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Sisters of Elune-US Guild Levels
1Zen (10)Sisters of Elune-USApr 4, 2011216525
2Night SirensSisters of Elune-USApr 8, 2011215525
3Riddle of Steel (10)Sisters of Elune-USApr 16, 2011221525
4Ghostfang Brotherhood (10)Sisters of Elune-USApr 18, 2011201025
5ConvictionSisters of Elune-USApr 22, 2011195025
6Council of Dragons (10)Sisters of Elune-USApr 23, 2011218525
7The Council of ShadowsSisters of Elune-USApr 25, 2011171525
8Almost MidnightSisters of Elune-USApr 26, 2011185525
9Forgotten Soldiers (10)Sisters of Elune-USApr 29, 2011206025
10Dark Favor (10)Sisters of Elune-USApr 30, 2011223525
11Dream DestroyersSisters of Elune-USMay 1, 2011129025
12Sindorei IlluminatiSisters of Elune-USMay 5, 2011189025
13Kingdom of ChivalrySisters of Elune-USMay 8, 2011158525
14Riders of the Moon (10)Sisters of Elune-USMay 19, 2011208025
15CatalystSisters of Elune-USMay 25, 2011113525
16Twilight KnightsSisters of Elune-USMay 28, 2011189025
17BadsSisters of Elune-USMay 30, 2011167025
18The FàllenSisters of Elune-USJun 1, 2011148525
19Knights of Eternal NightSisters of Elune-USJun 2, 2011143025
20Messy But EffectiveSisters of Elune-USJun 4, 2011208525
21Oath of DarknessSisters of Elune-USJun 6, 2011160525
22Beastslayer (10)Sisters of Elune-USJun 10, 2011187525
23MistwalkersSisters of Elune-USJun 15, 2011150025
24Unbroken (10)Sisters of Elune-USJun 18, 2011146025
25Gentlemen Assassins (10)Sisters of Elune-USJun 21, 2011194025
26Mystical (10)Sisters of Elune-USJun 23, 2011205025
27AmazingSisters of Elune-USJun 27, 2011210525
28Death Before DishonorSisters of Elune-USJul 9, 2011197025
29Blackwood SaintsSisters of Elune-USJul 23, 2011151525
30Circle of Nine (10)Sisters of Elune-USJul 26, 2011204025
31Gates of MidianSisters of Elune-USJul 27, 2011127025
32Brotherhood of the WolfSisters of Elune-USJul 28, 2011183025
32Sworn OathSisters of Elune-USJul 28, 2011173525
34Mighty Lionheart ClanSisters of Elune-USJul 29, 2011125525
35Disciples of the Wraith (10)Sisters of Elune-USAug 4, 2011211025
36Hit it and Crit itSisters of Elune-USAug 12, 201196025
37Children of HonorSisters of Elune-USAug 16, 2011118525
38Will of EonarSisters of Elune-USAug 17, 2011130525
39Sacred BloodSisters of Elune-USAug 19, 2011152525
40Steel and Harsh LanguageSisters of Elune-USAug 27, 201167525
41Red Tiger TribeSisters of Elune-USSep 10, 2011130025
42The Eternal (10)Sisters of Elune-USSep 22, 2011140025
43AbsolutionSisters of Elune-USSep 24, 2011129525
44Dragons DenSisters of Elune-USSep 25, 201198525
45illuminationSisters of Elune-USOct 1, 2011164025
46Fallen Lords (10)Sisters of Elune-USOct 3, 2011214025
47The Rangers of AlteracSisters of Elune-USOct 8, 2011143025
48Dread PiratesSisters of Elune-USOct 17, 2011162025
48Tribal ReignSisters of Elune-USOct 17, 2011148025
50Underground CovenantSisters of Elune-USOct 18, 2011142525
51Cognitive DissonanceSisters of Elune-USOct 21, 2011153525
52Latro FremoSisters of Elune-USOct 27, 2011163025
53Dead Mans Party (10)Sisters of Elune-USNov 9, 2011195025
54Shadows EndSisters of Elune-USNov 13, 2011141525
55MomentumSisters of Elune-USDec 30, 2011141525
56Quest KnightsSisters of Elune-USJan 6, 2012150525
57Bloodhoof BrigandsSisters of Elune-USJan 24, 2012172025
58Purge (10)Sisters of Elune-USJan 30, 2012131025
59Jewels Of The CrownSisters of Elune-USJan 31, 2012121025
60DeathbringersSisters of Elune-USApr 24, 2012192025
61Tortured Fate (10)Sisters of Elune-USMay 7, 2012180025
62Seductress of MenSisters of Elune-USMay 19, 2012167525
62Unholy ShadowsSisters of Elune-USMay 19, 2012118525
64AscendancySisters of Elune-USMay 23, 201273025
65DRAGON LORDS (10)Sisters of Elune-USJul 16, 2012205025
66TimeSisters of Elune-USJul 28, 2012140525
67Academy of PvP (10)Sisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202935525
67AltoskSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029101025
67AmarandeSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202984525
67Angry DragonsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202993525
67Army Of AltnessSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202997025
67AscendanceSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202946525
67Assassins CreedanceSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202936025
67BaneSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202983025
67Baptism in FireSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202970025
67Basically ProfessionalSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202988025
67BenedictionSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202925025
67Blood Court Shadow RiderSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202931025
67Blood Phoenix (10)Sisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029161025
67Blood ShadowSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202948525
