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Shattered Hand-US Guild Levels
1Raiding RobotsShattered Hand-USApr 5, 2011203525
1We Are Not Uber (10)Shattered Hand-USApr 5, 2011230525
3Disciples of the BladeShattered Hand-USApr 10, 2011209525
4HymnShattered Hand-USApr 12, 2011154025
5Civil Warcraft (10)Shattered Hand-USApr 14, 2011209525
6Game ThèoryShattered Hand-USApr 15, 2011195525
7Vindicatiön (10)Shattered Hand-USApr 16, 2011175025
8Armed ForcesShattered Hand-USApr 25, 2011164025
9Enmity (10)Shattered Hand-USApr 27, 2011164025
10Get WreckedShattered Hand-USApr 30, 2011133025
10Tyranny (25)Shattered Hand-USApr 30, 2011239525
12The MyrmidonsShattered Hand-USMay 1, 2011190025
13Will Work for FoodShattered Hand-USMay 3, 2011157025
14Resident EvilShattered Hand-USMay 4, 2011116025
15Post HypeShattered Hand-USMay 5, 201192025
16EgoShattered Hand-USMay 6, 2011162025
17ImpracticalShattered Hand-USMay 7, 2011153025
18Horseshoe CrewShattered Hand-USMay 10, 2011132525
19Misguided Angels (10)Shattered Hand-USMay 18, 2011198025
20The SaxonsShattered Hand-USMay 22, 2011113525
21Warriors of the LightShattered Hand-USMay 26, 2011146025
22Eternal KnightsShattered Hand-USMay 29, 2011108025
23The BusinessShattered Hand-USJun 2, 2011167525
24ForgedShattered Hand-USJun 3, 201189025
25Mystic Prophets (10)Shattered Hand-USJun 4, 2011215025
26Shadows RemainShattered Hand-USJun 7, 2011111525
27For KalimdorShattered Hand-USJun 11, 201181025
28FragmentShattered Hand-USJun 14, 2011118025
29Bottom LineShattered Hand-USJun 15, 201196025
30Whack a Gnome (10)Shattered Hand-USJul 14, 2011196025
31Prophets Of Destiny (10)Shattered Hand-USJul 15, 2011177025
32Echo of DeimosShattered Hand-USJul 22, 201160525
33Miley Cyrus Fan ClubShattered Hand-USJul 24, 201184025
34Sassy Pink DragonflightShattered Hand-USJul 27, 2011106025
35Angel Guardian Of DeathShattered Hand-USAug 1, 2011102525
36Tru Tank DoggzShattered Hand-USAug 2, 2011118025
37InspirationShattered Hand-USAug 7, 201178025
38BrotherHood of SteelShattered Hand-USAug 11, 201199025
39Unbelievably ImaginableShattered Hand-USAug 12, 2011134025
40ProfessionalsShattered Hand-USAug 16, 2011110025
41Fossils of WarShattered Hand-USAug 21, 2011122525
42Arrested DevelopmentShattered Hand-USAug 24, 2011138025
43Knights of the CrusadeShattered Hand-USSep 6, 2011147525
43Raids with FriendsShattered Hand-USSep 6, 2011110025
45Outlaw StarShattered Hand-USSep 9, 201174525
46Cuties ClubShattered Hand-USSep 14, 2011110025
47ToleranceShattered Hand-USSep 19, 2011103025
48End ResultShattered Hand-USSep 28, 201162025
49Unnatural Born KillersShattered Hand-USOct 2, 2011112025
50Echoes of LordaeronShattered Hand-USOct 5, 2011156025
51Lords of ChaosShattered Hand-USOct 10, 2011103525
52Sleepless KnightsShattered Hand-USOct 16, 2011123025
53Apophasis (10)Shattered Hand-USOct 25, 2011168525
53Servants of JusticeShattered Hand-USOct 25, 2011109025
55Sëx Money MurderShattered Hand-USOct 26, 201189525
56Iron CurtainShattered Hand-USOct 29, 2011178025
57Body SnatchersShattered Hand-USDec 16, 2011112525
58Angels Among UsShattered Hand-USJan 5, 2012115525
59The ReckoningShattered Hand-USJan 7, 2012123525
60Town DrunksShattered Hand-USJan 8, 2012146525
61Natural Born Killers (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 12, 2012174025
62Southern RaidersShattered Hand-USJan 28, 201275025
63ANBUShattered Hand-USFeb 1, 201247025
64Lords of the AllianceShattered Hand-USFeb 10, 2012171025
65Honor CappedShattered Hand-USMar 7, 201297525
66The ShatteredShattered Hand-USMar 9, 2012108025
67LezbefriendsShattered Hand-USMar 11, 201279025
68Pacte Des LoupsShattered Hand-USMar 14, 2012152025
69Order of NecrosisShattered Hand-USApr 22, 2012170025
70Panther ModernsShattered Hand-USMay 10, 201286525
71ShamelessShattered Hand-USMay 12, 2012161525
72Sadistic Addiction (10)Shattered Hand-USJun 22, 201297525
73losing control of myselfShattered Hand-USJul 18, 201286025
74Rabid Attack Squirrels (10)Shattered Hand-USJul 26, 2012172025
75Enclave (25)Shattered Hand-USAug 5, 2012250525
76AfterDeathShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202965525
76Anatidaephobia (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 202995525
76AnonymousShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202940025
76ArmageddonsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202958525
76B E E R (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029169525
76Bad Taste (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029111525
