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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

The Underbog-US Guild Levels
1Frugal InspirationsThe Underbog-USApr 5, 2011169025
1Poisoned (10)The Underbog-USApr 5, 2011240525
3blackhawks (10)The Underbog-USApr 23, 2011192525
3Chaos RidersThe Underbog-USApr 23, 2011163525
5Drunk N DangerousThe Underbog-USMay 1, 2011100525
6PatienceThe Underbog-USMay 7, 2011148025
7Dark RedemptionThe Underbog-USMay 18, 2011108525
7Rad Squad (10)The Underbog-USMay 18, 2011140025
7Sword of FaithThe Underbog-USMay 18, 2011158025
10SanctumThe Underbog-USMay 27, 2011148525
11PrecisionThe Underbog-USMay 28, 2011173025
12ThunderdomeThe Underbog-USJun 11, 2011162025
13Knights of War (10)The Underbog-USJun 22, 2011208025
14Cimmerian Nation (10)The Underbog-USJun 24, 2011223025
15Hearth (10)The Underbog-USJun 26, 2011184025
16Armed ForcesThe Underbog-USJul 9, 2011118525
17Mass ExodusThe Underbog-USJul 13, 2011189025
18Semper LauriferThe Underbog-USAug 10, 201182025
19Night LegionThe Underbog-USSep 8, 2011165025
20kick thisThe Underbog-USSep 24, 2011131025
21We Wipe Front to BackThe Underbog-USOct 4, 2011146025
22Offensive Guild Name (10)The Underbog-USOct 19, 2011167025
23Coffee Shop (10)The Underbog-USOct 31, 2011186025
24hells heroesThe Underbog-USNov 18, 2011139025
25Horde GodsThe Underbog-USDec 8, 2011138525
26PUNISHERThe Underbog-USFeb 8, 2012121525
27TacticsThe Underbog-USMar 29, 2012115025
28Revenge SeekersThe Underbog-USApr 3, 201265025
29Dàmàgé íncThe Underbog-USMay 13, 201294025
29The Inner CoreThe Underbog-USMay 13, 2012139525
31WolvesbaneThe Underbog-USJul 28, 2012145525
32Agents of FortuneThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202960525
32All Things HordeThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202974025
32Army of DeathThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029129025
32AsphyxiateThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029127525
32AvantasiaThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202977525
32Blind LotusThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202966525
32Born From AshesThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202955025
32Call Me MaybeThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202924025
32Children of the CornThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202940025
32ClassicThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202969525
32ConjureThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029129525
32Dazed and ConfusedThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202992025
32Death KnightsThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202936025
32Divine DestinyThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029113525
32DragonCon MinionsThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202947025
32DuskguardThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202985025
32Eternal ChampionThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202976025
32Exiled Legion (10)The Underbog-USJan 1, 202987025
32Ganked UThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202966025
32Gods Among MenThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202924025
32Grounded For LifeThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029167025
32HIO (10)The Underbog-USJan 1, 2029143025
32Horde ResistanceThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202965025
32Hordes BestThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202964025
32I See PinkThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202977525
32I sit on my armThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029100525
32Im in a GuildThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202952025
32IntentThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202958525
32IronheartedThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029123025
32Justice for allThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202927025
32KindOfABigDealThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202939525
32KyrptoniteThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202930025
32La Li Lu Le LoThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202954025
32Last SightThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029122525
32LegíonThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202929525
32LibérationThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202976025
32Lord of the ThighsThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202971525
32mad wolf packThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202918025
32Manifest DestinyThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202931025
32Menace to SocietyThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202989525
32MortalitisThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202933025
32My Little PwnyThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029104525
32NightThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202920025
32NightfallThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202941025
32Nine Inches UnBuffedThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202949025
32Ninja Juice (10)The Underbog-USJan 1, 202981025
32Phoenix On FireThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202941025
32PlatinumThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202947025
32Poision LollipopsThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202990025
32PoTioNs N ShiETThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202952525
32PrimevalThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029135025
32RetaliationThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202944025
32SabotageThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029216025
32Sancta TerraThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202950025
32Shut Up MegThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202996525
32Soldiers of AzerothThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202978025
32Straight Cash HomeyThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202941025
32Tainted Souls (10)The Underbog-USJan 1, 2029116525
32TemptationThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202989025
32The DinorawrsThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202983025
32The EXODUSThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202965525
32The HordeThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202968025
32The Judean Peoples FrontThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029111525
32The Justice LeagueThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202946025
32The MechaniquesThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029198025
32The MisfitsThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202994525
32The Mythics (10)The Underbog-USJan 1, 202995525
32The Reavers of StormwindThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202949025
32TheHordeHuntersThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202973025
32TWISTED LEGIONThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202966025
32TwisTing FaTeThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029149025
32Valar MorghulisThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029123525
32VividThe Underbog-USJan 1, 2029144025
32WE ARE ALEXANDRIAThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202960525
32Winter is ComingThe Underbog-USJan 1, 202965525
107F O C U SThe Underbog-US-106024
107Kings CourtThe Underbog-US-38024
107LionheartsThe Underbog-US-25024
107Old People With KidsThe Underbog-US-18024
107The CovenantThe Underbog-US-85024
112What TheThe Underbog-US-32023
113Arkham AsylumThe Underbog-US-95022
113University of OrgrimmarThe Underbog-US-17022
115Arsis and ThesisThe Underbog-US-42521
115Disturbing BehaviorsThe Underbog-US-26021
115Hierarchy of ShadowsThe Underbog-US-25021
115IM HORDEThe Underbog-US-33021
115OmertàThe Underbog-US-48021
115The Epic GlitterThe Underbog-US-49021