67Blood TiesSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202928025
67Bloodfang MaraudersSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202983025
67BloodspatterSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202944025
67Broken KnivesSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202975025
67Broken RingSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202973025
67Chaos CoalitionSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202994525
67Chaotic Vengeance (10)Sisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029166525
67Children of DestinySisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029114525
67Children of SkarroSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202972025
67Children of theBloodMoonSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202979025
67Claws of AlexstraszaSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029124525
67Clockwork AngelsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202930025
67Cosmic DragonsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029106025
67Coven of FriendsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202925025
67Crimson MasqueradeSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202951525
67Crimson MoonSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202965025
67Critical MassSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202983525
67Dark Iron ChefsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202995025
67Deathgrip The Dragon (10)Sisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202991025
67Defenders of MulgoreSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202972025
67Déjà VuSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202951025
67DelusionalSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202959025
67DiåtribeSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202991025
67DilemmaSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202950025
67DisciplinariansSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202951025
67Do you have your TowelSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202987025
67Dragon RaidersSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029128525
67DRAGONBLOODSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202951025
67Dragons LoreSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029153525
67Dragons UnitedSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202946025
67dream stealersSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202931025
67Element ZeroSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202980525
67Elite ForcesSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029141025
67Elite VengeanceSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029100525
67EnigmaSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202993025
67EvolutionSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202929025
67Fae of EluneSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202928025
67Forgotten ShadowSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202982525
67Freedom RunnersSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202981025
67GenesisSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202943525
67Golden GirlsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029111025
67GreedSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029133025
67Guardians of EluneSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202972025
67Gypsy TreasureSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202934025
67Hand of the SunSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029121525
67HazardSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202930025
67Henchman of TiatimySisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029125525
67HeroicSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202935525
67HoshiSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202965525
67House of the CrownSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029169025
67IconicSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202945025
67Inevitable Betrayal (10)Sisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029195025
67Infernos Requiem (10)Sisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202978025
67Joyous AngelsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202915025
67Knights of MorpheusSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202951525
67knights of the hordeSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202939025
67La MeuteSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029129525
67Late Night StalkersSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202969025
67Legio of SaevioSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202970025
67Lightbringers (10)Sisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029177525
