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Saurfang-US Honorable Kills
1Imbeachedas Heavy MetalSaurfang-US30314Not updated
2Deadlyjaffa Heavy MetalSaurfang-US15183Not updated
3Xiondrey Heavy MetalSaurfang-US13580Not updated
4Dhampir Heavy MetalSaurfang-US12741Not updated
5Jórgo Heavy MetalSaurfang-US11377Not updated
6Kreyz Heavy MetalSaurfang-US11298Not updated
7Neozelda Heavy MetalSaurfang-US10292Not updated
8Yoodle Heavy MetalSaurfang-US9982Not updated
9Krállé Heavy MetalSaurfang-US9264Not updated
10Myrskog Heavy MetalSaurfang-US8891Not updated
11Glowstix Heavy MetalSaurfang-US8464Not updated
12Ziondray Heavy MetalSaurfang-US8187Not updated
13Zarxcy Heavy MetalSaurfang-US7662Not updated
14Hitmonchamp Heavy MetalSaurfang-US7576Not updated
15Sàndvich Heavy MetalSaurfang-US7401Not updated
16Awhina Heavy MetalSaurfang-US7203Not updated
17Eliarainne Heavy MetalSaurfang-US7122Not updated
18Chiimera Heavy MetalSaurfang-US6800Not updated
19Catasrophee Heavy MetalSaurfang-US6559Not updated
20Dishbah Heavy MetalSaurfang-US6264Not updated
21Purewater Heavy MetalSaurfang-US6099Not updated
22Barrandor Heavy MetalSaurfang-US5830Not updated
23Blakmane Heavy MetalSaurfang-US5817Not updated
24Mërç Heavy MetalSaurfang-US5759Not updated
25Bergg Heavy MetalSaurfang-US5569Not updated
26Erobos Heavy MetalSaurfang-US5156Not updated
27Youandi Heavy MetalSaurfang-US5112Not updated
28Ryzom Heavy MetalSaurfang-US5020Not updated
29Clickstokill Heavy MetalSaurfang-US4977Not updated
30Sashin Heavy MetalSaurfang-US4703Not updated
31Iamatank Heavy MetalSaurfang-US4144
32Ivas Heavy MetalSaurfang-US3746Not updated
33Whyoumad Heavy MetalSaurfang-US3735Not updated
34 Heavy MetalSaurfang-US3663Not updated
35Quethar Heavy MetalSaurfang-US3486Not updated
36Masivekolaid Heavy MetalSaurfang-US3382Not updated
37Clickztokill Heavy MetalSaurfang-US3377Not updated
38Dallamar Heavy MetalSaurfang-US3251Not updated
39Kazuglo Heavy MetalSaurfang-US2894Not updated
40Massifail Heavy MetalSaurfang-US2784Not updated
41Stanthecat Heavy MetalSaurfang-US2782Not updated
42Klich Heavy MetalSaurfang-US2750Not updated
43Brawlin Heavy MetalSaurfang-US2601Not updated
44Donkeykongdk Heavy MetalSaurfang-US2548Not updated
45Sonya Heavy MetalSaurfang-US2512Not updated
46Vurkla Heavy MetalSaurfang-US2404Not updated
47Tralys Heavy MetalSaurfang-US2263Not updated
48Changing Heavy MetalSaurfang-US2199Not updated
49Dakyras Heavy MetalSaurfang-US2078Not updated
50Naturaforza Heavy MetalSaurfang-US1990Not updated
51Avalaanche Heavy MetalSaurfang-US1746Not updated
52Ryzem Heavy MetalSaurfang-US1274Not updated
53Namkral Heavy MetalSaurfang-US1242Not updated
54Eeooeeooeeoo Heavy MetalSaurfang-US1136Not updated
55Thundervolt Heavy MetalSaurfang-US994Not updated
56Catisha Heavy MetalSaurfang-US951Not updated
57Sicareth Heavy MetalSaurfang-US866Not updated
58Dardelion Heavy MetalSaurfang-US743Not updated
59Fartter Heavy MetalSaurfang-US725Not updated
60Kurbee Heavy MetalSaurfang-US622Not updated
61Machinshin Heavy MetalSaurfang-US592Not updated
62Penthiselea Heavy MetalSaurfang-US495Not updated
63Deathkanan Heavy MetalSaurfang-US448Not updated
64Iceotaya Heavy MetalSaurfang-US378Not updated
65Abelakatheru Heavy MetalSaurfang-US332Not updated
66Doity Heavy MetalSaurfang-US195Not updated
67Auroraz Heavy MetalSaurfang-US94Not updated
68Awitchdoctor Heavy MetalSaurfang-US59Not updated
69Iceydame Heavy MetalSaurfang-US34Not updated
70Mcnezter Heavy MetalSaurfang-US20Not updated
71Auraa Heavy MetalSaurfang-US4Not updated
72Vancleave Heavy MetalSaurfang-US2Not updated
73Nofingers Heavy MetalSaurfang-US1Not updated
73Voorj Heavy MetalSaurfang-US1Not updated
73Amuthyst Heavy MetalSaurfang-US1Not updated
73Facepoke Heavy MetalSaurfang-US1Not updated
77Haggonk Heavy MetalSaurfang-US0Not updated
77Twik Heavy MetalSaurfang-US0Not updated
77Rodity Heavy MetalSaurfang-US0Not updated
77Titancerebus Heavy MetalSaurfang-US0Not updated
77Leilandra Heavy MetalSaurfang-US0Not updated
77Gutsmek Heavy MetalSaurfang-US0Not updated

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