115The Good Names are TakenThe Underbog-US-77021
122Dirty Mike and the BoysThe Underbog-US-24020
122MonstrosityThe Underbog-US-49020
122The Craftsmens GuildThe Underbog-US-35020
122The Crimson BrotherhoodThe Underbog-US-33020
126Krucial EvyylThe Underbog-US-38019
126Lion N RoseThe Underbog-US-67019
126Moonglade KeepThe Underbog-US-37019
129AvariceThe Underbog-US-29018
129Bucket O PwnThe Underbog-US-21018
129MutekiThe Underbog-US-23018
129Shadows of DivinityThe Underbog-US-85018
129StingyThe Underbog-US-11018
129The auctioneers cartelThe Underbog-US-50018
129Torn AsunderThe Underbog-US-63018
136BloodshedThe Underbog-US-18017
136Famous Last WordsThe Underbog-US-67017
136HardToFindThe Underbog-US-44517
136Im To Koo YoThe Underbog-US-19017
140Echoes of PromethiumThe Underbog-US-16016
140Geek SquadThe Underbog-US-22016
142Hour KillersThe Underbog-US-21015
142OmnipotenceThe Underbog-US-44015
142U suk and cant joinThe Underbog-US-91015
142UprisingThe Underbog-US-30515
146Blood AssassinsThe Underbog-US-69014
146Bovine UniversityThe Underbog-US-45014
146Dieus IraeThe Underbog-US-5014
146StorageThe Underbog-US-17014
150The Fairies and GoblinsThe Underbog-USApr 21, 201120514
151BrosThe Underbog-US-38013
151Deaths EnigmaThe Underbog-US-38013
151Enmity Without PityThe Underbog-US-28013
151PawprintsThe Underbog-US-45013
151ShattersphereThe Underbog-US-34013
151SMDThe Underbog-US-14013
151The Hit SquadThe Underbog-US-40013
158Just Doin WorkThe Underbog-USOct 2, 201146013
159Ardú Bás ArThe Underbog-US-16012
159Bear TrappersThe Underbog-US-25012
159Honorably DischargedThe Underbog-US-20012
159knight of bloodied bladeThe Underbog-US-26012
159Ret Bull Gives You WingsThe Underbog-US-60012
159ROFL HouseThe Underbog-US-43012
159The Underbog Brewing CoThe Underbog-US-22012
159VertexThe Underbog-US-43012
167VindicatedThe Underbog-USApr 21, 201130012
168awesome guysThe Underbog-US-13011
168ParanoiaThe Underbog-US-31011
168Silent AssasinsThe Underbog-US-12011
168Tal VodeThe Underbog-US-14011
168Voodoo NationThe Underbog-US-18011
173Im In A Guild TooThe Underbog-USMay 24, 201116511
174Deadly SinsThe Underbog-USSep 20, 201139011
175Cherry DanishThe Underbog-US-11010
175Ground ControlThe Underbog-US-32010
175I MONEY HUNGRYThe Underbog-US-15010
175PVP Balance LOLThe Underbog-US-37010
179NemesisThe Underbog-USJul 26, 201122510
180BIG PLAYSThe Underbog-US-1409
180Blackened SkullThe Underbog-US-1109
180DarkMatterThe Underbog-US-3209
180Hardcore PwnographyThe Underbog-US-3609
180Knights WatchThe Underbog-US-1509
180NewVeteransThe Underbog-US-3809
180PrôtogenoiThe Underbog-US-3709
180Red BranchThe Underbog-US-1509
180ShablagooThe Underbog-US-3409
180Team VanquishThe Underbog-US-1509
180The GnomophobesThe Underbog-US-1009
180We Dem GirlzThe Underbog-US-809
192Critical MeltdownThe Underbog-US-408
192ImminentThe Underbog-US-1208
192KingsguardThe Underbog-US-1108
192Pregnancy PactThe Underbog-US-2708
192RemorseThe Underbog-US-908
192The Last BattlemageThe Underbog-US-1158
198Brigade of HonorThe Underbog-US-2807
198Calling All HeroesThe Underbog-US-1407
198MásterMindThe Underbog-US-1107
198OmertaThe Underbog-US-2107
198S E R E N I T YThe Underbog-US-607
198The Ice Stone has meltedThe Underbog-US-2107
198Throne of the DragonThe Underbog-US-1407
198WinningThe Underbog-US-1507
206The Raging BlightThe Underbog-USJan 16, 20121007
207Angry OrchardThe Underbog-US-806
207Calamitous IntentThe Underbog-US-1006
207HappilyEverAfterThe Underbog-US-1506
207IntoxicatédThe Underbog-US-1706
211Art of WarThe Underbog-USOct 8, 20112106
212Ad InfinitumThe Underbog-US-505
212ArchangelsThe Underbog-US-1405
212AxiomThe Underbog-US-805
212chillenNkillenThe Underbog-US-1505
212Money CrewThe Underbog-US-2405
212The Divine LegionThe Underbog-US-605
212WraithThe Underbog-US-2805
212Your Darkest DaysThe Underbog-US-1305
212Zombie Pirate NinjasThe Underbog-US-1605
221PròThe Underbog-USJul 24, 20113005
222pineapple expressThe Underbog-USNov 7, 20112005
