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Azgalor-US Honorable Kills
1Snòtt Darkest DawnAzgalor-US47113Not updated
2Methusm Darkest DawnAzgalor-US39394Not updated
3Artemise Darkest DawnAzgalor-US28555Not updated
4Phredric Darkest DawnAzgalor-US27198Not updated
5Relardo Darkest DawnAzgalor-US25728Not updated
6Paquettee Darkest DawnAzgalor-US23456Not updated
7Soho Darkest DawnAzgalor-US23315Not updated
8Archeaus Darkest DawnAzgalor-US22331Not updated
9Lmnt Darkest DawnAzgalor-US15711Not updated
10Exterminated Darkest DawnAzgalor-US15286Not updated
11Tanille Darkest DawnAzgalor-US14594Not updated
12Grorn Darkest DawnAzgalor-US14240Not updated
13Sobriety Darkest DawnAzgalor-US13623Not updated
14Bônes Darkest DawnAzgalor-US12484Not updated
15Dumbfounded Darkest DawnAzgalor-US12282Not updated
16Incestus Darkest DawnAzgalor-US12104Not updated
17Woopee Darkest DawnAzgalor-US11831Not updated
18Huatoko Darkest DawnAzgalor-US11720Not updated
19Dodatankileg Darkest DawnAzgalor-US11382Not updated
20Biggnasty Darkest DawnAzgalor-US10783Not updated
21Chaôs Darkest DawnAzgalor-US9730Not updated
22Lanks Darkest DawnAzgalor-US9182Not updated
23Bladesfury Darkest DawnAzgalor-US9047Not updated
24Mokoknia Darkest DawnAzgalor-US8954Not updated
25Tíckles Darkest DawnAzgalor-US8846Not updated
26Painbrain Darkest DawnAzgalor-US8542Not updated
27Boromid Darkest DawnAzgalor-US8404Not updated
28Jirr Darkest DawnAzgalor-US8330Not updated
29Halfchub Darkest DawnAzgalor-US8064Not updated
30Truesquish Darkest DawnAzgalor-US7942Not updated
31Mylilshammy Darkest DawnAzgalor-US7931Not updated
32Feartotem Darkest DawnAzgalor-US7448Not updated
33Bigtotém Darkest DawnAzgalor-US7168Not updated
34Emocatfish Darkest DawnAzgalor-US7127Not updated
35Ponga Darkest DawnAzgalor-US7121Not updated
36Lockypop Darkest DawnAzgalor-US6879Not updated
37Lockojustiz Darkest DawnAzgalor-US6676Not updated
38Relinquisher Darkest DawnAzgalor-US6532Not updated
39Herkulees Darkest DawnAzgalor-US6521Not updated
40Chibizero Darkest DawnAzgalor-US6397Not updated
41Riigby Darkest DawnAzgalor-US6305Not updated
42Pansies Darkest DawnAzgalor-US6127Not updated
43Basst Darkest DawnAzgalor-US5953Not updated
44Shadleto Darkest DawnAzgalor-US5932Not updated
45Rëdëmption Darkest DawnAzgalor-US5882Not updated
46Healahø Darkest DawnAzgalor-US5862Not updated
47Xykon Darkest DawnAzgalor-US5626Not updated
48Ahurra Darkest DawnAzgalor-US5612Not updated
49Spawnofbeth Darkest DawnAzgalor-US5552Not updated
50Xaven Darkest DawnAzgalor-US5193Not updated
51Reggiewood Darkest DawnAzgalor-US5144Not updated
52Burnyourass Darkest DawnAzgalor-US4882Not updated
53Velenar Darkest DawnAzgalor-US4813Not updated
54Sparkidin Darkest DawnAzgalor-US4770Not updated
55Beefcakeboy Darkest DawnAzgalor-US4702Not updated
56Dübstèp Darkest DawnAzgalor-US4569Not updated
57Faithmelter Darkest DawnAzgalor-US4456Not updated
58Lighterdark Darkest DawnAzgalor-US4423Not updated
59Nüclear Darkest DawnAzgalor-US4279Not updated
60Starrshine Darkest DawnAzgalor-US4164Not updated
61Vozzinki Darkest DawnAzgalor-US4158Not updated
62Lolholypower Darkest DawnAzgalor-US4134Not updated
63Crunchberry Darkest DawnAzgalor-US4117Not updated
64Junksmunk Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3941Not updated
65Exadious Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3852Not updated
66Skyrie Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3635Not updated
67Camp Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3606Not updated
68Shiftinwoods Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3557Not updated
69Charmíng Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3556Not updated
70Scrubbs Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3487Not updated
71Healsit Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3435Not updated
72Vallor Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3424Not updated
73Grandpashank Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3420Not updated
74Caedere Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3320Not updated
75Pancras Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3233Not updated
76Loucaribou Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3231Not updated
77Fruitystar Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3213Not updated
78Sugarwaffers Darkest DawnAzgalor-US3165Not updated
79Warmilk Darkest DawnAzgalor-US2862Not updated
80Azeus Darkest DawnAzgalor-US2846Not updated
81Chupracabra Darkest DawnAzgalor-US2796Not updated
82Edeath Darkest DawnAzgalor-US2557Not updated
83Beiberfever Darkest DawnAzgalor-US2497Not updated
84Steaktastic Darkest DawnAzgalor-US2379Not updated
85Icecool Darkest DawnAzgalor-US2300Not updated
86Derbehallter Darkest DawnAzgalor-US2187Not updated
87Holeybone Darkest DawnAzgalor-US2176Not updated
88Trìckshot Darkest DawnAzgalor-US2124Not updated
89Recardo Darkest DawnAzgalor-US2010Not updated
90Elive Darkest DawnAzgalor-US1870Not updated
91Rigámortis Darkest DawnAzgalor-US1590Not updated
92Zarill Darkest DawnAzgalor-US1581Not updated
93Deckher Darkest DawnAzgalor-US1580Not updated
94Natedaone Darkest DawnAzgalor-US1388Not updated
95Healpaq Darkest DawnAzgalor-US1380Not updated
96Èxtäcy Darkest DawnAzgalor-US1363Not updated
97Unusoffa Darkest DawnAzgalor-US1124Not updated
98Poks Darkest DawnAzgalor-US1079Not updated
99Inzø Darkest DawnAzgalor-US994Not updated
100Ørion Darkest DawnAzgalor-US973Not updated

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