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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Twisting Nether-US Guild Levels
1The Dragonhawk BrigadeTwisting Nether-USApr 4, 2011215525
2BlitzkriegTwisting Nether-USApr 16, 2011144025
3Death by CupcakeTwisting Nether-USApr 21, 2011175025
3FlexTwisting Nether-USApr 21, 2011144025
3The Bloodfoot ClanTwisting Nether-USApr 21, 2011130025
6QuietusTwisting Nether-USApr 23, 2011147025
6Rooks (10)Twisting Nether-USApr 23, 2011210025
8Pango Honoratus (25)Twisting Nether-USApr 26, 2011233525
8The Grim (10)Twisting Nether-USApr 26, 2011234525
10Burning Cliff (10)Twisting Nether-USApr 28, 2011155025
11DSTTwisting Nether-USMay 1, 2011126025
12SimplicityTwisting Nether-USMay 7, 2011173025
13Alliance (10)Twisting Nether-USMay 11, 2011126525
14OutcastedTwisting Nether-USMay 13, 2011107025
15INTwisting Nether-USMay 17, 2011137025
16The Legends Reborn (10)Twisting Nether-USMay 19, 2011216525
17Foi en AmisTwisting Nether-USMay 20, 2011153025
18CønspiracyTwisting Nether-USMay 23, 2011125025
19ZerohourTwisting Nether-USMay 26, 201185525
20Hordes HeroesTwisting Nether-USMay 28, 2011143525
21Old IlluminatiTwisting Nether-USJun 1, 2011154025
22Blood at Dawn (10)Twisting Nether-USJun 5, 2011179025
23WOCONTwisting Nether-USJun 7, 2011159025
24Wrath of AstranaarTwisting Nether-USJun 11, 2011182025
25Rare BreedTwisting Nether-USJun 14, 201192525
26Air Superiority SquadronTwisting Nether-USJun 17, 201158025
27Malicious IntentTwisting Nether-USJun 19, 2011148025
28Siege Perilous (10)Twisting Nether-USJun 30, 2011190025
29AftermathTwisting Nether-USJul 7, 2011124025
29For ScienceTwisting Nether-USJul 7, 2011144525
29Rutilus LunaTwisting Nether-USJul 7, 2011127525
32BootsocksTwisting Nether-USJul 13, 2011152025
33Fight On The FlagTwisting Nether-USJul 16, 2011171025
34WOW First WardTwisting Nether-USJul 20, 2011178025
35OutLaw LegionTwisting Nether-USJul 26, 2011169025
36EspadaTwisting Nether-USJul 28, 201180025
37DominanceTwisting Nether-USJul 30, 2011179025
38Blind KidsTwisting Nether-USJul 31, 2011141025
39Serious FaceTwisting Nether-USAug 9, 201171025
39Wyrmrest FellowshipTwisting Nether-USAug 9, 2011123025
41Second BestTwisting Nether-USAug 12, 2011191025
42The Dusk WatchTwisting Nether-USAug 18, 2011149025
43Horde BrothersTwisting Nether-USAug 21, 2011182025
44SeditionTwisting Nether-USAug 23, 2011143025
45Resistance Is FutileTwisting Nether-USSep 5, 2011131025
46Bandomals BanditsTwisting Nether-USSep 10, 2011163025
47Judgment DayTwisting Nether-USSep 19, 201169525
48Make It RainTwisting Nether-USSep 20, 2011134025
49ÐivinityTwisting Nether-USSep 27, 2011165025
49First OrderTwisting Nether-USSep 27, 2011123025
51Dibal VersalisTwisting Nether-USSep 30, 201199025
52Everlasting KnightsTwisting Nether-USOct 5, 2011128025
53Ruin (10)Twisting Nether-USOct 16, 2011159025
54The Seventh SignTwisting Nether-USOct 30, 2011154525
55Gossip GirlsTwisting Nether-USNov 3, 201171025
56Loharte RegimeTwisting Nether-USNov 4, 2011158025
57Descendants of CainTwisting Nether-USNov 6, 2011154525
58Dark Legend (10)Twisting Nether-USNov 15, 2011209025
59Seizure SaladTwisting Nether-USNov 20, 201167025
60Homie Dont PlayTwisting Nether-USNov 23, 201198525
61Malicious VestigeTwisting Nether-USNov 27, 201176525
62Hated (10)Twisting Nether-USDec 6, 2011160525
63Holy Vengeance (10)Twisting Nether-USDec 14, 2011184025
64The Forgotten SoulsTwisting Nether-USJan 7, 2012145025
65Massive Dynamic (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 13, 2012225525
66The Enlightened (10)Twisting Nether-USFeb 7, 2012215025
67ExodusTwisting Nether-USFeb 13, 2012167025
68Ivory ProtectorateTwisting Nether-USFeb 15, 2012174525
69Lost AngelsTwisting Nether-USApr 15, 201268025
70QuarantineTwisting Nether-USMay 31, 201275525
71Legalize FelweedTwisting Nether-USJun 14, 201284525
72The RedemptionTwisting Nether-USJul 1, 2012163025
73AcqCoTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202967025
73Amangur EmpireTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029131025
73Among The EnemyTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202935025
73Apathetic AnarchyTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202952525
73ApocalypseTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202946025
73ArmorerTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202995525
73Army of AlucardTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202939025
