
14Tetragedon Hollow PointSunstrider-EU16060Not updated
15Garrincha Hollow PointSunstrider-EU15770Not updated
16Synkro Hollow PointSunstrider-EU15141Not updated
17Zaxriel Hollow PointSunstrider-EU15081Not updated
18Eurolox Hollow PointSunstrider-EU14106Not updated
19Drethorn Hollow PointSunstrider-EU13384Not updated
20Belxior Hollow PointSunstrider-EU13220Not updated
21Réith Hollow PointSunstrider-EU13158Not updated
22Baah Hollow PointSunstrider-EU12861Not updated
23Morgulsin Hollow PointSunstrider-EU10370Not updated
24Dottodeath Hollow PointSunstrider-EU10065Not updated
25Wisebear Hollow PointSunstrider-EU10037Not updated
26Mysery Hollow PointSunstrider-EU8784Not updated
27Theodoore Hollow PointSunstrider-EU8600Not updated
28Beerwolf Hollow PointSunstrider-EU7920Not updated
29Serbianthug Hollow PointSunstrider-EU7839Not updated
30Ceman Hollow PointSunstrider-EU7825Not updated
31Savv Hollow PointSunstrider-EU7418Not updated
32Marczila Hollow PointSunstrider-EU7355Not updated
33Reev Hollow PointSunstrider-EU7335Not updated
34Kuradis Hollow PointSunstrider-EU7013Not updated
35Aiméd Hollow PointSunstrider-EU6143Not updated
36Golley Hollow PointSunstrider-EU5563Not updated
37Melí Hollow PointSunstrider-EU5550Not updated
38Lámbert Hollow PointSunstrider-EU5205Not updated
39Syrox Hollow PointSunstrider-EU4755Not updated
40Druidmoo Hollow PointSunstrider-EU4695Not updated
41Vkpriest Hollow PointSunstrider-EU4623Not updated
42Phillyjr Hollow PointSunstrider-EU4475Not updated
43Savii Hollow PointSunstrider-EU4407Not updated
44Vaidya Hollow PointSunstrider-EU4397Not updated
45Awésome Hollow PointSunstrider-EU3719Not updated
46Xekus Hollow PointSunstrider-EU3470Not updated
47Lethaldruid Hollow PointSunstrider-EU3308Not updated
48Everzwijn Hollow PointSunstrider-EU2938Not updated
49Graelius Hollow PointSunstrider-EU2839Not updated
50Holycrusade Hollow PointSunstrider-EU2650Not updated
51Lenitha Hollow PointSunstrider-EU2505Not updated
52Léyati Hollow PointSunstrider-EU2323Not updated
53Toytoytoy Hollow PointSunstrider-EU2245Not updated
54Gréén Hollow PointSunstrider-EU2179Not updated
55Syró Hollow PointSunstrider-EU1724Not updated
56Xeryan Hollow PointSunstrider-EU1716Not updated
57Greenkrv Hollow PointSunstrider-EU1693Not updated
58Fleshpound Hollow PointSunstrider-EU1607Not updated
59Melantha Hollow PointSunstrider-EU1551Not updated
60Héroism Hollow PointSunstrider-EU1423Not updated
61Najya Hollow PointSunstrider-EU1249Not updated
62Alastria Hollow PointSunstrider-EU1203Not updated
63Thebounty Hollow PointSunstrider-EU1118Not updated
64Pandie Hollow PointSunstrider-EU982Not updated
65Halflife Hollow PointSunstrider-EU961Not updated
66Syrá Hollow PointSunstrider-EU914Not updated
67Arcanefury Hollow PointSunstrider-EU901Not updated
68Xoker Hollow PointSunstrider-EU848Not updated
69Olisa Hollow PointSunstrider-EU818Not updated
70Sylå Hollow PointSunstrider-EU808Not updated
71Stafie Hollow PointSunstrider-EU688Not updated
72Awsome Hollow PointSunstrider-EU673Not updated
73Dréktar Hollow PointSunstrider-EU640Not updated
74Mcswagdad Hollow PointSunstrider-EU625Not updated
75Rextar Hollow PointSunstrider-EU613Not updated
76Zuliya Hollow PointSunstrider-EU593Not updated
77Raitu Hollow PointSunstrider-EU570Not updated
78Gùd Hollow PointSunstrider-EU561Not updated
79Karilina Hollow PointSunstrider-EU515Not updated
80Gollèy Hollow PointSunstrider-EU443Not updated
81Jujitzu Hollow PointSunstrider-EU414Not updated
82Olosa Hollow PointSunstrider-EU342Not updated
83Thynox Hollow PointSunstrider-EU333Not updated
84Groenboog Hollow PointSunstrider-EU331Not updated
85Thadea Hollow PointSunstrider-EU329Not updated
85Hollyhell Hollow PointSunstrider-EU329Not updated
87Zerago Hollow PointSunstrider-EU287Not updated
88Imsuperdw Hollow PointSunstrider-EU262Not updated
89Eevie Hollow PointSunstrider-EU253Not updated
90Luminous Hollow PointSunstrider-EU205Not updated
91Rice Hollow PointSunstrider-EU202Not updated
91Galerius Hollow PointSunstrider-EU202Not updated
93Quabo Hollow PointSunstrider-EU195Not updated
94Syráh Hollow PointSunstrider-EU150Not updated
95Sagemonk Hollow PointSunstrider-EU135Not updated
96Dreâdlock Hollow PointSunstrider-EU134Not updated
97Mineru Hollow PointSunstrider-EU116Not updated
98Shaye Hollow PointSunstrider-EU115Not updated
99Elariah Hollow PointSunstrider-EU113Not updated
100Nikela Hollow PointSunstrider-EU101Not updated

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