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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shadow Council-US Guild Levels
1Light Brigade (10)Shadow Council-USApr 6, 2011231525
2into the Limelight (10)Shadow Council-USApr 9, 2011213525
3Enigma (10)Shadow Council-USApr 12, 2011211025
4Knights of the Old OrderShadow Council-USApr 15, 2011175525
5Slash WinShadow Council-USApr 17, 2011177025
6Black Omen (10)Shadow Council-USApr 19, 2011216525
7Forsaken Hope (10)Shadow Council-USApr 23, 2011206025
8The Rune LordsShadow Council-USApr 27, 2011170525
9Legion of the UnknownShadow Council-USApr 29, 2011145525
10ArchonShadow Council-USMay 1, 2011156025
10CosmicShadow Council-USMay 1, 2011145025
10Resurrection (10)Shadow Council-USMay 1, 2011216025
13Death Unlimited (10)Shadow Council-USMay 4, 2011134025
14Syk (10)Shadow Council-USMay 5, 2011158025
14The Deepwater PiratesShadow Council-USMay 5, 2011171525
14Twilight Chapter (10)Shadow Council-USMay 5, 2011225525
17Team Whiskers (10)Shadow Council-USMay 7, 2011173025
18The Black LaurelsShadow Council-USMay 8, 2011122025
19Titans Judgment (10)Shadow Council-USMay 10, 2011179525
19WickedShadow Council-USMay 10, 2011191025
21Lords of the Apocalypse (10)Shadow Council-USMay 11, 2011192025
22MortalisShadow Council-USMay 13, 2011158525
23Priory of the Storm (10)Shadow Council-USMay 17, 2011176025
24Lords Of Salem (10)Shadow Council-USMay 18, 2011223025
25Ordo Victrix (10)Shadow Council-USMay 28, 2011134025
26Solace (10)Shadow Council-USMay 30, 2011200525
27Retribution (10)Shadow Council-USJun 8, 2011182025
28Maelstrom (10)Shadow Council-USJun 12, 2011147025
29Ancient RepublicShadow Council-USJun 20, 2011110025
30Swiftstride ClanShadow Council-USJun 23, 2011142025
31Mystyc HopeShadow Council-USJul 1, 2011159025
32Bent (10)Shadow Council-USJul 3, 2011168025
33Full Disclosure (10)Shadow Council-USJul 7, 2011164025
34Dressed To KillShadow Council-USJul 12, 2011146025
34The Meddlers (10)Shadow Council-USJul 12, 2011165025
36Scars of Fate (10)Shadow Council-USJul 13, 2011197025
36The Southern Cross (10)Shadow Council-USJul 13, 2011220025
38Order of AscensionShadow Council-USJul 17, 2011146525
38Order of the Blood RosesShadow Council-USJul 17, 2011161525
38Twisted Nerve (10)Shadow Council-USJul 17, 2011225525
41Critical ConditionShadow Council-USJul 20, 2011144525
42Horde and DisorderlyShadow Council-USJul 22, 2011166525
43The Remnant KnightsShadow Council-USJul 24, 2011164025
44Voodoo RebornShadow Council-USJul 25, 2011139025
45Doomforge MilitiaShadow Council-USAug 1, 2011145025
46For Death and GloryShadow Council-USAug 4, 201194525
46Raw ChaosShadow Council-USAug 4, 2011142025
48Order of the NightsabreShadow Council-USAug 5, 2011105525
49Death by FireShadow Council-USAug 9, 2011180025
49Whispers of the FallenShadow Council-USAug 9, 2011101025
51The Second Coming (10)Shadow Council-USAug 10, 2011191025
52PredatorShadow Council-USAug 11, 2011177025
53Epic After DarkShadow Council-USAug 18, 2011213025
54ReasonShadow Council-USAug 23, 2011133025
55Gods of ChaosShadow Council-USAug 27, 2011192025
55Redeemed (10)Shadow Council-USAug 27, 2011167025
57Absolute Xero (10)Shadow Council-USAug 31, 2011115025
58The PhantomShadow Council-USSep 27, 2011141525
59The Valiant Guardians (10)Shadow Council-USSep 28, 2011183025
60Chosen by DestinyShadow Council-USOct 1, 2011106525
61Chosen of the MorríganShadow Council-USOct 2, 2011119525
62VanquishShadow Council-USOct 5, 201168525
63ReprisalShadow Council-USOct 8, 201181025
64Divinities BaneShadow Council-USOct 9, 2011158525
65Dawn of AntiquityShadow Council-USOct 10, 2011136025
66PoxShadow Council-USOct 15, 2011127525
67Ides Of MarchShadow Council-USOct 20, 2011107525
68Legion of Heroes (10)Shadow Council-USOct 21, 2011193025
69MiseryShadow Council-USOct 23, 201197525
70Blood of LegendsShadow Council-USOct 27, 2011152525
71The Darkest CthonShadow Council-USOct 28, 2011129025
72The Sylvan BladesShadow Council-USNov 10, 2011137025
73Safe Word (10)Shadow Council-USNov 13, 2011170525
74Gnome Thugs in HarmonyShadow Council-USNov 18, 2011149025
75Knight of the LightShadow Council-USNov 27, 2011150525
76Unholy brethrenShadow Council-USDec 3, 2011111525