73Asylum GamingTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202980525
73AwkwardTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202928025
73Azeroth GladiatorsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202978025
73Bad WolfTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202973025
73Batman (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029151525
73Bear CavalryTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202967025
73Billions and BillionsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202950025
73Bloodlords RebornTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202975525
73Boot CampTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202933025
73Breakin BadTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202954025
73Brotsya RusalkaTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202995525
73CaliforniaTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202983025
73Cant Have Nice ThingsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202982525
73Celtic MaraudersTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202951025
73Chaos LegionTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202952525
73Chaos TheoryTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029111525
73Charging RhinosTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202945525
73Combo BreakerTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202956025
73Crimson Chaos (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029112025
73Crimson PawsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202954025
73Dawn of InsanityTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202981525
73Death Of KingsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029125525
73Death VèndorsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202928025
73DeathmawTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202986525
73Deaths HandTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202912025
73DeathswornTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202974525
73Department of DefenseTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029121525
73Dingo Ate My RouterTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202917025
73Disobedient DisciplesTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202990025
73Dont BlinkTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202957025
73Dont Stand ThereTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029100025
73Dragons BaneTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202980525
73Dying BreedTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202971025
73Early RaidersTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202943025
73EmpoweredTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029135025
73ENDTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202926025
73EssentialTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029122025
73F E A RTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029101025
73Fabled RaidersTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202965025
73Fat n BadTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202966525
73Flavor CountryTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202971025
73Forbidden LibertiesTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029135025
73Forsaken DestinyTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202988525
73Four CapTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202925025
73Freelance PoliceTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029100525
73Get at MeTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202954025
73Guardians of the FallenTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202950025
73GurtharanTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202934025
73Halfway HouseTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202955525
73Havoc (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029116025
73Hemlock SocietyTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029100525
73Holy ArmyTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202964525
73Hugs on the House (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029193025
73I Got ThisTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202977025
73ImmortalityTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202938525
73InfamöusTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029112025
