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Shadowmoon-US Honorable Kills
1Barettalol Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US76866Not updated
2Perki Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US65607Not updated
3Demoniacal Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US52405Not updated
4Plaguefists Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US39070Not updated
5Bigjay Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US33586Not updated
6Emozero Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US33476Not updated
7Azro Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US29288Not updated
8Psýk Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US25066Not updated
9Tregan Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US22928Not updated
10Pig Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US15353Not updated
11Neodark Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US14953Not updated
12Velanax Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US14450Not updated
13Snoopaloop Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US11910Not updated
14Manashne Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US11766Not updated
15Feet Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US7689Not updated
16Xareria Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US7256Not updated
17Sikelol Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US6812Not updated
18Iwasstryker Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US6741Not updated
19Cuteness Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US6536Not updated
20Treegan Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US6510Not updated
21Goldgrin Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US6334Not updated
22Bruinit Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US5112Not updated
23Greevus Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US3798Not updated
24Anon Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US3633Not updated
25Defblowlol Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US3179
26Dilaudid Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US3129Not updated
27Thetalado Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US2444Not updated
28Dupitts Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US2082Not updated
29Tregon Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US1737Not updated
30Adrena Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US1616Not updated
31Safetydancë Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US1533
32Leckypoo Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US1256Not updated
33Deathknel Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US1213Not updated
34Tenuto Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US1141Not updated
35Mattsbrave Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US818Not updated
36Eddiemoney Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US406Not updated
37Saidar Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US381Not updated
38Frelljay Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US328Not updated
39Lokdelar Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US135Not updated
40Antediluvian Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US124Not updated
41Insanejay Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US95Not updated
42Lustforjay Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US71Not updated
43Morphic Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US7Not updated
44Pinkamena Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US3Not updated
45Caeruslol Conspiracy Spec OpsShadowmoon-US1Not updated

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