67Lobsters of WarSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202914025
67LordaeronSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202944525
67Lords of MightSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029154025
67Lords of MysterySisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202944525
67Lords of the ForestSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202965525
67Los LobosSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202972025
67Luna AccordSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029113025
67Masons MercenariesSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029108525
67MetamorphosisSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029155025
67Mt DewSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202938025
67NemisisSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202987025
67NezSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202987025
67No Mom You Cant PauseSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202999025
67No PreservativesSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202946025
67NomadsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202979525
67Octopus OverlordsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202975025
67OmënSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202945025
67OP is EpicSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202922025
67Order of the DamnedSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202949025
67Over RaidedSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029128025
67Phoenix ArmySisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202933025
67Phoenyx (10)Sisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202972525
67Power of LoveSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202931025
67POWER OF THE MOO PEOPLESisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202974025
67PrivateersSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 20298025
67Questionable ContentSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029113525
67RedemptiönSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202979025
67RedoubtableSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202968025
67RelentlessSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202955025
67Relics of the PastSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202993025
67ResistanceSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202974025
67Righteous DarknessSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029133025
67S C A R S (10)Sisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029158025
67SacramentSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202991025
67Sassy AssassinsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202988025
67Scions of AzsharaSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202934025
67ScoundrelsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029145025
67Shadowmoon ClanSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202955025
67Shadows of AzerothSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202963025
67Skull BangersSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202979025
67Societas DraconistrarumSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202972025
67Sorrows EndSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202945025
67Southern HospitalitySisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202940025
67Starry KnightsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029129525
67Stratos Meson NyktonSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202951025
67Student of MahayanaSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202977025
67Taken (10)Sisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202987525
67Tea and Cake or DeathSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029114525
67Team FailureSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029102025
67The Army of AltnessSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202944025
67The Blâck CâbâlSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202955025
67The Broken HouseSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029125025
67The ChosenSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202975525
67The Crimson BladeSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029125525
67The Deaths Head LegionSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029124025
67The Dragon SlayerzSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029132525
67The Elementium CactusSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202980025
67The Endless DawnSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202929025
67The Exalted GuardSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202949525
67the Fat KidSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202939525
67The Golden GryphonSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202935025