73Infamous Outlaws (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029181025
73InfectionTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202932525
73IngloriousTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202926025
73InquisitionTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202959025
73Interrupts like KanyeTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202951025
73Into The VoidTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202958025
73Ironforge RegimentTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202960025
73Is Unimpressed (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029136025
73JabroniesTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202957025
73Justice AllianceTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202926025
73Kibbles and CritsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202966025
73Kight Of AzerothTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202934025
73Kings of LordaeronTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029133025
73KotiTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202969525
73Last Line Of DefenseTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029169025
73Livid Creatures (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029160025
73Locust (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029101025
73LOLZTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202939025
73LongshotTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029128025
73Lost Soulz of AzerothTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202965525
73Masquerade (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029129025
73MECH EmpireTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029136525
73Message DeletedTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202943025
73Midnight MafiaTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202964025
73Morningstar MaraudersTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202938525
73Nameless VillainTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202938025
73Night ReapersTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202940025
73Ninja Burger (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 202993525
73Nocturnal ElementTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029145025
73OkonomiyakiTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202945025
73Order Of EversongTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202964025
73Order of the RedbladeTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202967525
73Pack of HeathensTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029111525
73Plan BTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202939525
73Players Vs PlayersTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029101525
73Queen of UnicornsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202934525
73Revenge SocietyTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202972525
73Rhymes With DuckTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202921025
73Right MeowTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029138525
73Rise of ChaosTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202975025
73Rockos Modern LifeTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202974525
73Rogues at the Back DoorTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202963525
73Royal AssassinsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202922025
73RuKuTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202960025
73Sammath NaurTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202939525
73Sanguis DraconisTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202927525
73Scarlet DawnTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202966025
73Seal Cub Clubbing ClubTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202930025
73Secret Raiders (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 202962525
73Semi Serious (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029136025
73Seventh SealTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202939025
73Shadow CabalTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202971525
73Shadow Snakes EliteTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202995525
73ShadowsongTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029126025
73ShenanigansTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029124525