76Bandle City BeatdownShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202950025
76Beyond (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029124025
76Blade of DeceitShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202946025
76Bound By BloodShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202934025
76Buttslayers UnlimitedShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202940525
76Calamitous IntentShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202991025
76Champions of the HordeShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202955025
76Chaotic JudgementShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029120525
76Chimera (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 202985025
76ChosenShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029104525
76Chronic FarmersShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202923025
76Citadel (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029162025
76Cleave EdgeShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202984525
76Çorrupt RevolutionShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029110525
76Corrupted SoulsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029123525
76Crusaders of ValorShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202984525
76Ðark ßrutalityShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202958025
76Darkspear Tribe (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 202996025
76Deäd Naga StorageShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202928525
76Death Among UsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202931025
76DeathDealer (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029166025
76DeceptionShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029127025
76DEVGRUShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202949525
76Disciples of DurotarShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202960025
76Do You Even Lift BroShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202933025
76DowntimeShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029181525
76Dude Its Just A GameShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202935025
76East Coast BallazShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202921025
76ElùsiveShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202929025
76EnshadowedShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202956525
76Epic MopstersShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202949525
76ErrorShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202998025
76Eternal NightmareShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202961025
76Eye of The StormShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202957025
76Fat Lutes (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 202952525
76Fighting HellfishShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202967525
76FoundationShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202997025
76gamers with jobs (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029179025
76Gank My Alt Get My Main (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029105025
76Gives her the DShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029108025
76Gnome AloneShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029103025
76Gods of Destruction (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029217025
76GôôdluckShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202948525
76GSOShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202955025
76guards of shattered handShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202934025
76Guild of VampzShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202937025
76Hearts KeepShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029122025
76HellionsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202920025
76Heroically InclinedShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202983025
76HomelessShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029132025
76Immanus OdiumShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029138025
76InimicalShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202924025
76insanity pstShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202955025
76Iron WarriorsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029156025
76Irritable WoW SyndromeShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202965025
76JudgementShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202950525
76JUICEShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029107025
76JUKEDShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202936025
76Junglist and MadmenShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202988025
76Kings Of BootysweatShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029137525
76Knights Of Thee AllianceShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029110525
76Late Night HeistShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202983025
76League of LegendsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202949525
76LegendaryShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202995025
76Legends RebornShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029105025
76LFRs Finest (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029166025
76Liars and CheatsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202962525
76LOL U MADShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202978025
76lts Just a Flesh WoundShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202954525
76LumberjackShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202962025
76Mental illnessShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202955025
76MeowschwitzShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202970025
76Mercenaries IncShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202967025
76MorbidShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029107025
76MurkedShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202931025
76Mystic MayhemShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202947025
76Nestle for BirdoShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202963025
76Never Go Full RetardShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202935025
76night elf mohawkShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202923025
76Northern LegionShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202960025
76Octopals (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 202976025
76OfflineShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202985025
76Old TestamentShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202957025
76ØmegàShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202993025
76OrcpressionShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202973025
76Order from ChaosShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202950025
76Order of TemplarsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202938025
76Outlaws Of AzerothShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029112525
76Paper Street SoapShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202969525
76Parental AdvisoryShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202965525
76Penguin Liberation FrontShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202946525
76Perpetual NightmareShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202955025
76PhaonicaShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029153525
76PoundTownShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029130025
76Pro Noobs (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 202928025
76Proper Villains (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 202968525
76Purebred DonkeysShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202946025
76Rabid RabbitzShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202926525
76ragequitShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202985525
76Reapers DawnShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202937025
76RelentlessShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029123525
76RemnantShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202971025
76RenegadeShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029108025
76Rental MetardsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202950025
76Riders of the ApocalypseShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202954025
76rip lil snupeShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202995525
76RockYoFaceShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202946525
76SaxonsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202957025
76Severed TiesShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029168025
76Shadow of the LightShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202954025
76Shadow OrderShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029131025
76Shattered Hand PremadeShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202949525
76Sono KamikazeShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029143025