77PlagueShadow Council-USDec 18, 2011176525
78Nomadic Dwellers (10)Shadow Council-USDec 25, 2011154025
79Digital Addiction (10)Shadow Council-USJan 20, 2012196525
80VenninneShadow Council-USFeb 1, 201289525
81Bliss (10)Shadow Council-USFeb 29, 2012188025
82The Relief Society (10)Shadow Council-USMar 12, 2012208025
83Wolves of the Godswood (10)Shadow Council-USMar 24, 2012193025
84The AshlandersShadow Council-USApr 1, 2012179025
85Patronus de Fortuna (10)Shadow Council-USApr 6, 2012208025
86The Brute SquadShadow Council-USApr 11, 2012123025
87Knight Soldiers (10)Shadow Council-USMay 7, 2012111025
88StraightJacketShadow Council-USJul 16, 2012116525
89Les Loyales (10)Shadow Council-USJul 25, 2012136025
90A New HopeShadow Council-USJan 1, 202962025
90ÆonShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029116525
90AJAX WaterworksShadow Council-USJan 1, 202934025
90Anam CaraShadow Council-USJan 1, 202983525
90And My Amazing Friends (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 202970025
90Apocalypse RisingShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029121025
90Apocolypse RisingShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029121025
90AsgardShadow Council-USJan 1, 202987025
90Ashenvale TemplarsShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029124525
90Astral KingdomShadow Council-USJan 1, 202957025
90Atlas (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 202995025
90Bad IntentionsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202939025
90BanishedShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029115025
90Beautiful Death (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 202963025
90Better off DeadShadow Council-USJan 1, 202954025
90Born To RaidShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029141525
90Brïmstone (25)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 2029208025
90Casa de AmigosShadow Council-USJan 1, 202973025
90Caucasian MalesShadow Council-USJan 1, 202919025
90Chaotic OnslaughtShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029106525
90Clan GRIMMShadow Council-USJan 1, 202952025
90Cosmic Chi (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 2029173025
90Crimson Halo (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 202985025
90CrossfireShadow Council-USJan 1, 202943025
90Dark HeavenShadow Council-USJan 1, 202978025
90Dark PowerShadow Council-USJan 1, 202972525
90Dark Suns of AnubisShadow Council-USJan 1, 202936025
90De Oppresso LiberShadow Council-USJan 1, 202982025
90Dead Alchemist SocietyShadow Council-USJan 1, 202934025
90Death Done CheapShadow Council-USJan 1, 202931525
90Deja VuShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029103025
90Descendants of the StarsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202947025
90Destroyers Of NationsShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029110525
90Diesel BeaverShadow Council-USJan 1, 202970025
90Disciples of DisorderShadow Council-USJan 1, 202925025
90DisturbedShadow Council-USJan 1, 202970025
90DOAShadow Council-USJan 1, 202962025
90DoomedShadow Council-USJan 1, 202957525
90Doomzday MilitiaShadow Council-USJan 1, 202951025
90DREADNAUGHTShadow Council-USJan 1, 202934025
90ePeeners UnitedShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029105525
90Eternal Shadows (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 2029136525
90Eternal WanderersShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029154025
90Existential BluesShadow Council-USJan 1, 202969025
90Familiare de MorteShadow Council-USJan 1, 202972025
90Feigns DeathShadow Council-USJan 1, 202951025
90Fifth ElementShadow Council-USJan 1, 202986025
90Fights In The Shade (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 2029173025
90FléauxShadow Council-USJan 1, 202945525
90For the Shinies (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 202981025
90Forsaken RegulatorsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202945525
90Fury Never Fades (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 2029178025
90Gelflings of JarethShadow Council-USJan 1, 202939025
90Generic (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 202974025
90Ghost BrigadeShadow Council-USJan 1, 202956525