73Short Bus AllstarsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029132025
73SinTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029137025
73Skeleton CrewTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202932025
73Social AnxietyTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202969025
73SocialitesTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029147525
73Stars AlignedTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202958025
73Super MinionsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202955025
73Super Nasty MidnightersTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202918025
73SupremeTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029105025
73Swift ShadowsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202954025
73Taurens gone wildTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202925025
73Tempest (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029226525
73The Army of The UndeadTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029145025
73The CorsairsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029104025
73The Dark Arrow LegionTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202946025
73The Evil League of EvilTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202998025
73The Mobsters (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 202999025
73The Night HawksTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202969025
73The Nights WatchTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202935525
73The Obsidian StareTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202945025
73The Pale HeartTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202971525
73The Reborn (10)Twisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029180025
73The Red ShirtsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029107025
73The RoyalzTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029115025
73The Social GuildTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202945025
73The Soul SocietyTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202942025
73The Sword of the MorningTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029125025
73Tides of DarknessTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029138525
73Tides of RetributionTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029127025
73Twilight InsurgentsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202986525
73UnholyTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202954025
73UnleashedTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202992025
73UnTamed AllianceTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202934025
73Walk off the RealmTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202961525
73Wardens TemplarTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202996025
73Warsong RegulatorsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029115025
73WastelandersTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202925025
73WE CAPT MIDTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202947025
73We Like PieTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202921025
73you cap thatTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202960025
73ZealotTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202951025
232Booty PiratesTwisting Nether-US-41024
232CursedSoulsTwisting Nether-US-19024
232Envision (10)Twisting Nether-US-55024
232IzanagiTwisting Nether-US-24024
232Just Burn ItTwisting Nether-US-38024
232Phantom KnightsTwisting Nether-US-62024
232Polar Bear ClubTwisting Nether-US-71024
232Pro AnglersTwisting Nether-US-21024
232PURETwisting Nether-US-26024
232The Celtic CircleTwisting Nether-US-29024
232The ImperiumTwisting Nether-US-55024
232The ReaperTwisting Nether-US-37024
244Lords Of ChaosTwisting Nether-US-28023
244MODERN WARFARETwisting Nether-US-23523
244One TribeTwisting Nether-US-33023
244OP ServicesTwisting Nether-US-51023
244Sinister CallingTwisting Nether-US-25023
244SWGTwisting Nether-US-20523
244The SephiraTwisting Nether-US-27023
251Angels ôf DeathTwisting Nether-USJul 23, 201158023
252Bellona CeresTwisting Nether-US-18022
252EnigmaTwisting Nether-US-56022
252SplinterTwisting Nether-US-38022
252Tal ShiarTwisting Nether-US-31022
256EviscerateTheBroletariatTwisting Nether-US-47021
256HeadrushTwisting Nether-US-80021
256HostileTwisting Nether-US-43021
