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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bloodhoof-EU Honorable Kills
1Bloodbruto Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU49828Not updated
2Graddy Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU46312Not updated
3Corpsul Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU34533Not updated
4Bruto Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU31687Not updated
5Annushka Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU25110Not updated
6Svartemaia Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU22837Not updated
7Spooneater Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU22329Not updated
8Abrwolf Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU20976Not updated
9Desecrations Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU20062Not updated
10Mator Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU19434Not updated
11Totemmaster Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU17579Not updated
12Nazagul Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU15804Not updated
13Lockay Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU14556Not updated
14Detmold Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU14469Not updated
15Bonecanibal Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU14374Not updated
16Deathmaker Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU13400Not updated
17Intérnet Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU13035Not updated
18Arthuss Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU12768Not updated
19Darthelf Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU12360Not updated
20Froddah Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU11135Not updated
21Husso Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU11124Not updated
22Tuataut Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU10554Not updated
23Feeared Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU10534Not updated
24Markunt Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU10183Not updated
25Breakthru Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU10003Not updated
26Icebabez Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU9300Not updated
27Ralvidious Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU9273Not updated
28Grimereaper Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU8528Not updated
29Bagatur Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU8468Not updated
30Doreiya Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU8459Not updated
31Bloodyarch Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU8408Not updated
32Thecyclone Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU8306Not updated
33Xerios Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU8297Not updated
34Adoril Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU8095Not updated
35Shadowy Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU8029Not updated
36Sykéz Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU8003Not updated
37Uruuk Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU7949Not updated
38Xandy Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU7867Not updated
39Gik Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU7714Not updated
40Gamehero Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU7565Not updated
41Berniemac Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU7556Not updated
42Crazyshifter Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU7536Not updated
43Astrwail Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU7466Not updated
44Corpzul Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU7401Not updated
45Jookers Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU7191Not updated
46Gotuga Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU6443Not updated
47Krikzig Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU6232Not updated
48Lichit Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU6138Not updated
49Apokalypse Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU6114Not updated
49Letmelive Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU6114Not updated
51Fradull Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU5968Not updated
52Voltedge Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU5617Not updated
53Myunluck Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU5552Not updated
54Caponen Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU5511Not updated
55Taunter Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU5425Not updated
56Lidan Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU5132Not updated
57Imbajay Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4859Not updated
58Madbeef Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4846Not updated
59Metallbit Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4757Not updated
60Wilku Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4755Not updated
61Katalan Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4725Not updated
62Bloodhorde Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4693Not updated
63Cracen Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4619Not updated
64Dippiepriest Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4601Not updated
65Hurricåne Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4566Not updated
66Altire Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4536Not updated
67Lockwind Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4495Not updated
68Furyshadow Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4393Not updated
69Necromastery Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4076Not updated
70Roczo Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU4020Not updated
71Geistar Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU3989Not updated
72Queel Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU3960Not updated
73Thelordofdef Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU3771Not updated
74Peripally Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU3734Not updated
75Lennard Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU3704Not updated
76Denaashi Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU3634Not updated
77Umomma Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU3618Not updated
78Uwelcome Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU3592Not updated
79Elencho Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU3383Not updated
80Karghar Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU3372Not updated
81Toteman Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU3189Not updated
82Nehevil Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU3116Not updated
83Mineundead Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU3076Not updated
84Vemik Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2905Not updated
85Hammes Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2889Not updated
86Trompa Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2761Not updated
87Nicolai Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2731Not updated
88Schupenzub Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2726Not updated
89Nafiro Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2693Not updated
90Räin Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2631Not updated
91Dungor Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2551Not updated
92Skulletron Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2525Not updated
93Tharac Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2350Not updated
94Voolf Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2346Not updated
95Kezarlock Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2318Not updated
96Smashery Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2221Not updated
97Lerroy Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU2117Not updated
98Bendoon Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU1953Not updated
99Sòrceress Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU1931Not updated
100Blackcaptain Hammer To FallBloodhoof-EU1894Not updated

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