67The Kingdom CardimanSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202982525
67The LegacySisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202936025
67The Order of the Hawk (10)Sisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029160025
67The RebelionSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202964025
67The RokkSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202991525
67The Squirrel Nut MafiaSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029129025
67The UndertakersSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202923025
67The Warriors RealmSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202953025
67Thunderhorn TribeSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202934525
67TimelordsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029115525
67Together We Are Terrific (25)Sisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029178525
67Tower of DestinySisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202993525
67Twilight LegionSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202962025
67Udder MadnessSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029115525
67Unfair AdvantageSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202974025
67VigiliaSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202975025
67Wasted PotentialSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029115525
67WatchersSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202921025
67WhiteKnightsSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 202961025
67Wickedly InsaneSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029158025
67Winnipeg Gryphon CavalrySisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029125525
67zombiesSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029115525
224ArrowsongSisters of Elune-US-40024
224ClockwerkSisters of Elune-US-104524
224Corruption of OthersSisters of Elune-US-22524
224Dirty Little HordeSisters of Elune-US-17024
224Elders Of EluneSisters of Elune-US-18024
224Has Made A Huge MistakeSisters of Elune-US-29024
224Super Mario BrothersSisters of Elune-US-28024
224TerriblesSisters of Elune-US-60024
224The Eagle LegionSisters of Elune-US-23024
224undying furySisters of Elune-US-14024
224VelixiumSisters of Elune-US-17024
235AudaciousSisters of Elune-US-55023
235Disciples WrathSisters of Elune-US-18023
235Fists of GODSisters of Elune-US-19023
235League Of Lethal BeautySisters of Elune-US-58023
235LegacySisters of Elune-US-23023
235Stratia Tou SkotouSisters of Elune-US-16023
235TOXICTHUNDERSisters of Elune-US-25023
242IntegritySisters of Elune-US-55022
242The CovenSisters of Elune-US-85022
244Angel of WrathSisters of Elune-US-54521
244Bipolar CuriousSisters of Elune-US-18021
244Critical ConditionSisters of Elune-US-20021
244Elunar EclipseSisters of Elune-US-53021
244Friends and FamilySisters of Elune-US-15021
244Godless HeathensSisters of Elune-US-14021
244Herding KittensSisters of Elune-US-44021
244Los MoojicksSisters of Elune-US-15021
244Slightly IrritatingSisters of Elune-US-97021
244SpecterSisters of Elune-US-54021
254A New DawnSisters of Elune-US-21020
254Epic BankersSisters of Elune-US-10020
254Hand Of RetributionSisters of Elune-US-54020
254I Like Big CritsSisters of Elune-US-10020
254Swords of AzerothSisters of Elune-US-30020
254The Kings Of ChaosSisters of Elune-US-14020
254The PredatorsSisters of Elune-US-21020
261Freedom GuardSisters of Elune-US-29019
261Hang In There SunshineSisters of Elune-US-16019
261Hells VanguardSisters of Elune-US-37019
261Imperishable FlameSisters of Elune-US-35019
261Order of the Holy LightSisters of Elune-US-37019
261Titan SpawnSisters of Elune-US-18519
261WARSisters of Elune-US-26019
261WhySoSrsSisters of Elune-US-35019
261Wicked DarknessSisters of Elune-US-16019
270Functioning AltoholicsSisters of Elune-US-42018
270PanopticSisters of Elune-US-22018
270Thralls of ThrallSisters of Elune-US-64018
273Gods WrathSisters of Elune-US-14017
273Harbingers of LightSisters of Elune-US-24017
273Novus Ordo LupercusSisters of Elune-US-8017
273Sarcastic FringeheadsSisters of Elune-US-26017
273WarbornSisters of Elune-US-8017
278Å Souls ÐestinySisters of Elune-US-8016
278Almost ExtinctSisters of Elune-US-37016
278Boomstick SaintsSisters of Elune-US-41016
278EliteSisters of Elune-US-15016
278Fairy TailSisters of Elune-US-8016
278FrostySisters of Elune-US-37016
278Heroes of NewerthSisters of Elune-US-40016
278Light of the MoonSisters of Elune-US-15016
278NaughtySisters of Elune-US-6016
278of Heaven and HellSisters of Elune-US-51016
278The UnspõkenSisters of Elune-US-37016
278Valkyrie AllianceSisters of Elune-US-7016
290By The BeardSisters of Elune-US-17015
290ConvergenceSisters of Elune-US-56015
290EpiphanySisters of Elune-US-27015
290Frangia DivisioneSisters of Elune-US-27015
290Free Merchants LeagueSisters of Elune-US-38515