256Minimum RageTwisting Nether-US-26021
256Pewtershmidt guildTwisting Nether-US-23021
256The Dark JudgesTwisting Nether-US-31021
256The NightingalesTwisting Nether-US-95021
256Thunder BuddiesTwisting Nether-US-26021
256UnchartedTwisting Nether-US-62021
265Borrowed TimeTwisting Nether-USMay 4, 201140021
266Ashes of WarphoenixTwisting Nether-US-57020
266AshThelarTwisting Nether-US-88020
266Celestial VanguardTwisting Nether-US-29020
266Chaos ImminentTwisting Nether-US-21020
266HYPETwisting Nether-US-43020
266Into the FrayTwisting Nether-US-27520
266MysteryTwisting Nether-US-69020
266Nights WatchTwisting Nether-US-48020
266SuperFriendsTwisting Nether-US-24020
266The RockeningTwisting Nether-US-40020
266Year of the TigerTwisting Nether-US-23020
277Dangerous TimesTwisting Nether-US-40019
277Fel Cone FightersTwisting Nether-US-17019
277Hillside Social ClubTwisting Nether-US-34019
277Magnum OpusTwisting Nether-US-23019
277The Ashbringer ClanTwisting Nether-US-14019
277The Red Beard PiratesTwisting Nether-US-27019
283FaithlessTwisting Nether-US-47018
283Final SparkTwisting Nether-US-31018
283Frozen ShadowsTwisting Nether-US-57018
283Horde AttaqueTwisting Nether-US-35018
283ParabellumTwisting Nether-US-57018
283Sellsword RegimeTwisting Nether-US-26018
283Vertex Of InsanityTwisting Nether-US-36018
290Awesomeness FTWTwisting Nether-US-13017
290Big Booty BiddiesTwisting Nether-US-35517
290Dark Sun ClanTwisting Nether-US-14017
290drunkguysTwisting Nether-US-19017
290Five ElementsTwisting Nether-US-24017
290Hard PoundingTwisting Nether-US-50517
290ProxyTwisting Nether-US-36017
290Shadow RealmTwisting Nether-US-21017
290Sinic GodzTwisting Nether-US-11017
290Stygian anthe DesolatorsTwisting Nether-US-35017
290Tears of the PhoenixTwisting Nether-US-64017
290The Heavens Shall BurnTwisting Nether-US-19017
290The Soul RetrieversTwisting Nether-US-36017
303Butchers BrotherhoodTwisting Nether-US-46016
303Karas The Prophecy holicTwisting Nether-US-26016
303Paws Of DarknessTwisting Nether-US-28016
303ResolveTwisting Nether-US-22016
303Risen from the AshesTwisting Nether-US-55016
303Small CompanyTwisting Nether-US-30516
303the best dragon friendsTwisting Nether-US-49016
303The Chosen of the HordeTwisting Nether-US-21016
303TwinVipersTwisting Nether-US-18016
303UnderscoreTwisting Nether-US-22016
313AcumenTwisting Nether-USJul 20, 201119516
314Chivalry Is DeadTwisting Nether-US-13015
314deepNUTwisting Nether-US-32015
314Grouchy and FriendsTwisting Nether-US-13015
314Hackerz Acid BurnTwisting Nether-US-62015
314MadhkrizTwisting Nether-US-47015
314Mandatory MayhemTwisting Nether-US-22015
314Pegleg Wood CarversTwisting Nether-US-37015
314SolarisTwisting Nether-US-37015
314Stature of the GodsTwisting Nether-US-23015
314Stranglethorn ExportsTwisting Nether-US-18015
314Tommy KnockersTwisting Nether-US-13015
314VIP SectionTwisting Nether-US-29515
326The LightbringersTwisting Nether-USOct 24, 201121515
327Booty Bay Swim TeamTwisting Nether-US-41014
327East Ashzara Trading CoTwisting Nether-US-16014
327Frostwolf BrotherhoodTwisting Nether-US-41014
327HellstormTwisting Nether-US-21014
327ONE PIECETwisting Nether-US-20014
327PokemonMasterforEverTwisting Nether-US-23014
327The Dharma InitiativeTwisting Nether-US-60014
327Thralls Poker BuddiesTwisting Nether-US-45514
327Wicked OathTwisting Nether-US-14014
336Against the WorldTwisting Nether-US-27013
336DiplomatsTwisting Nether-US-20013
336Disciples of DisorderTwisting Nether-US-25013
336DominatusTwisting Nether-US-47013
336MutinyTwisting Nether-US-7013
336Paradigm ShiftTwisting Nether-US-23013
336Sleepless KnightsTwisting Nether-US-12013
336StalkersTwisting Nether-US-51013
336The New AllianceTwisting Nether-US-26013
336TraumaTwisting Nether-US-26013
346Forsaken VengeanceTwisting Nether-USJun 19, 201121513
347bugabooTwisting Nether-US-37012
347Call Me MaybeTwisting Nether-US-29012
347Dawn of HonorTwisting Nether-US-10012
347Healers AnonymousTwisting Nether-US-12012
347Knights of DawnTwisting Nether-US-23012
347Lights OutTwisting Nether-US-16012
347One Winged AngelTwisting Nether-US-18012
347PhalanxTwisting Nether-US-32012
347Priory Of The SunwellTwisting Nether-US-19012
347Remnants of ShadowmoonTwisting Nether-US-20012
347Salty RunbackTwisting Nether-US-22012
347Sins and SensibilityTwisting Nether-US-5012
347TartarusTwisting Nether-US-28012
347The DefendersTwisting Nether-US-18012
347The Gards of GardTwisting Nether-US-7012
