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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Anub'arak-EU Honorable Kills
1Slettal Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU82022Not updated
2Zäx Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU61448Not updated
3Sivana Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU36101Not updated
4Specialheal Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU26452Not updated
5Ironrose Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU25635Not updated
6Pico Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU24159Not updated
7Bullron Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU22877Not updated
8Kathron Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU20597Not updated
9Vezaq Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU19825Not updated
10Krawuum Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU17976Not updated
11Farcrye Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU17947Not updated
12Strr Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU17201Not updated
13Viperoni Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU16140Not updated
14Splatt Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU16139Not updated
15Avianflu Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU15706Not updated
16Syeal Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU13489Not updated
17Chrox Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU13164Not updated
18Iceberg Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU13011Not updated
19Srentire Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU12896Not updated
20Jênai Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU12729Not updated
21Odinsklinge Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU12305Not updated
22Deckay Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU11393Not updated
23Landslide Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU10935Not updated
24Emeldir Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU10859Not updated
25Jesicht Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU10664Not updated
26Obabaracuda Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU10319Not updated
27Bateman Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU9978Not updated
28Tural Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU9540Not updated
29Domkil Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU9256Not updated
30Inea Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU8658Not updated
31Ragingbull Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU8502Not updated
32Imiss Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU8376Not updated
33Dônka Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU7976Not updated
34Thilan Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU7872Not updated
35Metargoss Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU7656Not updated
36Gizzle Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU7177Not updated
37Fausto Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU7176Not updated
38Simplé Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU7101Not updated
39Vellas Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU7040Not updated
40Paracodin Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU6731Not updated
41Gìn Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU6582Not updated
42Klemptner Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU6363Not updated
43Kendschy Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU6154Not updated
44Orkust Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU6151Not updated
45Shifterwizz Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU6007Not updated
46Thûrisàz Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU5981Not updated
47Schellenhans Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU5975Not updated
48Shartuk Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU5672Not updated
49Kuhma Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU5581Not updated
50Êira Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU5077Not updated
51Gogogadget Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU5008Not updated
52Jalapeno Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU4860Not updated
53Vonfreytot Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU4809Not updated
54Alx Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU4734Not updated
55Blackster Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU4674Not updated
56Equántòs Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU4536Not updated
57Infusion Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU4376Not updated
58Slayn Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU4373Not updated
59Crypsis Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU4306Not updated
60Böserhauruck Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU4172Not updated
61Zysk Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU4087Not updated
62Feorya Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU4030Not updated
63Schuka Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3976Not updated
64Kandyra Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3877Not updated
65Dops Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3850Not updated
66Lanzi Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3845Not updated
67Knifekiller Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3781Not updated
68Iowndyourmum Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3714Not updated
69Nakruhl Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3704Not updated
70Marodia Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3688Not updated
71Céliná Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3561Not updated
72Orbuse Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3539Not updated
73Sulfur Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3536Not updated
74Grimgok Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3504Not updated
75Gnawl Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3484Not updated
76Iraidyourmum Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3479Not updated
77Kastiell Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3364Not updated
78Dryrain Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3284Not updated
79Danissane Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3189Not updated
80Aísolon Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU3101Not updated
81Daðor Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2900Not updated
82Ranow Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2778Not updated
83Vethelot Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2730Not updated
84Zethar Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2669Not updated
85Røcksone Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2626Not updated
86Diâmânt Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2612Not updated
87Jema Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2591Not updated
88Asgadir Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2508Not updated
89Pannax Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2485Not updated
90Tupacshakur Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2426Not updated
91Torgen Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2243Not updated
92Vikana Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2174Not updated
93Hulahup Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2152Not updated
94Kîllér Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU2098Not updated
95Rèan Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU1978Not updated
96Alliminator Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU1922Not updated
97Würzelpeter Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU1872Not updated
98Bruladiem Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU1837Not updated
99Splanthor Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU1805Not updated
100Schamiraa Ewiges ChaosAnub'arak-EU1733Not updated

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