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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

The Venture Co-EU Guild Levels
1Dancing ShadowsThe Venture Co-EUMay 3, 2011163025
2Ancient Order of Doom (10)The Venture Co-EUMay 5, 2011209025
3Sanctuary of Dreams (10)The Venture Co-EUMay 8, 2011247525
4MayhemThe Venture Co-EUMay 17, 2011135525
5Crescent MoonThe Venture Co-EUMay 18, 2011172025
6OmertaThe Venture Co-EUMay 20, 2011102025
7Hand of GarroshThe Venture Co-EUJun 9, 201172525
8EnklawaThe Venture Co-EUJun 18, 2011123525
8Hearts Of Rusty SteelThe Venture Co-EUJun 18, 2011103525
8VerendumThe Venture Co-EUJun 18, 2011148025
11Kings LightThe Venture Co-EUJul 10, 2011154025
12Obscura MisericordiaThe Venture Co-EUJul 14, 201168525
12Outland Raiders (10)The Venture Co-EUJul 14, 2011202025
14Direct DefianceThe Venture Co-EUJul 19, 2011112525
15Equinox (10)The Venture Co-EUJul 27, 2011163025
16Unity of the Alliance (10)The Venture Co-EUAug 31, 2011204525
17Emerald DreamThe Venture Co-EUNov 19, 2011178525
18Wardens of AzerothThe Venture Co-EUDec 5, 2011142025
19Dalaran UniversityThe Venture Co-EUJan 28, 2012131025
20AbandonedThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202948525
20Ancient CircleThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202966525
20Avatars Of OgounThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202970525
20Azerothian AdventurersThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202949525
20Calm Before the StormThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202971025
20Dance MacabreThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202931525
20EngeltjeThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 2029121025
20EnigmaThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202975025
20Flux PavilionThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202966525
20Gnome StompersThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 2029103025
20IMBAAThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202970025
20InsanitariumThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202971525
20League of HonorThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202951025
20Legion of AngelsThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202976525
20Legion of DoomThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202956025
20Little red raiding hordeThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202966525
20MiljonääriklubiThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202938025
20Ninth CircleThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202997525
20PiscesThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202966525
20ResurrectionThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202976025
20RetaliationThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202928025
20Takíng HitsThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202949025
20The Dead RoseThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202948525
20The Knights of DeathThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202957025
20The Möbius StripThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202950025
20The Northern LightThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202995525
20The SentencedThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202967525
20Theatre of BloodThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202982025
20Twisted FateThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202931525
20United NationsThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 2029101025
20Veneficus ExThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202976525
20Vicious VikingsThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202954525
20VindicationThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202988025
20VindictaThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202944025
20Wayward Necromancer (10)The Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202955525
20We are specialThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202983525
20Wings of RealityThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 2029111025
20WolvesThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202999525
20ZanthiumThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 202975025
59Seekers of FortunesThe Venture Co-EU-43524
59Vendetta CartelThe Venture Co-EU-36024
61Vision of ExcellenceThe Venture Co-EUMay 1, 201126524
62AnlashokThe Venture Co-EU-38023
62Dark WellThe Venture Co-EU-25023
64Alliance of ConvenienceThe Venture Co-EU-52022
64FreebornThe Venture Co-EU-47522
64Ye Olde Goone SquadeThe Venture Co-EU-115022
67Alliance Fight ClubThe Venture Co-EU-34021
67Lone AngelsThe Venture Co-EU-39021
69Emerald ScreamThe Venture Co-EU-22020
69MyriadThe Venture Co-EU-25520
71Fairy TailThe Venture Co-EU-45019
72FormidoThe Venture Co-EU-29518
72Herding CatsThe Venture Co-EU-51018
72OlympiaThe Venture Co-EU-59018
72Raid Against The MachineThe Venture Co-EU-34018