90GhostdanceShadow Council-USJan 1, 202927025
90Grand Theft PonyShadow Council-USJan 1, 202965025
90Gray Myst SyndicateShadow Council-USJan 1, 202956025
90GreedyBastardsShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029130525
90Greyguard WatchShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029137525
90Grim HarbingerShadow Council-USJan 1, 202931025
90Guardian ParamountShadow Council-USJan 1, 202942025
90Guise and DollsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202963025
90Hand of VengeanceShadow Council-USJan 1, 202993525
90Harbingers of WarShadow Council-USJan 1, 202963025
90Hard Like HeroicShadow Council-USJan 1, 202963025
90Heavenly WrathShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029138025
90Heavens BurdenShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029130025
90Hells FuryShadow Council-USJan 1, 202927025
90Holy Gnoman EmpireShadow Council-USJan 1, 202977025
90Honor Forged AllianceShadow Council-USJan 1, 202977525
90Horde TreasureShadow Council-USJan 1, 202949525
90HostileShadow Council-USJan 1, 202951525
90House of BloodstriderShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029177025
90House of GrimShadow Council-USJan 1, 202964525
90I Had Something for ThisShadow Council-USJan 1, 202941025
90IllusionShadow Council-USJan 1, 202991025
90Infinite Zerg (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 202981025
90InfusionShadow Council-USJan 1, 202970025
90IngloriousShadow Council-USJan 1, 202971025
90InstitutionalizedShadow Council-USJan 1, 202946025
90Intrepid AnarchyShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029140525
90Kaizen (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 2029133025
90Kill on SightShadow Council-USJan 1, 202957525
90Kingdom HeartsShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029155025
90Kingdom of Quel Thalas (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 2029144025
90Knights of the MythalShadow Council-USJan 1, 202952025
90Knights Of The Old CodesShadow Council-USJan 1, 202942025
90La Bella MorteShadow Council-USJan 1, 202981025
90Làwlèss IntèntìonsShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029118025
90Le Rouge de MourteShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029138025
90League of Oceania (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 2029159025
90League of RavenholdtShadow Council-USJan 1, 202959525
90Legion of the ÐamnedShadow Council-USJan 1, 202956525
90Legion of ValourShadow Council-USJan 1, 202987525
90Lethal IntentShadow Council-USJan 1, 202982025
90LookingForGoodShadow Council-USJan 1, 202956525
90Lost CauseShadow Council-USJan 1, 202974525
90Lost In TimeShadow Council-USJan 1, 202928025
90Lost Knights Of AzerothShadow Council-USJan 1, 202955025
90Lunar ShadesShadow Council-USJan 1, 202954525
90Mad Cow DiseaseShadow Council-USJan 1, 202971025
90Mi FamiliaShadow Council-USJan 1, 202970025
90Morally BankruptShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029104525
90Mordavian KnightsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202944025
90Murlocs ate my HomeworkShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029110525
90my back hurtsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202934525
90Nerd RageShadow Council-USJan 1, 202941025
90NubcakesShadow Council-USJan 1, 202962525
90Nunquam Non ParatusShadow Council-USJan 1, 202915025
90OderintDumMetuantShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029127025
90OmnipresenceShadow Council-USJan 1, 202960025
90On The Wings Of MaybeShadow Council-USJan 1, 202972025
90Order of TrecklaconShadow Council-USJan 1, 202976025
90Organization XllIShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029150025
90Passion of the ElvesShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029112525
90Pervian EmpireShadow Council-USJan 1, 202954525
90Phoenix Heart (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 2029161025
90Phoenix RisenShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029106025
90Power TripShadow Council-USJan 1, 202942025
90PredatorIIShadow Council-USJan 1, 202943025
90Primal NeatherShadow Council-USJan 1, 202928025
90PrimevalShadow Council-USJan 1, 202968025