76Spider Monkeys UnitedShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202958025
76Stats Please (25)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029189025
76SublimeShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202955025
76suthercountryShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202964025
76TaintedShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202986525
76The Elite ScrubsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202945525
76The Grammar PoliceShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202917025
76The Iocane ResistanceShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202961025
76The LeetShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202968025
76The Templar DragoonsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202982525
76Thieves GuildShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202920025
76Thrall's FinestShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202986025
76ThreatShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202973025
76TroubleShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202931525
76Ultra Mega ChickenShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202939525
76UpheavalShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029147025
76Valar MorghulisShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202962025
76Vandal HeartsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202921025
76Victrix MortalisShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029112025
76Vindication (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029226525
76Wait for it (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029115025
76We are HordeyShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202944525
76Weekend WarriörsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202980525
76Wesley SnipesShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202956025
76Window Lickers AnonymousShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202998025
76Wish You Had My SkillsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202960525
76Worgen FreemanShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029113025
76WTS SKILL PSTShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202939025
76You Had Me At LokTarShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202923025
76ZombieShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202937025
225ArgonautsShattered Hand-US-76024
225Bears with BazookasShattered Hand-US-31024
225Hamburger HellfriendsShattered Hand-US-70024
225Huckin FillbilliesShattered Hand-US-52024
225Quaere VerumShattered Hand-US-40024
225SoCShattered Hand-US-58024
225The SunbrosShattered Hand-US-55024
232AvalancheShattered Hand-US-44523
232Designated DrunksShattered Hand-US-57523
232InfluenceShattered Hand-US-79523
232InhumanityShattered Hand-US-27023
232Midwest MafiaShattered Hand-US-41023
232Twisted IntentionsShattered Hand-US-23023
238Charlottes WebShattered Hand-US-85022
238Teh AllianceShattered Hand-US-48022
238WaywardShattered Hand-US-12022
241Avengers of DeathShattered Hand-US-22021
241Bringers o DeathShattered Hand-US-54021
241DeimosShattered Hand-US-42021
241Passage to ExileShattered Hand-US-51021
241Pigs of WarShattered Hand-US-38021
241Pilgrim ThisShattered Hand-US-25021
241Seekers Of BloodShedShattered Hand-US-43021
241SpackledShattered Hand-US-37021
241Texas TemplarsShattered Hand-US-26521
250DominantShattered Hand-US-44020
250înfamousShattered Hand-US-57020
250MACHO MADNESSShattered Hand-US-22520
250OverkillShattered Hand-US-38020
250PvPuffnpassShattered Hand-US-32020
250RockdawgsShattered Hand-US-48020
250The StudzShattered Hand-US-15020
250TriForceShattered Hand-US-25020
250UppercutShattered Hand-US-90020
259PhuryShattered Hand-USJun 8, 201165020
260Aeternïs Regis ImperiïsShattered Hand-US-10019
260Final RedemptionShattered Hand-US-75019
260Knights of MarsShattered Hand-US-31019
260naega jaeil jal nagaShattered Hand-US-27519
260Protectors of the HordeShattered Hand-US-40019
260SanguinaryShattered Hand-US-68519
260Sweet LeafShattered Hand-US-13019
260UndergearedOverconfidentShattered Hand-US-33019
260Wombo ComboShattered Hand-US-24519
269AnônymousShattered Hand-US-26518
269children of scotlandShattered Hand-US-62018
269Debbie does AzerothShattered Hand-US-26018
269Last HopeShattered Hand-US-42018
269Lords of MurderShattered Hand-US-26018
269ManaShattered Hand-US-13018
269Pub CrawlShattered Hand-US-15018
269Raid încShattered Hand-US-93518
269ShadowEliteShattered Hand-US-45018
269Sweet VendettaShattered Hand-US-50018