347The Scarlet KnightsTwisting Nether-US-19012
347WonderBoltsTwisting Nether-US-3012
347YakuzaTwisting Nether-US-12012
365OverServed (10)Twisting Nether-USApr 30, 201151012
366No Hope No FearTwisting Nether-USAug 25, 201123012
367ElemanatiTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 202914012
368Alternate DestinyTwisting Nether-US-37011
368AutomaticTwisting Nether-US-76011
368BankaroosTwisting Nether-US-8011
368Bloody KnucklesTwisting Nether-US-11011
368CatalystTwisting Nether-US-8011
368DankerTwisting Nether-US-30011
368Das ÜbermenschTwisting Nether-US-13011
368DeceivedTwisting Nether-US-19011
368Dirty Horde KillersTwisting Nether-US-28011
368Elite CorpsTwisting Nether-US-53011
368IntrigueTwisting Nether-US-31011
368Is OverpoweredTwisting Nether-US-26011
368Nuclear Launch DetectedTwisting Nether-US-39011
368Order of the Sacred FireTwisting Nether-US-7011
368ØutcastTwisting Nether-US-63011
368Paws and ClawsTwisting Nether-US-5011
368Phoenix RisingTwisting Nether-US-22011
368Reign of PainTwisting Nether-US-38011
368rippersTwisting Nether-US-7011
368Sildas IncTwisting Nether-US-35011
368Sons of SilenceTwisting Nether-US-35011
368TalentTwisting Nether-US-31011
368The ArchAngelsTwisting Nether-US-21011
368Tubs GuildTwisting Nether-US-20011
368VindicatedTwisting Nether-US-21011
393AcmestorageTwisting Nether-US-8010
393Bella MorteTwisting Nether-US-34010
393Blind OnslaughtTwisting Nether-US-55010
393Blood Moon RisingTwisting Nether-US-9010
393Gadgetzan Secret PoliceTwisting Nether-US-12010
393Leap of FaithTwisting Nether-US-22010
393PavillionTwisting Nether-US-17010
393RavageTwisting Nether-US-26010
393The Fifth CellTwisting Nether-US-24010
393The TimelessTwisting Nether-US-23010
403All Of My SelfTwisting Nether-US-709
403BrutalityTwisting Nether-US-1609
403Clan of DeathTwisting Nether-US-3709
403Draco DormiensTwisting Nether-US-709
403fairy taleTwisting Nether-US-609
403Shadow ReaversTwisting Nether-US-3109
403The Seven SinsTwisting Nether-US-809
403TrollhuntersTwisting Nether-US-1309
403WoodlandStreakersTwisting Nether-US-1309
403WrîthenTwisting Nether-US-1809
413Eternal BlazonTwisting Nether-USJun 24, 20114859
414BlacklìstedTwisting Nether-USAug 19, 20114359
415A Rusty BankTwisting Nether-US-1608
415DarkhelmitTwisting Nether-US-408
415Deaths MaskTwisting Nether-US-6208
415Demonic DecimationTwisting Nether-US-1308
415EdgeOfInfinityTwisting Nether-US-1208
415Fat kids with cakeTwisting Nether-US-608
415GTG SyndicateTwisting Nether-US-1308
415Hydross Youre NextTwisting Nether-US-1158
415Just for funTwisting Nether-US-2008
415K H MTwisting Nether-US-2408
415LabyrinthTwisting Nether-US-608
415LumberjacksTwisting Nether-US-3208
415Magically MaliciousTwisting Nether-US-3708
415Naked and FamousTwisting Nether-US-208
415Raiding RednecksTwisting Nether-US-1308
415Scions AscendantTwisting Nether-US-1208
415Shield and SwordTwisting Nether-US-508
415Stariks guildTwisting Nether-US-1308
415Swap Lock and Drop itTwisting Nether-US-1308
415The Lost TribeTwisting Nether-US-1108
415TreasonTwisting Nether-US-2408
415Verdicts EndTwisting Nether-US-1208
415Whips N ChainsTwisting Nether-US-3108
438ArsonTwisting Nether-US-1107
438DEATH TOLLTwisting Nether-US-1007
438Forgotten SoulsTwisting Nether-US-1207
438Insert CoinTwisting Nether-US-1907
438Internet Dragon SlayersTwisting Nether-US-1207
438Knights of ValorTwisting Nether-US-2207
438MalpracticeTwisting Nether-US-1707
438No Means YesTwisting Nether-US-1907
438Ordo MalleusTwisting Nether-US-3307
438Rum RunnersTwisting Nether-US-1957
438Shinigami For HireTwisting Nether-US-2407
438The Order of BloodTwisting Nether-US-1007
438Tough Like PattTwisting Nether-US-1007
451Æthernauts (10)Twisting Nether-USJun 18, 20115407
452Antiquary SocietyTwisting Nether-US-1306
452CoolclubTwisting Nether-US-1206
452CremlordsTwisting Nether-US-3106
452DivisionTwisting Nether-US-1206
452Hostile IntentionsTwisting Nether-US-4106
452Jewish Goldstein CompanyTwisting Nether-US-2406
452Legends RememberedTwisting Nether-US-906
452OfflineTwisting Nether-US-5106
452OuroborosTwisting Nether-US-1206
452PiratesTwisting Nether-US-1306
452PrecisionTwisting Nether-US-706
452Raids Before GradesTwisting Nether-US-1706
452Rogue StatusTwisting Nether-US-1606
452Seventh SanctumTwisting Nether-US-806
452Twilight PhoenixTwisting Nether-US-2006
452WETSUTwisting Nether-US-1906
468HILLBILLY LEGIONTwisting Nether-USAug 9, 20111506
