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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Anub'arak-EU Honorable Kills
1Ashvoce Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU102532Not updated
2Terry Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU74306Not updated
3Baschix Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU66052Not updated
4Shiv Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU63542Not updated
5Ayanna Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU62546Not updated
6Mandoji Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU48705
7Yumia Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU42652
8Kredrakk Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU40344Not updated
9Illyriâ Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU39677Not updated
10Padde Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU39576
11Hasta Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU34052Not updated
12Fûrtado Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU26342
13Bedard Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU25549Not updated
14Arrok Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU24667Not updated
15Jananda Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU24598Not updated
16Kelrog Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU24580Not updated
17Exelaro Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU24318Not updated
18Excessive Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU23810
19Misanthrop Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU22264Not updated
20Corkaz Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU20931
21Yeroth Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU20910Not updated
22Famous Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU18636Not updated
23Liendal Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU17008Not updated
24Deepack Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU16590Not updated
25Kraschek Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU14271Not updated
26Zharkul Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU14231
27Crunkz Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU14045
28Nyclâ Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU13621Not updated
29Fùrtado Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU12733Not updated
30Wemoto Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU11940
31Daen Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU11482
32Zicke Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU11364Not updated
33Dáen Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU10618
34Damba Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU10356
35Kizumi Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU9845
36Pronz Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU8560Not updated
37Deepdive Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU8164Not updated
38Nipp Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU7973
39Maquisard Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU7366
40Zuumy Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU7255Not updated
41Merna Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU7100
42Luve Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU6708
43Alyricist Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU6321Not updated
44Amruh Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU6131Not updated
45Kargos Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU6053
46Drjin Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU6018Not updated
47Schteveen Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU6016Not updated
48Krazul Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU5263Not updated
49Balkura Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU5118Not updated
50Norim Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU5038Not updated
51Nandia Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU4945Not updated
52Padou Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU4640
53Paddem Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU4296
54Melodíe Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU3980Not updated
55Brazzerz Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU3718
56Cardion Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU3595
57Bozzya Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU3555Not updated
58Keleya Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU3499
59Badrok Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU2901
60Oelum Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU2807
61Zhorka Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU2531Not updated
62Fuur Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU2524Not updated
63Pedram Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU2449
64Carrî Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU2398
65Anudorahh Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1951
66Jinzor Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1941Not updated
67Twalib Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1757Not updated
68Vallérion Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1742Not updated
69Mosel Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1673
70Shardie Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1650Not updated
71Pêppy Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1518Not updated
72Cortokk Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1498Not updated
73Vísvanía Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1344
74Carvér Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1288Not updated
75Pawnàg Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1163Not updated
76Mosilia Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1113
77Infernð Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1099Not updated
78Sêphirðth Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1059Not updated
79Kerun Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1056
80Satanta Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU1012Not updated
81Vezox Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU909
82Telani Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU835Not updated
83Baktara Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU821Not updated
84Moselinchen Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU731
85Drawler Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU520
86Secco Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU470Not updated
87Jaegor Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU391Not updated
88Veba Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU339
89Kamisalol Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU300Not updated
90Andram Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU299
91Thenidiel Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU278
92Baelish Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU235Not updated
93Flintlol Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU175
94Kassidra Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU153
95Sufflock Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU137
96Finidur Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU130Not updated
97Amarethya Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU101Not updated
98Moselina Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU86
99Dadan Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU83Not updated
100Ajumii Doomhammer ClanAnub'arak-EU80

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