290Knights of the Two MoonsSisters of Elune-US-8015
290Needs of the ManySisters of Elune-US-21015
290Shadow of the DragonSisters of Elune-US-27015
290Sons Of WrathSisters of Elune-US-47015
290SoulboundSisters of Elune-US-25015
300Angels With No MercySisters of Elune-US-10014
300Azeroth Fried ChickenSisters of Elune-US-31014
300CattatonicSisters of Elune-US-8014
300Dark HaloSisters of Elune-US-26014
300Demons WrathSisters of Elune-US-21014
300Flames of the DragonSisters of Elune-US-29014
300Midnight HourSisters of Elune-US-43014
300Order of DiscordSisters of Elune-US-43014
300Seekers Ov The OriginSisters of Elune-US-5014
300Star AngelsSisters of Elune-US-3014
300Storm Peaks Base JumpersSisters of Elune-US-32014
300Tanooki SuitSisters of Elune-US-28514
300The WanderersSisters of Elune-US-7014
313Children of LordamereSisters of Elune-US-8513
313Destroyer of WorldsSisters of Elune-US-22013
313Evil TedizSisters of Elune-US-35013
313HellspawnedSisters of Elune-US-16013
313HoundstoothSisters of Elune-US-41013
313ImperviousSisters of Elune-US-32013
313Knights of the WindmillSisters of Elune-US-10013
313SacredSisters of Elune-US-30013
321AndeleSisters of Elune-US-17012
321crimson dogSisters of Elune-US-34012
321Darkness in the LightSisters of Elune-US-21012
321Diciples of NightSisters of Elune-US-25012
321Factor of TenSisters of Elune-US-19012
321Fostering DarknessSisters of Elune-US-30012
321IncendiarySisters of Elune-US-11012
321MasqueradeSisters of Elune-US-28012
321Night DescendantsSisters of Elune-US-31012
321NoSisters of Elune-US-24012
321Poetic JusticeSisters of Elune-US-3012
321Silence of the SlainSisters of Elune-US-12012
321Silent CartographersSisters of Elune-US-22012
321The Shrouded SentriesSisters of Elune-US-12012
321Twilight VanguardSisters of Elune-US-43012
336Celtic ChaosSisters of Elune-US-7011
336DynestySisters of Elune-US-38011
336Ethereal SynergySisters of Elune-US-28011
336Fangs Of UdaSisters of Elune-US-25011
336I Just Shipped My PantsSisters of Elune-US-22011
336Knights of New AvalonSisters of Elune-US-87011
336Metuas NihilSisters of Elune-US-14011
336Mystic MilitiaSisters of Elune-US-17011
336Reapers of AzerothSisters of Elune-US-4011
336Return of LegendsSisters of Elune-US-16011
336Shadow of the FalconSisters of Elune-US-8011
336The BelgariadSisters of Elune-US-16011
336The Jolly LassesSisters of Elune-US-7011
336The LostSisters of Elune-US-37511
336The RelinquishedSisters of Elune-US-11011
336The Sacred MorningSisters of Elune-US-21011
336Tree of LifeSisters of Elune-US-13011
336We Gem ScrubzSisters of Elune-US-21511
354SoletakenSisters of Elune-USNov 11, 201114011
355After DarkSisters of Elune-US-6010
355Free At LastSisters of Elune-US-43010
355Greenhoof ArtisansSisters of Elune-US-6010
355guild of shattered sunSisters of Elune-US-24010
355It is PvP TimeSisters of Elune-US-17010
355Kings and PawnsSisters of Elune-US-6010
355Kitty May CrySisters of Elune-US-33010
355Like A SirSisters of Elune-US-13010
355NightmaresSisters of Elune-US-35510
355OgichidaaSisters of Elune-US-31010
355OpacitySisters of Elune-US-31010
355Put Ya Guns OnSisters of Elune-US-22010
355Shadow BrokersSisters of Elune-US-54010
355Souls of SerenitySisters of Elune-US-17010
355The Way of the LeafSisters of Elune-US-41010
355Well Kept SecretSisters of Elune-US-15010
371Blàck SpireSisters of Elune-US-709
371Bottomz UPSisters of Elune-US-3459
371Dark ExiledSisters of Elune-US-209
371Divine TormentSisters of Elune-US-2209
371Dragon SnackSisters of Elune-US-3109
371Peas In A PodSisters of Elune-US-759
371ReverieSisters of Elune-US-4409
371Simple Kind of LifeSisters of Elune-US-659
371Sirens of the NightSisters of Elune-US-2609
371The Forsaken ArmySisters of Elune-US-609
371The River StyxSisters of Elune-US-709
371Wrath of EluneSisters of Elune-US-2609
383TurmoilSisters of Elune-USApr 24, 20111059
384Heroes and ScholarsSisters of Elune-USMay 4, 20114559
385Hells DragonsSisters of Elune-US-608
385Horde of WarSisters of Elune-US-1108
385LionizedSisters of Elune-US-608
385Magisters of the SevenSisters of Elune-US-208
385MulgoreanSisters of Elune-US-1358
385RagequitSisters of Elune-US-1708
385Skull SplittersSisters of Elune-US-1208
385The ChantrySisters of Elune-US-408
385Weve Killed for LessSisters of Elune-US-608
394Blood Red SkySisters of Elune-US-1307
394ElevenTwentysixSisters of Elune-US-207
394Fatal HoundsSisters of Elune-US-1107
394Ferrets DenSisters of Elune-US-707
394HavanutSisters of Elune-US-207
394InquisitionSisters of Elune-US-1407
394Knights of DawningSisters of Elune-US-807
394ShieldSisters of Elune-US-407
394Team RuinSisters of Elune-US-3607
394The Holy WordSisters of Elune-US-1807
394The Knights of ManticoreSisters of Elune-US-407
394The Woodland RealmSisters of Elune-US-1707
394UnforgivenSisters of Elune-US-1107
394Unholy RidersSisters of Elune-US-207