223InebriatiThe Underbog-US-404
223Lich ClanThe Underbog-US-604
223NO DRAMAThe Underbog-US-804
223Thundering StampedeThe Underbog-US-1804
227RefugeesThe Underbog-USJan 7, 20121404
228Bobs GuildThe Underbog-US-603
228Business TimeThe Underbog-US-1203
228ËcstasyThe Underbog-US-803
228ImmortalisThe Underbog-US-1403
228Nudist BeachThe Underbog-US-403
228Silent ResolveThe Underbog-US-203
228The Reservoir DogsThe Underbog-US-703
235Malus (10)The Underbog-USJan 1, 20295203
236Ace of SpadesThe Underbog-US-102
236Arby n PïnkThe Underbog-US-702
236Bro StormThe Underbog-US-202
236Dragon AssassinsThe Underbog-US-102
236Exiled AnarchistsThe Underbog-US-602
236Malicious IntentThe Underbog-US-802
236Pup n SudsThe Underbog-US-902
236Team HateThe Underbog-US-1802
236The FraternityThe Underbog-US-202
236The UnforsakenThe Underbog-US-302
236Three Eight SixThe Underbog-US-1602
236WarlordThe Underbog-US-1602
248AnarchyThe Underbog-USApr 23, 20111052
249Abysmal ChaosThe Underbog-US-01
249AeternusThe Underbog-US-01
249Alliance LegendsThe Underbog-US-01
249Archangel DefilersThe Underbog-US-01
249Army of DorknessThe Underbog-US-101
249Army of the NightThe Underbog-US-01
249AuroraThe Underbog-US-01
249BrotherhoodThe Underbog-US-101
249C R I T T E R SThe Underbog-US-01
249Chaotic VelocityThe Underbog-US-01
249dawn of warThe Underbog-US-901
249DebaucheryThe Underbog-US-01
249Diagon OriginsThe Underbog-US-101
249Divine InsanityThe Underbog-US-01
249Divinely DemonicThe Underbog-US-301
249EpicThe Underbog-US-01
249Epic FuryThe Underbog-US-101
249Everlasting KnightsThe Underbog-US-01
249FEARPLAYERSThe Underbog-US-01
249Flash Ult IgniteThe Underbog-US-01
249Flight SchoolThe Underbog-US-01
249Hate PlagueThe Underbog-US-01
249Hell is for HeroesThe Underbog-US-01
249Heroes Of The DawnThe Underbog-US-01
249Hey Thats RacistThe Underbog-US-01
249Hoover StreetThe Underbog-US-01
249Horde Buyers Club (10)The Underbog-US-601
249Horde Buyers ClubThe Underbog-US-601
249Ille Manu Dextra FacitThe Underbog-US-01
249KNIGHT ANGELSThe Underbog-US-201
249KudzuThe Underbog-US-101
249Lag Wipe And NinjaLootThe Underbog-US-901
249Lloyd border patrolThe Underbog-US-01
249Looney ToonsThe Underbog-US-801
249Men In PinkThe Underbog-US-101
249Morbid KingsThe Underbog-US-01
249New DestinyThe Underbog-US-201
249NO LUVThe Underbog-US-01
249OblivionThe Underbog-US-01
249Order of RaThe Underbog-US-01
249RagnarökThe Underbog-US-101
249Raiders for HigherThe Underbog-US-801
249Rare CandiesThe Underbog-US-01
249RebornThe Underbog-US-01
249Recycled HeroesThe Underbog-US-01
249Res Ipsa LoquiturThe Underbog-US-01
249Sad Every NightThe Underbog-US-01
249SanctityThe Underbog-US-01
249SarmatiansThe Underbog-US-01
249SerpentsThe Underbog-US-01
249SheTookItAllButWoWThe Underbog-US-01
249sim sim salabeemThe Underbog-US-01
249Sinister CullingThe Underbog-US-101
249Soldiers of the BloodThe Underbog-US-01
249SoloThe Underbog-US-01
249Specters ShroudThe Underbog-US-01
249Squirtle SquadThe Underbog-US-301
249The Lancermane FamilyThe Underbog-US-201
249the last army standingThe Underbog-US-101
249The Moist TowelettesThe Underbog-US-01
249The SilenceThe Underbog-US-01
249The Straight and NarrowThe Underbog-US-01
249The VengefulThe Underbog-US-01
249Think BigThe Underbog-US-01
249Those Who Hunt HordeThe Underbog-US-01
249Twilight EmpireThe Underbog-US-01
249Umbrella CorporationThe Underbog-US-401
249Unbreakable WillThe Underbog-US-01
249Valley Of The DeadThe Underbog-US-01
249VoodooThe Underbog-US-01
249We DPS ChildrenThe Underbog-US-01
249We Raid NakedThe Underbog-US-1701
249We used to be ninjasThe Underbog-US-1401
249WolfpacThe Underbog-US-01
249WowalldayThe Underbog-US-801
249Your Mom is MultiplayerThe Underbog-US-01
326Skeletons of SocietyThe Underbog-USMay 27, 20111751
327Infamous With StyleThe Underbog-USMay 30, 20111701
328AspirationsThe Underbog-USOct 4, 2011401
329QzoneThe Underbog-USNov 29, 2011301
330Lex TalionisThe Underbog-USFeb 3, 20121101

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