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Shen'dralar-EU Honorable Kills
1Solracs For the HordeShen'dralar-EU50502Not updated
2Guimard For the HordeShen'dralar-EU40354Not updated
3Ayreon For the HordeShen'dralar-EU38658Not updated
4Naktar For the HordeShen'dralar-EU35580Not updated
5Lhenny For the HordeShen'dralar-EU32387Not updated
6Insidiosa For the HordeShen'dralar-EU26571Not updated
7Muertakö For the HordeShen'dralar-EU25942Not updated
8Dradok For the HordeShen'dralar-EU25620Not updated
9Kök For the HordeShen'dralar-EU25307Not updated
10Guachurcio For the HordeShen'dralar-EU20751Not updated
11Thundjin For the HordeShen'dralar-EU19143Not updated
12Twopenko For the HordeShen'dralar-EU19017Not updated
13Piccota For the HordeShen'dralar-EU18785Not updated
14Zrok For the HordeShen'dralar-EU16460Not updated
15Delkar For the HordeShen'dralar-EU15407Not updated
16Müerto For the HordeShen'dralar-EU14712Not updated
17Older For the HordeShen'dralar-EU14284Not updated
18Curejäs For the HordeShen'dralar-EU14257Not updated
19Katasús For the HordeShen'dralar-EU14239Not updated
20Isengart For the HordeShen'dralar-EU12316Not updated
21Kökfire For the HordeShen'dralar-EU12041Not updated
22Raeryth For the HordeShen'dralar-EU11629Not updated
23Bancohermano For the HordeShen'dralar-EU10341Not updated
24Arnyx For the HordeShen'dralar-EU10334Not updated
25Kulzart For the HordeShen'dralar-EU10261Not updated
26Lezcretors For the HordeShen'dralar-EU9671Not updated
27Raw For the HordeShen'dralar-EU8952Not updated
28Zowata For the HordeShen'dralar-EU8874Not updated
29Sembonsakura For the HordeShen'dralar-EU8852Not updated
30Narizes For the HordeShen'dralar-EU8658Not updated
31Évole For the HordeShen'dralar-EU8219Not updated
32Hairen For the HordeShen'dralar-EU7992Not updated
33Zakher For the HordeShen'dralar-EU7711Not updated
34Odelia For the HordeShen'dralar-EU7625Not updated
35Arzach For the HordeShen'dralar-EU7393Not updated
36Kylekatar For the HordeShen'dralar-EU6955Not updated
37Fauzeblanca For the HordeShen'dralar-EU6931Not updated
38Tulio For the HordeShen'dralar-EU6865Not updated
39Lazcretore For the HordeShen'dralar-EU6724Not updated
40Shuplimo For the HordeShen'dralar-EU6474Not updated
41Thao For the HordeShen'dralar-EU5632Not updated
42Cïd For the HordeShen'dralar-EU5391Not updated
43Nutcracker For the HordeShen'dralar-EU5290Not updated
44Asturianu For the HordeShen'dralar-EU5274Not updated
45Epysteme For the HordeShen'dralar-EU5204Not updated
46Plumy For the HordeShen'dralar-EU5087Not updated
47Zulun For the HordeShen'dralar-EU4834Not updated
48Iscarioth For the HordeShen'dralar-EU4668Not updated
49Altor For the HordeShen'dralar-EU4425Not updated
50Remnoth For the HordeShen'dralar-EU4358Not updated
51Reiju For the HordeShen'dralar-EU4273Not updated
52Trýker For the HordeShen'dralar-EU3984Not updated
53Cahiev For the HordeShen'dralar-EU3405Not updated
54Dieudonne For the HordeShen'dralar-EU3212
55Onil For the HordeShen'dralar-EU3155Not updated
56Sensi For the HordeShen'dralar-EU2974Not updated
57Kyôshiro For the HordeShen'dralar-EU2608Not updated
58Lifal For the HordeShen'dralar-EU2573Not updated
59Blackdïable For the HordeShen'dralar-EU2343Not updated
60Sarcangel For the HordeShen'dralar-EU2305Not updated
61Sukø For the HordeShen'dralar-EU2096Not updated
62Pinin For the HordeShen'dralar-EU2018Not updated
63Ibi For the HordeShen'dralar-EU1704Not updated
64Fávila For the HordeShen'dralar-EU1122Not updated
65Muertita For the HordeShen'dralar-EU988Not updated
66Aryenis For the HordeShen'dralar-EU856Not updated
67Brujales For the HordeShen'dralar-EU723Not updated
68Munchkkin For the HordeShen'dralar-EU719Not updated
69Eltrolillo For the HordeShen'dralar-EU701
70Makkenson For the HordeShen'dralar-EU561Not updated
70Sätrian For the HordeShen'dralar-EU561Not updated
72Truenolejano For the HordeShen'dralar-EU432Not updated
73Murtis For the HordeShen'dralar-EU427Not updated
74Velana For the HordeShen'dralar-EU396Not updated
75Chemosh For the HordeShen'dralar-EU316Not updated
76Mespollo For the HordeShen'dralar-EU313Not updated
77Shagar For the HordeShen'dralar-EU175Not updated
78Ryloth For the HordeShen'dralar-EU165Not updated
79Tenkku For the HordeShen'dralar-EU124Not updated
80Kath For the HordeShen'dralar-EU59Not updated
81Blazter For the HordeShen'dralar-EU52Not updated
82Yhumi For the HordeShen'dralar-EU28Not updated
83Reenak For the HordeShen'dralar-EU20Not updated
84Krontag For the HordeShen'dralar-EU17Not updated
85Störn For the HordeShen'dralar-EU8Not updated
86Almuric For the HordeShen'dralar-EU4Not updated
87Lënnëth For the HordeShen'dralar-EU0Not updated

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