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Draenor-EU Honorable Kills
1Zoott BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU139215Not updated
2Skinnfull BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU40129Not updated
3Redheader BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU33058Not updated
4Goldenblend BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU31061Not updated
5Theawakening BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU28224Not updated
6Thecrusade BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU27751Not updated
7Chakotayy BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU27132Not updated
8Ghostcrusher BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU25265Not updated
9Ellinar BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU24594Not updated
10Chekov BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU22142Not updated
11Notdatinla BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU21386Not updated
12Odour BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU20268Not updated
13Bobeck BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU20074
14Nuplup BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU18683Not updated
15Astinos BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU18639Not updated
16Benzol BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU17502
17Kryan BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU16837Not updated
18Lîntott BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU16831Not updated
19Autotune BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU15648Not updated
20Killingdeath BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU15311Not updated
21Gnarkill BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU13859Not updated
22Pavapala BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU13704Not updated
23Hordac BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU13681Not updated
24Casuke BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU13313Not updated
25Noluckatall BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU12113Not updated
26Árrowdynamic BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU11198Not updated
27Sommartime BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU11139Not updated
28Zanty BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU10725Not updated
29Kissecat BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU10697Not updated
30Dessecus BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU10622Not updated
31Porkpye BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU10116Not updated
32Maxstrength BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU9756Not updated
33Aykoo BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU9700Not updated
34Sathrónight BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU9553Not updated
35Buffalosham BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU9512Not updated
36Shandor BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU9497Not updated
37Disodium BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU9450Not updated
38Whyra BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU9397Not updated
39Tazmerion BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU9266Not updated
40Theadapter BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU9171Not updated
41Corban BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU8617Not updated
42Zhian BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU8568Not updated
43Protius BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU8072Not updated
44Undying BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU7300Not updated
45Keubasa BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU6790Not updated
46Nerouxs BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU6179Not updated
46Astorex BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU6179Not updated
48Shocks BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU6031Not updated
49Gunnvör BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU5919Not updated
50Bztheone BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU5907Not updated
51Pronetheus BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU5780Not updated
52Lacras BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU5454
53Bonníe BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU5345Not updated
54Falathiel BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU5322Not updated
55Verthon BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU5092Not updated
56Ashybaby BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU4996Not updated
57Yelez BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU4901Not updated
58Xinter BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU4790Not updated
59Smygfizzen BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU4766Not updated
60Crastos BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU4686Not updated
61Arabfjärt BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU4673Not updated
62Warpaw BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU4529Not updated
63Allan BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU4511Not updated
64Crowely BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU4048Not updated
65Xiones BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU3780Not updated
66Badtwoplate BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU3531Not updated
67Jameni BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU3306Not updated
68Kalakkar BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU2968Not updated
69Toothdecay BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU2699Not updated
70Alexeco BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU2617Not updated
71Bilmos BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU2507Not updated
72Björnan BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU2467Not updated
73Wedrinyth BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU2318Not updated
74Deathelfy BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU2294Not updated
75Puppydawg BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU2244Not updated
76Tynaris BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU2121Not updated
77Taviko BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU1980Not updated
78Letesse BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU1975Not updated
79Lîn BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU1830Not updated
80Ahlenale BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU1810Not updated
81Bobopo BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU1496Not updated
82Tavili BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU1445Not updated
83Snarly BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU1346Not updated
84Gnarly BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU1338Not updated
85Tarquìnn BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU1254Not updated
86Kråke BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU1228Not updated
87Kainen BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU1120Not updated
88Ilini BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU972Not updated
89Sarkoza BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU943Not updated
90Blåmonster BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU841Not updated
91Nefetira BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU805Not updated
92Bionic BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU729Not updated
93Seiðríkur BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU656Not updated
94Leranna BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU642Not updated
95Kodfish BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU617Not updated
96Sylik BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU601Not updated
97Volkenn BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU489Not updated
98Thatstheone BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU373Not updated
99Omphy BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU336
100Obecotb BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU331Not updated

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