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Misha-US Honorable Kills
1Slickjoker Draconic WarriorsMisha-US127163
2Dyingbreed Draconic WarriorsMisha-US38579Not updated
3Nfavell Draconic WarriorsMisha-US29323
4Shanubus Draconic WarriorsMisha-US21064Not updated
5Dadiessenden Draconic WarriorsMisha-US17638Not updated
6Charyn Draconic WarriorsMisha-US17018Not updated
7Psyclops Draconic WarriorsMisha-US16730Not updated
8Darkclaw Draconic WarriorsMisha-US16651Not updated
9Spiritflame Draconic WarriorsMisha-US16348Not updated
10Stabarella Draconic WarriorsMisha-US15891
11Nitupsar Draconic WarriorsMisha-US15251Not updated
12Buffalos Draconic WarriorsMisha-US13840
13Koshdk Draconic WarriorsMisha-US12667
14Messie Draconic WarriorsMisha-US12411
15Fereredorn Draconic WarriorsMisha-US10819Not updated
16Killawarrior Draconic WarriorsMisha-US10741
17Starthorn Draconic WarriorsMisha-US10444
18Warweaver Draconic WarriorsMisha-US9019
19Imlyian Draconic WarriorsMisha-US8813
20Merlinna Draconic WarriorsMisha-US8806Not updated
21Trager Draconic WarriorsMisha-US8615Not updated
22Wantatouchmi Draconic WarriorsMisha-US8096Not updated
23Jeffarter Draconic WarriorsMisha-US6639
24Anklebitter Draconic WarriorsMisha-US6499Not updated
25Koshmaxty Draconic WarriorsMisha-US4640
26Testesmini Draconic WarriorsMisha-US4549Not updated
27Magistic Draconic WarriorsMisha-US4449Not updated
28Healyah Draconic WarriorsMisha-US4398Not updated
29Ravenmine Draconic WarriorsMisha-US4216Not updated
30Cerridwen Draconic WarriorsMisha-US4059
31Majikjack Draconic WarriorsMisha-US3831Not updated
32Sidcro Draconic WarriorsMisha-US3481Not updated
33Havvikk Draconic WarriorsMisha-US3144
34Strokntotems Draconic WarriorsMisha-US3014Not updated
35Killermazi Draconic WarriorsMisha-US2357Not updated
36Meethos Draconic WarriorsMisha-US2269
37Crowberry Draconic WarriorsMisha-US2186
38Symoroy Draconic WarriorsMisha-US2180Not updated
39Juego Draconic WarriorsMisha-US2096Not updated
40Ramestor Draconic WarriorsMisha-US2067Not updated
41Banak Draconic WarriorsMisha-US2048
42Zeracheil Draconic WarriorsMisha-US1755
43Alphaworgen Draconic WarriorsMisha-US1747Not updated
44Enzdabom Draconic WarriorsMisha-US1645Not updated
45Lumburgh Draconic WarriorsMisha-US1171Not updated
46Bootz Draconic WarriorsMisha-US1074Not updated
47Waydener Draconic WarriorsMisha-US930Not updated
48Bearbackin Draconic WarriorsMisha-US887Not updated
49Anneia Draconic WarriorsMisha-US721Not updated
50Fearòshima Draconic WarriorsMisha-US652
51Preciousg Draconic WarriorsMisha-US560
52Zionite Draconic WarriorsMisha-US534Not updated
53Lilzeus Draconic WarriorsMisha-US461
54Sizzell Draconic WarriorsMisha-US436
55Abÿss Draconic WarriorsMisha-US212
56Cadavàr Draconic WarriorsMisha-US211
57Rhody Draconic WarriorsMisha-US134
58Moriane Draconic WarriorsMisha-US132Not updated
59Pytor Draconic WarriorsMisha-US100Not updated
60Ezthyia Draconic WarriorsMisha-US74
61Òz Draconic WarriorsMisha-US71
62Sazed Draconic WarriorsMisha-US62
63Darrylyn Draconic WarriorsMisha-US37
63Zerà Draconic WarriorsMisha-US37
65Enchantris Draconic WarriorsMisha-US20
66Walksoftly Draconic WarriorsMisha-US2
67Backyardbrew Draconic WarriorsMisha-US1Not updated
67Yeuling Draconic WarriorsMisha-US1
69Boerluric Draconic WarriorsMisha-US0Not updated
69Nowyadie Draconic WarriorsMisha-US0
69Killum Draconic WarriorsMisha-US0
69Kaazina Draconic WarriorsMisha-US0
69Docterhyde Draconic WarriorsMisha-US0Not updated
69Furbag Draconic WarriorsMisha-US0
69Böhemian Draconic WarriorsMisha-US0Not updated
69Ashrunner Draconic WarriorsMisha-US0Not updated

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