72The Hellenic LegionThe Venture Co-EU-23018
72TrollVCThe Venture Co-EU-40018
78Arjen SankaritThe Venture Co-EU-68017
78Dark Side Of The MoonThe Venture Co-EU-43517
78KeitetytsipulitThe Venture Co-EU-53017
78TrueFriendsThe Venture Co-EU-19017
82SepultusThe Venture Co-EU-31016
83A NEW HOPEThe Venture Co-EU-43015
83DeliveranceThe Venture Co-EU-23515
83NovumThe Venture Co-EU-46515
86Knights of LordaeronThe Venture Co-EUJul 9, 201122515
87Adytum DyneThe Venture Co-EU-26014
87Celestial KnightsThe Venture Co-EU-4014
87The Halls OF ValhallaThe Venture Co-EU-17014
90Aern MaraThe Venture Co-EUApr 18, 201113014
91Hoarders IncThe Venture Co-EU-17013
91Monstrous RegimentThe Venture Co-EU-38013
93A World of PainThe Venture Co-EUMay 29, 201148013
94AVALANCHEThe Venture Co-EU-9012
94Die LaughingThe Venture Co-EU-42512
94Pretty Pink PoniesThe Venture Co-EU-33012
94The Widows SonsThe Venture Co-EU-5012
98Merry GraverobbersThe Venture Co-EUJul 13, 201122512
99TradersThe Venture Co-EUOct 1, 201114012
100Common MortalsThe Venture Co-EU-43011
100JustLazyThe Venture Co-EU-12011
100Maritime SophisticatesThe Venture Co-EU-44011
100The CoreThe Venture Co-EU-32011
100The NightshadeThe Venture Co-EU-17011
105Shatterskull MaraudersThe Venture Co-EUJul 3, 201124511
106Horde of Allies (10)The Venture Co-EUJul 7, 201129011
107HyvätYstävät (10)The Venture Co-EUMar 25, 201228011
108Clan GrimmThe Venture Co-EU-17010
108Lonely in AzerothThe Venture Co-EU-14010
108Skosni Sprosni WarriorsThe Venture Co-EU-6010
108VengeanceThe Venture Co-EU-40010
112Alliance CrewThe Venture Co-EU-1909
112Chosen of CenariusThe Venture Co-EU-1209
112Orc Cub Clubbing ClubThe Venture Co-EU-3109
112TuopinPohjan PojatThe Venture Co-EU-709
116HELKPOThe Venture Co-EUJun 15, 20112409
117Ashen EmpireThe Venture Co-EU-1108
117Dark CommandThe Venture Co-EU-1808
117Fearless GladiatorsThe Venture Co-EU-1508
117The Legion of LightThe Venture Co-EU-2408
117Világok VándoraiThe Venture Co-EU-1208
117vrijadiaThe Venture Co-EU-2108
123FurThe Venture Co-EUJul 5, 20112258
124BlackRainThe Venture Co-EU-3307
124Insanity UnleashedThe Venture Co-EU-1407
124SwaggerThe Venture Co-EU-1107
127DignitasThe Venture Co-EUApr 30, 20112307
128Wild Strawberry Tree (10)The Venture Co-EUJul 22, 20111657
129Protean LegionThe Venture Co-EU-2406
129Tower of MidnightThe Venture Co-EU-2406
131Horde DefendersThe Venture Co-EUMay 5, 20112606
132Children of YmirThe Venture Co-EU-1705
132FELLOWSHIPThe Venture Co-EU-4305
132Guardian AngelsThe Venture Co-EU-1305
132New BeginningsThe Venture Co-EU-3005
132Small mages in tuxThe Venture Co-EU-205
137State of the ArtThe Venture Co-EUMay 8, 2011705
138Lost Souls Of DoomThe Venture Co-EU-1904
138NightfallThe Venture Co-EU-1104
138Nox VigilThe Venture Co-EU-1704
138ResurrectedThe Venture Co-EU-1204
138Taste For BloodThe Venture Co-EU-504
138TigerThe Venture Co-EU-804
144AstralisThe Venture Co-EUOct 30, 2011904
145Moon of Eternal LightThe Venture Co-EU-2803
145UnjitThe Venture Co-EU-1103
147RebornThe Venture Co-EUAug 4, 20111003
148CorpsemakersThe Venture Co-EU-1002
148Essence of DeathThe Venture Co-EU-802
148Essence of the BladeThe Venture Co-EU-202
148ExorisThe Venture Co-EU-302
148Insert Name HereThe Venture Co-EU-302
148Neighbourhorde WatchThe Venture Co-EU-802
148Shadows of the FangThe Venture Co-EU-102
148The Mistwater RaidersThe Venture Co-EU-802
148Ye Olde Redrum IncThe Venture Co-EU-1202
157Aen HanseThe Venture Co-EUJul 2, 20111502
158Air DrummersThe Venture Co-EU-301
158Battle ToadsThe Venture Co-EU-01
158Bear SchoolThe Venture Co-EU-01
158BloodwindThe Venture Co-EU-01
158BOROWIKIThe Venture Co-EU-01
158Carlitos WayThe Venture Co-EU-01
158Cookie MonstersThe Venture Co-EU-01
158CookiemonstersThe Venture Co-EU-01
158Covenant of AshesThe Venture Co-EU-01
158Crossroads OriginalsThe Venture Co-EU-01
158Destiny UnknownThe Venture Co-EU-01
158DownloadThe Venture Co-EU-101
158DragonbornThe Venture Co-EU-01
158EminenceThe Venture Co-EU-01
158EmpireThe Venture Co-EU-101
158Flame of NeltharionThe Venture Co-EU-01
158Followers of ZodThe Venture Co-EU-01
158Hourglass of BloodThe Venture Co-EU-01
158ImmortalityThe Venture Co-EU-01
158Imploding SheepThe Venture Co-EU-101
158Midnight RaidersThe Venture Co-EU-01
158Mike on a bikeThe Venture Co-EU-101
158MoroklubbenThe Venture Co-EU-901
158Order From ChaosThe Venture Co-EU-01
158PotatispojkarnaThe Venture Co-EU-101
158Rainbow FactoryThe Venture Co-EU-01
158Relentless GuardiansThe Venture Co-EU-801
158Saints Of The NorthThe Venture Co-EU-01
158SpartaThe Venture Co-EU-01
158SuperSpecialBestFriendsThe Venture Co-EU-801
158SuppressionThe Venture Co-EU-901
158The Drav ClanThe Venture Co-EU-01
158The Filthy FewThe Venture Co-EU-01
158The GoodfellasThe Venture Co-EU-101
158Valar MorghulisThe Venture Co-EU-01
193VagabondsThe Venture Co-EUJul 19, 20111501
194PhoenixThe Venture Co-EUAug 31, 20112201
195Rise of the DawnThe Venture Co-EUJan 1, 20291101

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