469Maelstrom FederationTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 20291806
469StrawHat PiratesTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029856
471Amar serLaureTwisting Nether-US-2305
471Cosplaying Adults IRLTwisting Nether-US-505
471Earned in BloodTwisting Nether-US-505
471Forever AloneTwisting Nether-US-1205
471Is In Your HeadTwisting Nether-US-2205
471OrgrimmarSanitationDeptTwisting Nether-US-305
471PersonaTwisting Nether-US-1905
471Soviet Llama BrigadeTwisting Nether-US-1005
471Taco SaladTwisting Nether-US-905
471The Dark CrusadeTwisting Nether-US-2805
471The Shattered LegionTwisting Nether-US-1205
471TheDarkBrotherhoodTwisting Nether-US-1305
471Two Worlds of DesignTwisting Nether-US-2305
471Yes Its A PremadeTwisting Nether-US-1205
485SamaTwisting Nether-USMay 5, 2011805
486Invictus SanctumTwisting Nether-USMay 17, 20115005
487The Rising ShadowTwisting Nether-USJan 22, 20124105
488Baddie VendorsTwisting Nether-US-2804
488Bank On ItTwisting Nether-US-1004
488Climate of FearTwisting Nether-US-1004
488Dear CupcakeTwisting Nether-US-904
488Fire FerretsTwisting Nether-US-704
488Golden BranchTwisting Nether-US-504
488Great HornTwisting Nether-US-2854
488Hellscream MaraudersTwisting Nether-US-604
488Magic and MayhemTwisting Nether-US-1504
488Nethers LegionTwisting Nether-US-1304
488SecondBestTwisting Nether-US-1304
488ShutUpandColorTwisting Nether-US-2104
488SØul SØcietyTwisting Nether-US-1104
488Stormwind Royal CavalryTwisting Nether-US-1004
488Tauren ate my HamsterTwisting Nether-US-804
488The Forgotten CrusadersTwisting Nether-US-604
488Tickle Fight ClubTwisting Nether-US-204
488UnorthadoxTwisting Nether-US-904
488We RaidTwisting Nether-US-204
507IlluminatiTwisting Nether-USJun 1, 2011804
508Pointless RaidingTwisting Nether-USJul 18, 20111004
509The Steel BrotherhoodTwisting Nether-USJul 26, 20111604
510Pro LucrorTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 20292604
511Ad MortemTwisting Nether-US-703
511Alliance VanguardTwisting Nether-US-303
511Cenarion CrusadersTwisting Nether-US-1703
511Death and DestructionTwisting Nether-US-1703
511Endless MayhemTwisting Nether-US-603
511Kingslayers XXVVITwisting Nether-US-703
511PhilosoraptorsTwisting Nether-US-1703
511ResurrectionTwisting Nether-US-203
511Strawberry SunshineTwisting Nether-US-2103
511SublimeTwisting Nether-US-303
511team evilTwisting Nether-US-2103
511The Noggenfogger EliteTwisting Nether-US-2803
511UMBRATwisting Nether-US-703
511Vile WitheringTwisting Nether-US-1003
525ImminenceTwisting Nether-USSep 30, 20111203
526Elwynn TrashTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029703
527AFK at the BankTwisting Nether-US-702
527Brick City NinjasTwisting Nether-US-1102
527DreamlandTwisting Nether-US-802
527Final RequiemTwisting Nether-US-2202
527ForgeTwisting Nether-US-502
527Gentle CuttlefishTwisting Nether-US-102
527House Do UrdenTwisting Nether-US-802
527Jolly RogersTwisting Nether-US-102
527Just Too CuteTwisting Nether-US-1502
527Northern GuardTwisting Nether-US-302
527Old KingdomTwisting Nether-US-1202
527PandoraTwisting Nether-US-602
527SanctuaryTwisting Nether-US-802
527She wanted the DTwisting Nether-US-602
527Stromgarde BattalionTwisting Nether-US-602
527The HangoutTwisting Nether-US-1302
527The Seventy ThirdTwisting Nether-US-302
527WitchCraftTwisting Nether-US-1502
545Space PeopleTwisting Nether-USApr 9, 20111952
546FellowshipTwisting Nether-USJun 26, 20115302
547Abandon ShipTwisting Nether-USJul 19, 20112102
548The Faceless BladeTwisting Nether-USSep 5, 20113502
549PrudentiaTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 20292952
550Alak and AlayTwisting Nether-US-101
550ALLIANCE BE DEADTwisting Nether-US-01
550Apache HelicopterTwisting Nether-US-301
550Ascent GamingTwisting Nether-US-01
550Azsharas UndiesTwisting Nether-US-01
550B Slap of FateTwisting Nether-US-01
550BaneTwisting Nether-US-01
550Bane of the LegionTwisting Nether-US-301
550Bank of MineTwisting Nether-US-601
550Bànk VaültTwisting Nether-US-01
550Big Booty BanditsTwisting Nether-US-101
550Binkles ArmyTwisting Nether-US-201
550Blizzard Hates UsTwisting Nether-US-01
550Bones of ProgressionTwisting Nether-US-01
550Can Kick Your DarnassusTwisting Nether-US-01
550Children of OlympusTwisting Nether-US-01
550Chips GuildTwisting Nether-US-01
550Controlled ChaosTwisting Nether-US-01
550Council Of NineTwisting Nether-US-01
550CovenTwisting Nether-US-01
550CrushTwisting Nether-US-01