394War KittensSisters of Elune-US-3007
409Casual HexSisters of Elune-US-806
409Day of the DeadSisters of Elune-US-606
409didnt do itSisters of Elune-US-306
409Fållen LôrdsSisters of Elune-US-1506
409grimmSisters of Elune-US-806
409JudgmentSisters of Elune-US-1706
409Pirates of KalimdorSisters of Elune-US-806
416We PVPSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 20291506
417Bloodlust and RainbowsSisters of Elune-US-2505
417EndeavorSisters of Elune-US-505
417Evil MonkeysSisters of Elune-US-2805
417Gnome PuntersSisters of Elune-US-505
417House of AnarchySisters of Elune-US-2105
417Order of ValhallaSisters of Elune-US-2005
417The Tree of ShadowsSisters of Elune-US-805
424The Wrath Of Addiction (10)Sisters of Elune-USAug 22, 20111805
425Shadow of the MoonSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 20292005
426AnimiCausaSisters of Elune-US-04
426AntagonistSisters of Elune-US-804
426Blood LegionSisters of Elune-US-204
426Blood PromiseSisters of Elune-US-1504
426Champions of the LightSisters of Elune-US-404
426Eventide ExpeditionSisters of Elune-US-404
426FoundationSisters of Elune-US-1704
426I like turtlesSisters of Elune-US-104
426Novus Ordo FenestraSisters of Elune-US-204
426Semper FamiliaSisters of Elune-US-504
426SundialSisters of Elune-US-1704
426The Horde MafiaSisters of Elune-US-404
438Cry of Luna (10)Sisters of Elune-USJun 2, 20111204
439Shadow SoldiersSisters of Elune-USJun 12, 20114904
440Dying BreedSisters of Elune-USFeb 23, 20123054
441Forgotten RealmsSisters of Elune-USMar 19, 2012754
442Guardians of the LightSisters of Elune-USApr 14, 20121404
443babes of the BloodMoonSisters of Elune-US-103
443Crown of the OldSisters of Elune-US-503
443Lok NarashSisters of Elune-US-703
443Ontological ArroganceSisters of Elune-US-3003
443Team knight odioSisters of Elune-US-103
443The SigilliumSisters of Elune-US-2403
443Timeless OrderSisters of Elune-US-103
450Natural Born KillersSisters of Elune-USMay 7, 20111403
451DominanceSisters of Elune-USJul 24, 2011403
452Caput MortuumSisters of Elune-US-652
452DesolationSisters of Elune-US-102
452Hamster NunchuksSisters of Elune-US-102
452Raiders and RebelsSisters of Elune-US-802
452Seven Deadly SinsSisters of Elune-US-102
452The Highway MenSisters of Elune-US-1902
452We Take CandleSisters of Elune-US-102
452Wings of TerrorSisters of Elune-US-302
460VendettaSisters of Elune-USJul 19, 2011502
461Challenge Accepted (10)Sisters of Elune-USSep 20, 20112302
462Moon CouncilSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029302
463A Raiders FriendSisters of Elune-US-01
463A Souls DestinySisters of Elune-US-01
463Aegis of BloodSisters of Elune-US-101
463ArcSisters of Elune-US-101
463Aspect of ChaosSisters of Elune-US-01
463Bears R UsSisters of Elune-US-01
463Birth Of LegendsSisters of Elune-US-401
463Blades for HireSisters of Elune-US-01
463Blood MoonSisters of Elune-US-01
463Covenant of the WyrmSisters of Elune-US-101
463Deathly HallowsSisters of Elune-US-01
463Delta GunSlingeRSisters of Elune-US-501
463Event HorizonSisters of Elune-US-01
463Fear NothingSisters of Elune-US-201
463From AshesSisters of Elune-US-101
463Glassy Purple BunniesSisters of Elune-US-01
463Heros Of DurotarSisters of Elune-US-01
463High House ChainsSisters of Elune-US-101
463Horde Crazy HouseSisters of Elune-US-01
463InsomniaSisters of Elune-US-01
463Jo Mot MogSisters of Elune-US-01
463Killer of the dragonsSisters of Elune-US-1001
463Knights Of OldSisters of Elune-US-801
463Knights of the HeptagonSisters of Elune-US-01
463Lazy BunniesSisters of Elune-US-01
463Lux et UmbraSisters of Elune-US-101
463NeedSisters of Elune-US-401
463NightfallSisters of Elune-US-01
463NumbskullzSisters of Elune-US-01
463Obsidian OrderSisters of Elune-US-01
463Order of Blood TemplarsSisters of Elune-US-01
463Part Of The ProblemSisters of Elune-US-01
463Phantom CryoliteSisters of Elune-US-01
463Phoenix AwakeningSisters of Elune-US-01
463Psychotic RefugeesSisters of Elune-US-101
463Shadow ReignSisters of Elune-US-01
463Shadows CreedSisters of Elune-US-01
463ShamelessSisters of Elune-US-101
463Shield of FaithSisters of Elune-US-01
463Sinister LegionSisters of Elune-US-201
463Slightly SadisticSisters of Elune-US-01
463Spitters are QuittersSisters of Elune-US-01
463Starlight CafeSisters of Elune-US-01
463The Brotherhood of SteelSisters of Elune-US-01
463The ElitesSisters of Elune-US-101
463The Evil WithinSisters of Elune-US-01
463The Forgotten MisfitsSisters of Elune-US-01
463The Forgotten RidersSisters of Elune-US-01
463The LightbringersSisters of Elune-US-01
463The pFamilySisters of Elune-US-01
463The RisenSisters of Elune-US-01
463The Song and TankardSisters of Elune-US-01
463WolfsbaneSisters of Elune-US-01
516Hoof and HornSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029301
516Iron EaglesSisters of Elune-USJan 1, 2029951

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