269War PathShattered Hand-US-32018
280Rampant FrontingShattered Hand-USMay 4, 201149018
281Blackrock PiratesShattered Hand-US-40017
281JinxShattered Hand-US-23017
281Mercenaries for HireShattered Hand-US-30017
281MobsterShattered Hand-US-29017
281Non Official CoverShattered Hand-US-39017
281Pilferers of PurgatoryShattered Hand-US-18017
287bang theoryShattered Hand-US-13016
287Heralds of AtroposShattered Hand-US-44016
287HoneyBadgërsShattered Hand-US-23016
287ImagineShattered Hand-US-34016
287KelloggsShattered Hand-US-48016
287KurosakiShattered Hand-US-25016
287NEEDS MOAR COWBELLShattered Hand-US-47016
287OvertoonedShattered Hand-US-21516
287The GanksquadShattered Hand-US-35016
287The Local DefenseShattered Hand-US-37016
287VilifiedShattered Hand-US-19016
287Walmart EmployeesShattered Hand-US-59016
299InebriatedShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202922016
300Camping with KidsShattered Hand-US-32015
300Die Dead EnoughShattered Hand-US-19015
300ExecutedShattered Hand-US-31015
300Flawed ImperfectionShattered Hand-US-55015
300International Space BrosShattered Hand-US-35015
300MenagerieShattered Hand-US-28515
306DemolitionShattered Hand-US-13014
306Knights of the FallenShattered Hand-US-82014
306Milites MortisShattered Hand-US-27014
306ReasonShattered Hand-US-31014
306The EldersShattered Hand-US-27014
306VicesShattered Hand-US-30514
306Worgen Stole My BucketShattered Hand-US-21014
313Beautiful ReignShattered Hand-USMay 7, 201124014
314WarMachineShattered Hand-USSep 24, 201117014
315American GodsShattered Hand-US-42013
315AXISShattered Hand-US-24013
315Azeroth HeroesShattered Hand-US-22013
315FusionShattered Hand-US-29013
315Hell ScreamShattered Hand-US-23013
315Holiday In CambodiaShattered Hand-US-21013
315I Tele BaalShattered Hand-US-14013
315KArmaShattered Hand-US-24013
315LegionnairesShattered Hand-US-20013
315Men at WorkShattered Hand-US-34013
315Misery Havoc and MayhemShattered Hand-US-17013
315Royal Arch MasonsShattered Hand-US-28013
315Teckrins Grey KnightsShattered Hand-US-22013
315The AddictedShattered Hand-US-12013
315UnforgiveableShattered Hand-US-21013
315Whos Your DaddyShattered Hand-US-19013
331Chemically EngineeredShattered Hand-US-15012
331ClarityShattered Hand-US-47012
331Devils LettuceShattered Hand-US-26012
331Du Vrangr GataShattered Hand-US-18012
331El ChupacabraShattered Hand-US-24012
331Executioners ConsortiumShattered Hand-US-37012
331Just Us LeagueShattered Hand-US-50012
331Leading Aggro SuppliersShattered Hand-US-53012
331Two For FlinchinShattered Hand-US-27012
331VendictaShattered Hand-US-39012
341DeifiedShattered Hand-USJun 4, 201158012
342NoobsOnFireShattered Hand-USJan 1, 202932012
343Blades EdgeShattered Hand-US-24011
343Carpe ShiniesShattered Hand-US-27011
343ConsiliumShattered Hand-US-22011
343Contingency PlanShattered Hand-US-18511
343Embassy Of DarknessShattered Hand-US-19011
343Hate Us NowShattered Hand-US-39011
343Head HuntersShattered Hand-US-5011
343Minor ThreatShattered Hand-US-32011
343notffxiShattered Hand-US-50011
343On FireShattered Hand-US-4011
343PUT EM IN THE DIRTShattered Hand-US-26011
343Squidly SquadstersShattered Hand-US-18011
343WGFShattered Hand-US-18011
356Addo AbyssusShattered Hand-US-23010
356AscendShattered Hand-US-15010
356BlaggardsShattered Hand-US-14010
356BrøkenShattered Hand-US-32010
356Club CatalystShattered Hand-US-37010
356ClutchShattered Hand-US-22010
356Fated To Be GodsShattered Hand-US-28010
356ImmortalityShattered Hand-US-50010
356KonohaShattered Hand-US-15010
356Odd FutureShattered Hand-US-27010
356Oilfield TrashShattered Hand-US-23010
356OneInchXperienceShattered Hand-US-9010
356Outer HeavenShattered Hand-US-19010
356Solitary FreelancerShattered Hand-US-38510
356Thugs of TildeShattered Hand-US-13010
356Warforged BattalionShattered Hand-US-14010
356we p in moon wellsShattered Hand-US-19010
373AluderumsShattered Hand-US-1309
373BOOM SHAKALAKAShattered Hand-US-1309
373Chaotic Cupcake CompanyShattered Hand-US-709
373MarkJennShattered Hand-US-2509
373oh bubbaShattered Hand-US-3409
373PantheonShattered Hand-US-3009
373Pyramid SchemeShattered Hand-US-1909
373Shade EnclaveShattered Hand-US-1909
373SÒLDIERShattered Hand-US-1059
373the blood devilsShattered Hand-US-1009
373The CrewShattered Hand-US-2409
384AlrightShattered Hand-US-908
384AzureShattered Hand-US-3308
384Blood and ThunderShattered Hand-US-1008
384CynicalShattered Hand-US-2808
384DHARMA INITIATIVEShattered Hand-US-2308
384HELLSCREAMShattered Hand-US-1708
384InceptionShattered Hand-US-2158
384omg whom pulledShattered Hand-US-1008
