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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

World Honorable Kills
1Дегейм Лесэйн Пэриш КруксSoulflayer-EU2202330Not updated
2Fartzwrgoben Out LawzPerenolde-EU1911980Not updated
3Малориук ЭшелонGordunni-EU1741583Not updated
4Раксаш ЭшелонGordunni-EU1720682Not updated
5Eveal les anges de la lumièreEitrigg-EU1562108Not updated
6Краайз КрашТестRazuvious-EU1441492Not updated
7Бидуин КонцептBooty Bay-EU1252737Not updated
8Morlick  Archimonde-EU1228605Not updated
9Синкарра Партизаны ЮжнобережьяAshenvale-EU1216580Not updated
10노경종 아랫도리Durotan-KR1197594Not updated
11Ivane MontuShadowmoon-TW1132262Not updated
12Мультикилер ПаркВейДрайвBlackscar-EU1123546Not updated
13Barrym CathexisLightbringer-US1106974Not updated
14Isa AsunderNesingwary-US1099806Not updated
15Гэккар Ф О Р П О С ТSoulflayer-EU1080190Not updated
16卍汲無蹤卍 最終狂暴Sundown Marsh-TW1060042Not updated
17시에린 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1059415Not updated
18Falkenbach Guardians of LordaeronBurning Blade-EU1029937Not updated
19Ashley  Sargeras-US1025334Not updated
20Immersioñ justiciersArathi-EU1015207Not updated
21Тагроша ТиранияBlackscar-EU1006116Not updated
22Executùs  Cho'gall-EU1005639Not updated
23Эласька ЭшелонGordunni-EU990360Not updated
24Mercator Alliance UltimeSuramar-EU983012Not updated
25Agerbon CookieDarkspear-EU942289Not updated
26Prepared Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US925986Not updated
27Huntone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US916287Not updated
28Loctwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US916178Not updated
29Pallfour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US909895Not updated
30Аверай ЭшелонGordunni-EU892277Not updated
31Prifour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US890697Not updated
32Magsix Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US887319Not updated
33Atschepsout Clan Unsika YakeConseil des Ombres-EU884679Not updated
34Nishabusiwo  Tichondrius-US881362Not updated
35Drutwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US873822Not updated
36Maggrak Lé CLAY SOUS BOI FRERArchimonde-EU863895Not updated
37Slayn ExercitusBlackmoore-EU850910Not updated
38Magusan Balnazzar RefugeesGrim Batol-EU838718Not updated
39Rogone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US837914Not updated
40Coledar The Electric MayhemThunderhorn-US832914Not updated
41Deathkfour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US824660Not updated
42알자르카위  Azshara-KR820714Not updated
43Yagamoth Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US817376Not updated
44Spaarta Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US813268Not updated
45曾幾何時 野蠻聖裔Stormscale-TW810942Not updated
46Нэнсик КрашТестRazuvious-EU810489Not updated
47Pritwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US810437Not updated
48Snákepliskin CookieDarkspear-EU806854Not updated
49다크사자 원 츄Hellscream-KR805929Not updated
50Муракоши НибелунгиRazuvious-EU804307Not updated
51Magthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US801581Not updated
52Биллиб ЭшелонGordunni-EU799270Not updated
53金剛德魯伊  Shadowmoon-TW790780Not updated
54Magone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US786997Not updated
55Shafive Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US782807Not updated
56Shafour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US782204Not updated
57Deathktwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US781814Not updated
58Warrione Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US781544Not updated
59마무드압둘라우프  Deathwing-KR780227Not updated
60Роквилл Винд АвеньюSoulflayer-EU779022Not updated
61奧蘭多部魯 寒冰霸權Demon Fall Canyon-TW776161Not updated
62Pallthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US774910Not updated
63Irreversibel feels the IoveEredar-EU774056Not updated
64Enigmå TBT AllianceKel'Thuzad-US773113Not updated
65Лакшти Гнев ОрдыBlackscar-EU771890Not updated
66Shatwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US771418Not updated
67나오미캠빨 쑤네빠야 꿀라 빠야느조스 빠야꾸니 노까야Hyjal-KR767613Not updated
68Prifive Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US762361Not updated
69Gwen Z A OStormscale-EU761250Not updated
70Monterosato XEQUE PVPAzralon-US756847Not updated
71암흑구원자  Hyjal-KR756261Not updated
72Locthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US750761Not updated
73若亞方舟  Stormscale-TW750608Not updated
74Opeako 天空殿Light's Hope-TW745948Not updated
75Ironboxy War FrontFrostmane-US744827Not updated
76Sabiston Final DawnFrostmane-TW735745Not updated
77Magtwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US735428Not updated
78Warhunter Knights of the AbyssProudmoore-US733132Not updated
79Spiney  Frostmane-EU730599Not updated
80Илурра Орден МракаSoulflayer-EU727429Not updated
81그대꿈속으로 레퀴엠Deathwing-KR713723Not updated
82Струна Правители АзеротаDeathguard-EU710560Not updated
83Shasix Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US707658Not updated
84Predeter Hellscreams AngelsStormscale-EU705466Not updated
85Рахэль С И Н Д И К А ТLich King-EU699994Not updated
86Адмос  Gordunni-EU696857Not updated
87Пуховик  Howling Fjord-EU696669Not updated
88Fless North StarRagnaros-EU693916Not updated
89Havenite CatafalquesThorium Brotherhood-US693448Not updated
90Диета АчивхантерыFordragon-EU692424Not updated
91비바전설 전설의전설Zul'jin-KR689293Not updated
92Gwanget Honor CappedOutland-EU688648Not updated
93Торнадо Гнев ОрдыBlackscar-EU688304Not updated
94수추님 지금은망구시대Durotan-KR687010Not updated
95Paladizia  Blackrock-EU685650Not updated
96Инжа ПремейдSoulflayer-EU683598Not updated
97Kaxxy ImmersionFrostmane-EU667322Not updated
98Zerocalz FaithNemesis-US663826Not updated
99西瓜仔 乂 鬥魂派 乂Spirestone-TW662512Not updated
100Droom La Legende du DragonGarona-EU661404Not updated

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