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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draenor-EU Honorable Kills
1Isilía Chaos IncDraenor-EU20202Not updated
2Cursedka Chaos IncDraenor-EU20094Not updated
3Jasminè Chaos IncDraenor-EU17247Not updated
4Renjitsu Chaos IncDraenor-EU17126Not updated
5Wishcraft Chaos IncDraenor-EU16507Not updated
6Salmahayek Chaos IncDraenor-EU13637Not updated
7Berial Chaos IncDraenor-EU11302Not updated
8Nephlituin Chaos IncDraenor-EU8912Not updated
9Kámuí Chaos IncDraenor-EU8901Not updated
10Kriker Chaos IncDraenor-EU8358Not updated
11Kamakshí Chaos IncDraenor-EU8323Not updated
12Daytonae Chaos IncDraenor-EU6435Not updated
13Rabsz Chaos IncDraenor-EU5153Not updated
14Endimion Chaos IncDraenor-EU4972Not updated
15Spyte Chaos IncDraenor-EU4180Not updated
16Ryújin Chaos IncDraenor-EU3973Not updated
17Tavory Chaos IncDraenor-EU3631Not updated
18Nèela Chaos IncDraenor-EU3535Not updated
19Rémíx Chaos IncDraenor-EU3477Not updated
20Mirmidonas Chaos IncDraenor-EU3257Not updated
21Kenbu Chaos IncDraenor-EU2849Not updated
22Kámui Chaos IncDraenor-EU2696Not updated
23Triruq Chaos IncDraenor-EU2666Not updated
24Tsario Chaos IncDraenor-EU2649Not updated
25Sabéll Chaos IncDraenor-EU2389Not updated
26Guaron Chaos IncDraenor-EU1545Not updated
27Sábel Chaos IncDraenor-EU1421Not updated
28Zènix Chaos IncDraenor-EU1370Not updated
29Fáyte Chaos IncDraenor-EU1325Not updated
30Gizlan Chaos IncDraenor-EU938Not updated
31Singarti Chaos IncDraenor-EU812Not updated
32Krotak Chaos IncDraenor-EU808Not updated
33Trollíe Chaos IncDraenor-EU801Not updated
34Hønepøna Chaos IncDraenor-EU734Not updated
35Aókiji Chaos IncDraenor-EU551Not updated
36Trollopsolis Chaos IncDraenor-EU541Not updated
37Bigstruts Chaos IncDraenor-EU492Not updated
38Protonick Chaos IncDraenor-EU490Not updated
39Milbz Chaos IncDraenor-EU387Not updated
40Àthenà Chaos IncDraenor-EU346Not updated
41Nurgleash Chaos IncDraenor-EU313Not updated
42Krozius Chaos IncDraenor-EU244Not updated
43Sábell Chaos IncDraenor-EU215Not updated
44Yohjí Chaos IncDraenor-EU195Not updated
45Muakai Chaos IncDraenor-EU193Not updated
46Metomorphic Chaos IncDraenor-EU183Not updated
47Thureos Chaos IncDraenor-EU182Not updated
48Huanglong Chaos IncDraenor-EU165Not updated
49Necròblade Chaos IncDraenor-EU133Not updated
50Gorhan Chaos IncDraenor-EU131Not updated
51Chump Chaos IncDraenor-EU121Not updated
52Beowir Chaos IncDraenor-EU116Not updated
53Nekta Chaos IncDraenor-EU113Not updated
54Fíery Chaos IncDraenor-EU102Not updated
55Dyian Chaos IncDraenor-EU84Not updated
56Alakazap Chaos IncDraenor-EU80Not updated
57Elylith Chaos IncDraenor-EU76Not updated
58Shanlou Chaos IncDraenor-EU53Not updated
59Elryrion Chaos IncDraenor-EU51Not updated
60Divinús Chaos IncDraenor-EU48Not updated
61Rhajin Chaos IncDraenor-EU36Not updated
62Anthas Chaos IncDraenor-EU17Not updated
63Àminà Chaos IncDraenor-EU11Not updated
64Taríel Chaos IncDraenor-EU2Not updated
64Bért Chaos IncDraenor-EU2Not updated
64Saiton Chaos IncDraenor-EU2Not updated
67Telegor Chaos IncDraenor-EU1Not updated
68Chandý Chaos IncDraenor-EU0Not updated
68Denetha Chaos IncDraenor-EU0Not updated
68Tatra Chaos IncDraenor-EU0Not updated
68Cybérdád Chaos IncDraenor-EU0Not updated
68Chieph Chaos IncDraenor-EU0Not updated
68Bignisse Chaos IncDraenor-EU0Not updated
68Shushetu Chaos IncDraenor-EU0Not updated
68Shonagar Chaos IncDraenor-EU0Not updated
68Sindoras Chaos IncDraenor-EU0Not updated
68Áeris Chaos IncDraenor-EU0Not updated
68Sanire Chaos IncDraenor-EU0Not updated
68Kallysta Chaos IncDraenor-EU0Not updated
68Anabél Chaos IncDraenor-EU0Not updated

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