550CuffsTwisting Nether-US-101
550Custom TabardTwisting Nether-US-01
550Damit NappaTwisting Nether-US-01
550Dark RevelationTwisting Nether-US-01
550Dark SyndicateTwisting Nether-US-01
550Darkspear Shadow HuntersTwisting Nether-US-01
550de Khats SabobahTwisting Nether-US-01
550DeathWyndsTwisting Nether-US-01
550Decayed DominionTwisting Nether-US-01
550Demon Shadow WolvesTwisting Nether-US-01
550DepricatedTwisting Nether-US-01
550Desperate HordewivesTwisting Nether-US-01
550doldTwisting Nether-US-01
550DominateTwisting Nether-US-01
550DreadnaughtTwisting Nether-US-01
550ElevenishTwisting Nether-US-501
550EsoterikosTwisting Nether-US-01
550FairyTailTwisting Nether-US-501
550Fallen HeroesTwisting Nether-US-01
550Fiends of the Pwn AgeTwisting Nether-US-01
550Fists of The LightTwisting Nether-US-01
550FlameKravenTwisting Nether-US-01
550Forged in BattleTwisting Nether-US-01
550Friday Night Chess ClubTwisting Nether-US-01
550Furious Peoples AllianceTwisting Nether-US-01
550Gamer Girls Gone WildTwisting Nether-US-201
550Grand Theft WorgTwisting Nether-US-01
550Group TwoTwisting Nether-US-01
550Heart of the AllianceTwisting Nether-US-1301
550Heavens WrathTwisting Nether-US-301
550Hidden FuryTwisting Nether-US-01
550High FashionTwisting Nether-US-901
550Honor BattalionTwisting Nether-US-301
550Honor of EluneTwisting Nether-US-01
550Horse ThievesTwisting Nether-US-01
550If Gank Will Log On MainTwisting Nether-US-01
550If Looks Could KillTwisting Nether-US-201
550Kingdom HeartsTwisting Nether-US-01
550Knights in high heelsTwisting Nether-US-01
550KORE EnterprisesTwisting Nether-US-101
550Lady Leg LickersTwisting Nether-US-01
550LëgacyTwisting Nether-US-01
550Legion of the HordeTwisting Nether-US-01
550Les Enfants TerriblesTwisting Nether-US-01
550Lorem IpsumTwisting Nether-US-01
550MadCuzBadTwisting Nether-US-01
550Momentary LogicTwisting Nether-US-01
550Monkeys guildTwisting Nether-US-01
550NephilimTwisting Nether-US-01
550Nex por InhonestoTwisting Nether-US-01
550No Mercy MafiaTwisting Nether-US-01
550noms your headTwisting Nether-US-01
550Non Compos MentisTwisting Nether-US-101
550one illuminatiTwisting Nether-US-01
550OrcaTwisting Nether-US-01
550Pandamonium TheoryTwisting Nether-US-01
550PersayTwisting Nether-US-01
550Prison for LadiesTwisting Nether-US-01
550Questionable JackalsTwisting Nether-US-01
550Quit Laggin BroTwisting Nether-US-01
550Raging StormTwisting Nether-US-01
550Rainbow SparkleTwisting Nether-US-01
550RancorTwisting Nether-US-01
550ReckleszTwisting Nether-US-01
550Rocket SurgeryTwisting Nether-US-101
550S I NTwisting Nether-US-01
550SaidSheWasLvlEighteenTwisting Nether-US-01
550Scions of OrgrimTwisting Nether-US-01
550Script to HeroTwisting Nether-US-01
550Selection UnnaturalTwisting Nether-US-201
550Seven Deadly SinzTwisting Nether-US-101
550Stranglethorn PiratesTwisting Nether-US-01
550SwaggerTwisting Nether-US-201
550T X STwisting Nether-US-01
550Tempest IITwisting Nether-US-01
550The BansheesTwisting Nether-US-01
550The Burning VendettaTwisting Nether-US-01
550The Falling Sky ArmadaTwisting Nether-US-501
550The FreelancersTwisting Nether-US-01
550The Hordes FinestTwisting Nether-US-01
550the StormwolfTwisting Nether-US-1001
550The Tale TellersTwisting Nether-US-01
550Thunder ReaverTwisting Nether-US-01
550Tigerlily ImportsTwisting Nether-US-01
550Unholy VengeanceTwisting Nether-US-01
550Vile ProtectorsTwisting Nether-US-01
550VoidTeamTwisting Nether-US-01
550Wardogs of HellTwisting Nether-US-601
550Warlords of LordaeronTwisting Nether-US-01
550Whatever For NowTwisting Nether-US-01
550wifeaggroTwisting Nether-US-01
550Winners Make It HappenTwisting Nether-US-701
550WinterHeartTwisting Nether-US-101
550ZiltoidiaTwisting Nether-US-01
550Zulu NationTwisting Nether-US-01
666Ashen OrderTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 20291151
666ComatoseTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029101
666Fus Ro DahTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 20291101
666Non Stop GobstoppersTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029101
666The OutridersTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029701
666True BornTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029201
666Umbrella PharmaceuticalTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029101
666Who Needs PugsTwisting Nether-USJan 1, 2029301

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