384Splinter CellShattered Hand-US-2108
384VehemenceShattered Hand-US-2908
394RKingsShattered Hand-USApr 21, 20112858
395BedlamShattered Hand-USMay 29, 20113758
396Scrub ClubShattered Hand-USJun 7, 20111808
397HellbornShattered Hand-USJul 23, 20111958
398Hordes AngelsShattered Hand-USFeb 1, 20121558
399Altered StateShattered Hand-US-3007
399BankerofmineShattered Hand-US-907
399Come and Get ItShattered Hand-US-607
399Council of TyrannyShattered Hand-US-607
399Defenders of InfinityShattered Hand-US-1207
399Fear and LoathingShattered Hand-US-607
399harvesters of shadowShattered Hand-US-1907
399Hung like a KodoShattered Hand-US-2007
399ØblivionShattered Hand-US-1807
399Ominous Latin NounShattered Hand-US-507
399Rock SolidShattered Hand-US-1007
399superiorShattered Hand-US-1507
399The Fallen Will RiseShattered Hand-US-1407
399The Strangers UnionShattered Hand-US-3207
399The Thundering CouncilShattered Hand-US-3507
399Twiztd MilitantShattered Hand-US-707
415Epic BeginningsShattered Hand-USMay 1, 20113707
416Alt RaidingShattered Hand-US-3406
416Ashes of ReignShattered Hand-US-7406
416Assassination SquadShattered Hand-US-1006
416AwakeningShattered Hand-US-406
416Council of MagesShattered Hand-US-1306
416Crazy TalkShattered Hand-US-706
416De SueñosShattered Hand-US-1606
416FlashbackShattered Hand-US-2306
416Hotel Room ServiceShattered Hand-US-1806
416New Wing LeeShattered Hand-US-2106
416pewpewShattered Hand-US-1606
416PlayzFunShattered Hand-US-406
416Rage AppropriateShattered Hand-US-706
416RessurectionShattered Hand-US-706
416Soviet UnionShattered Hand-US-506
416Team SeckseeShattered Hand-US-406
416TEAM WOOTShattered Hand-US-1506
416The Obsidian OrderShattered Hand-US-4606
416The Wheeling NailersShattered Hand-US-306
416Wrath of AbelShattered Hand-US-606
436Sparkle Motion (10)Shattered Hand-USMay 11, 20112906
437Xpired (10)Shattered Hand-USAug 11, 20115406
438GrindShattered Hand-USOct 25, 20112006
439A Guild Named SlickbackShattered Hand-US-1805
439Business TimeShattered Hand-US-1005
439Cake Nom Nom NomShattered Hand-US-1105
439Darkness HellfireShattered Hand-US-805
439Disciples of BrowShattered Hand-US-805
439No REShattered Hand-US-1605
439Noobs on fireShattered Hand-US-805
439SentinelShattered Hand-US-1205
439Spartans Never DieShattered Hand-US-1905
439The Scarlet Brother HoodShattered Hand-US-1105
439Void DarknessShattered Hand-US-1405
450CheckmateShattered Hand-USMar 6, 20122605
451SeveranceShattered Hand-USJan 1, 20292455
452A Tribe Called QuestShattered Hand-US-1804
452Aliance Population CntrlShattered Hand-US-1304
452Blink MonkeysShattered Hand-US-804
452Booty Bay Surf ClubShattered Hand-US-1104
452Hail CobraShattered Hand-US-904
452HearthstonersShattered Hand-US-604
452mûmShattered Hand-US-504
452Original GruntShattered Hand-US-1304
452PeteightShattered Hand-US-604
452Plays NakedShattered Hand-US-1504
452Provectis in UmbrasShattered Hand-US-904
452PVParadigmShattered Hand-US-1004
452RAWR IMA MONSTERShattered Hand-US-1104
452SHUT UP PVE NERDShattered Hand-US-1604
452Taco Flavored KissesShattered Hand-US-804
452Turtle TacticsShattered Hand-US-904
468Evidence of EvolutionShattered Hand-USAug 29, 2011904
469BaiduShattered Hand-US-1303
469Cool BeansShattered Hand-US-2803
469Gladiators of AndromedaShattered Hand-US-103
469GRYPSShattered Hand-US-303
469Guardians Of LightShattered Hand-US-103
469Hollow WarriorsShattered Hand-US-103
469LOLShattered Hand-US-1403
469NEDMShattered Hand-US-603
469notsoezShattered Hand-US-1003
469Pet ForceShattered Hand-US-703
469ReapersShattered Hand-US-403
469Safety SquadShattered Hand-US-1103
469ßlack LabelShattered Hand-US-1103
469The BrotherhoodShattered Hand-US-803
469The FirmShattered Hand-US-1403
469The Scarred BrotherhoodShattered Hand-US-3103
469Very Hairy Man GuildShattered Hand-US-1303
469we pvp irlShattered Hand-US-1603
487ExigentShattered Hand-USJun 28, 20115003
488Prophecy RocksShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029903
489ArmyOfTwoShattered Hand-US-702
489Axis PowersShattered Hand-US-1002
489Battle MonkeysShattered Hand-US-1102
489Ctrl Alt EliteShattered Hand-US-102
489HighborneShattered Hand-US-902
489Manic DepressionShattered Hand-US-802
489More Rating Less RaidingShattered Hand-US-702
489OmenShattered Hand-US-702
489Taipei AssassinsShattered Hand-US-902
489The MercenariesShattered Hand-US-102
489The PeacekeepersShattered Hand-US-102
489The TyrantsShattered Hand-US-302
489TheRockyHorrorMurlocShowShattered Hand-US-102
502Psychotic TendenciesShattered Hand-USApr 29, 2011502
503Bacon of the Month ClubShattered Hand-USMay 2, 20111002
504OutcàstsShattered Hand-USJun 17, 20111802
505ThundercatsShattered Hand-USJul 17, 2011702
506DetritusShattered Hand-USAug 11, 20113402
507MisfitsShattered Hand-USJul 27, 20123602
508Axiom (10)Shattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029502
508Check the PulseShattered Hand-USJan 1, 20291502
510Aeternïs Regis ImperïsShattered Hand-US-301
510Alliance PwnersShattered Hand-US-01
510Angel of DeathShattered Hand-US-01
510Angels of DestructionShattered Hand-US-01
510aspect deathShattered Hand-US-01
510AvariceShattered Hand-US-01
510Axis of ManarchyShattered Hand-US-01
510Bare BonesShattered Hand-US-01
510Blood LegionnShattered Hand-US-1801
510BloodThirstyShattered Hand-US-01
510BOTSShattered Hand-US-01
510Call The WahmbulanceShattered Hand-US-701
510Chairmen of the HordeShattered Hand-US-1001
510Changing FatesShattered Hand-US-01
510Christian GamersShattered Hand-US-01
510Crowd ControlShattered Hand-US-01
510CutthroatShattered Hand-US-01
510Dark LogicShattered Hand-US-01
510DèathDèalerShattered Hand-US-01
510Demonic FestivitiesShattered Hand-US-01
510Descendants of LotharShattered Hand-US-301
510EliseShattered Hand-US-101
510Endless WarShattered Hand-US-01
510EnrageShattered Hand-US-01
510EnviousShattered Hand-US-01
510EnvyShattered Hand-US-101
510EvadeShattered Hand-US-01
510Everybody Gets OneShattered Hand-US-01
510Fallèn GodsShattered Hand-US-01
510FALLEN HEROShattered Hand-US-01
510FastigiumShattered Hand-US-501
510Flapjacks and HookersShattered Hand-US-01
510Forged In FireShattered Hand-US-201
510FORSAKENSShattered Hand-US-01
510FortuneShattered Hand-US-01
510Guardians Of ChaosShattered Hand-US-01
510Halycon DesertersShattered Hand-US-01
510Happy DamageShattered Hand-US-01
510Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US-01
510Hashtag Zero Hoots GivenShattered Hand-US-501
510HellspawnShattered Hand-US-101
510Holding TankShattered Hand-US-01
510Hollow SocietyShattered Hand-US-101
510House Of AngelsShattered Hand-US-01
510ImpunityShattered Hand-US-01
510In Aeternum ResonumShattered Hand-US-301
510InterruptedShattered Hand-US-01
510Interrupts Like KanyeShattered Hand-US-01
510Iron Beef CurtainsShattered Hand-US-501
510Jesters and JokersShattered Hand-US-501
510Joint ChiefsShattered Hand-US-01
510JustForFunShattered Hand-US-01
510Kevin Wares ShinShattered Hand-US-01
510kickthepopeShattered Hand-US-01
510Korkron DeathguardShattered Hand-US-01
510KPSCRTShattered Hand-US-951
510Legendary FuryShattered Hand-US-01
510LordOftheHordeShattered Hand-US-101
510Loss of SanityShattered Hand-US-01
510MaledictionShattered Hand-US-01
510MalevolenceShattered Hand-US-201
510MassacreShattered Hand-US-01
510Men Dont WipeShattered Hand-US-01
510MizfitzShattered Hand-US-01
510MoxieShattered Hand-US-01
510MutinyShattered Hand-US-01
510NémésisShattered Hand-US-01
510Nighttime SnackShattered Hand-US-01
510Nine Barrels of HellShattered Hand-US-01
510Omg A GrillShattered Hand-US-01
510Orgrims WrathShattered Hand-US-01
510PvPHerosShattered Hand-US-01
510QT PiesShattered Hand-US-01
510RiseNShattered Hand-US-01
510RoyaltyShattered Hand-US-01
510SavagësShattered Hand-US-01
510Shadow CovenantShattered Hand-US-01
510Skill OverloadShattered Hand-US-101
510SmokeShattered Hand-US-101
510Solid Soldiers of WarShattered Hand-US-01
510SonsOfDeathShattered Hand-US-101
510SOUL SOULJAShattered Hand-US-01
510Speak Orcish or DieShattered Hand-US-101
510Special ForcesShattered Hand-US-01
510Stardust CrusadersShattered Hand-US-01
510StrugglinShattered Hand-US-901
510Survey CorpsShattered Hand-US-101
510Terrors of the High SeaShattered Hand-US-01
510The BlackwatchShattered Hand-US-01
510The Evil CouncilShattered Hand-US-01
510the red trucksShattered Hand-US-01
510The Sea Lion ClubShattered Hand-US-01
510The Shattered HordeShattered Hand-US-101
510The Situation RoomShattered Hand-US-01
510The VoidShattered Hand-US-301
510Twilight RaidersShattered Hand-US-01
510VindìcationShattered Hand-US-01
510VìndicationShattered Hand-US-01
510War Is The AnswerShattered Hand-US-01
510We Beta Tested Your GFShattered Hand-US-01
510Wings of FateShattered Hand-US-01
510WoW RehabShattered Hand-US-201
510Ye Ole HangmenShattered Hand-US-01
510Zilla Has a Small PenosShattered Hand-US-01
510Zub ZubShattered Hand-US-01
616SkïllShattered Hand-USJul 9, 2011101
617Pandaren ExpressShattered Hand-USJul 12, 2011301
618Sudden ViolenceShattered Hand-USJul 31, 20114101
619Wiping is for BathroomsShattered Hand-USJan 1, 2029201

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