90Priory of SionShadow Council-USJan 1, 202931025
90Project MayhemShadow Council-USJan 1, 202969025
90Protectors of the FallenShadow Council-USJan 1, 202959025
90PsychotiksShadow Council-USJan 1, 202970525
90Ravens WyrdShadow Council-USJan 1, 202976525
90Reckless MayhemShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029131025
90Reckless VengeanceShadow Council-USJan 1, 202922025
90Red DawnShadow Council-USJan 1, 202952025
90Redefined DefinabilityShadow Council-USJan 1, 202960025
90Relic HuntersShadow Council-USJan 1, 202920025
90Rhyme and ReasonShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029110025
90Rising UnityShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029105525
90Rocs MaraudersShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029116525
90Royal OrderShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029159025
90SanctuaryShadow Council-USJan 1, 202987525
90Sanguine RequiemShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029153025
90Sapphire Sinners (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 2029180025
90School of WoW (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 2029127025
90Secret NightmaresShadow Council-USJan 1, 202918025
90Seductive DreamersShadow Council-USJan 1, 202951525
90seireteiShadow Council-USJan 1, 202977025
90Sentinels of TwilightShadow Council-USJan 1, 202959025
90Shadows of AngelsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202953025
90Shadows of DawnShadow Council-USJan 1, 202970025
90Shadowstorm Legion (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 2029149025
90Shattered DominionShadow Council-USJan 1, 202939525
90Shot the FoodShadow Council-USJan 1, 202964025
90Silver DragoonsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202979525
90Sleeping ForestShadow Council-USJan 1, 202938525
90Something ElseShadow Council-USJan 1, 202986025
90Southern Water TribeShadow Council-USJan 1, 202962525
90Spot CheckShadow Council-USJan 1, 202962025
90Squirrel MafiaShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029144025
90Steal Your FaceShadow Council-USJan 1, 202971525
90Suns of AnubisShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029164025
90TCtwoShadow Council-USJan 1, 202927525
90The AbyssShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029117025
90The BaneShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029135025
90The Broken BladeShadow Council-USJan 1, 202972025
90The Dark CrusadersShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029127525
90The Devils DisciplesShadow Council-USJan 1, 202924025
90The Divine ConspiracyShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029146025
90The DúnedainShadow Council-USJan 1, 202940025
90The Fallen WarriorsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202911025
90The Family JewelsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202933525
90The ForgotenonesShadow Council-USJan 1, 202926025
90The Forgotten WarriorsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202920025
90The Gnashing WayShadow Council-USJan 1, 202948025
90The Guardian of AzerothShadow Council-USJan 1, 202947025
90The Guardians Of AzerothShadow Council-USJan 1, 202926025
90The Immortal LeagueShadow Council-USJan 1, 202988025
90The Jade HandShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029129025
90The KnightsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202921025
90The Lin KueiShadow Council-USJan 1, 202924025
90The Lost CrusadersShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029101025
90The NightsWatchShadow Council-USJan 1, 202997525
90The QuebecersShadow Council-USJan 1, 202960025
90The Ravens HallShadow Council-USJan 1, 202930525
90The ShadowShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029101525
90The Silver DragoonsShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029124525
90The Sleepless KnightsShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029157025
90The ThirstShadow Council-USJan 1, 202943525
90The Unbound BroodShadow Council-USJan 1, 202975525
90The Wild Hunt (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 2029143025
90The World EaterShadow Council-USJan 1, 202968025
90Them FoolsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202971525
90ThunderstruckShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029124525
90Toxic EternityShadow Council-USJan 1, 202958525
90UnbrokenShadow Council-USJan 1, 202960025
90UnchainedShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029155025
90Undercity Is BurningShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029123025
90Unity at a PriceShadow Council-USJan 1, 202952525
90UnlegionShadow Council-USJan 1, 202972025
90Untold SecretsShadow Council-USJan 1, 202941025
90UnunoctiumShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029144025
90UTOPIAShadow Council-USJan 1, 202935025
90VanguardShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029122025
90Virtus AeternumShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029116025
90Warlords Of Draenor (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 202951525
90Wolf PackShadow Council-USJan 1, 202929525
90Yummy Yummy Snack SnackShadow Council-USJan 1, 202936025
294army of the deadShadow Council-US-34024
294Digital AddictsShadow Council-US-50024
294l Souls United lShadow Council-US-43024
294Rabble Rabble RabbleShadow Council-US-6024
294The Adventure CompanyShadow Council-US-14524
294The Eternal RequiemShadow Council-US-36024
294The FelswornShadow Council-US-85024
294The Rotten TomatoesShadow Council-US-25024
294The Ruined LordsShadow Council-US-37024
294The WayShadow Council-US-41024
294Victorious SecretShadow Council-US-19024
294WarguardShadow Council-US-63524
306Acta SanctorumShadow Council-US-36023
306Bloody PyratsShadow Council-US-13023
306Dawn ChapterShadow Council-US-42023
306Just The Two Of UsShadow Council-US-17023
306Stygian UnitedShadow Council-US-25523
306Surface to Face GrenadeShadow Council-US-47523
306The DreamingShadow Council-US-37023
306The Scarlet ReformationShadow Council-US-72523
314And My Lame FriendsShadow Council-US-20022
314Endless LegacyShadow Council-US-30022
314FE Sixth SenseShadow Council-US-8022
314JSMShadow Council-US-29022
314KrullShadow Council-US-48022
314MuseShadow Council-US-37022
314OmëgaShadow Council-US-89022
314Reimu no RyuuShadow Council-US-24022
314Scion of PsycheShadow Council-US-53522
314The Dark DisciplesShadow Council-US-34022
314The Winterspring RequiemShadow Council-US-115022
314Varchild CrusadersShadow Council-US-39022
326Apocalyptic ParadiseShadow Council-US-38021
326Fox HillShadow Council-US-64021
326Intensive Care UnitShadow Council-US-43021
326Knights of ChaosShadow Council-US-55021
326liquidateShadow Council-US-51021
326PandaloveShadow Council-US-43021
326Pirates of PizazzShadow Council-US-46021
326RevelationsShadow Council-US-59021
326Rogues Take Zero SkillShadow Council-US-51021
326TrinityShadow Council-US-85021
336Aradach FionnShadow Council-US-26020
336ExiledShadow Council-US-32520
336FreelanceShadow Council-US-26020
336Risky BusinessShadow Council-US-27020
336Touch of VoodooShadow Council-US-53020
341angles of darknessShadow Council-US-16019
341Away TeamShadow Council-US-13019
341Blood LancersShadow Council-US-62019
341Dragons of OldShadow Council-US-27019
341Family of BloodShadow Council-US-12019
341Grim ReaperShadow Council-US-12019
341Guardians of Dark StuffShadow Council-US-34019
341Im In A GuildShadow Council-US-18019
341Le MarcheShadow Council-US-5019
341New HorizonShadow Council-US-20019
341PoundtownShadow Council-US-24019
341Shadow BullzShadow Council-US-26019
341The Kings GloryShadow Council-US-29019
341Turtle PalaceShadow Council-US-34019
355Deth Wynd ClanShadow Council-US-9018
355dragons nestShadow Council-US-24018
355Five MagicsShadow Council-US-18018
355Grim and MetalShadow Council-US-75518
355JackpotShadow Council-US-15018
355Pincer MovementShadow Council-US-36018
355Ronin AllianceShadow Council-US-43018
355The Devils RejectsShadow Council-US-27018
355The Old OnesShadow Council-US-20018
355VandalierShadow Council-US-9018
365ACME CoShadow Council-US-36017
365BastionShadow Council-US-54517
365Blaze ItShadow Council-US-21017
365Blessed Hell RidersShadow Council-US-31017
365Crimson PawShadow Council-US-32017
365Death RattleShadow Council-US-19017
365KILLBORNShadow Council-US-17017
365Knights of CamelotShadow Council-US-9017
365Knights Of The RoundShadow Council-US-24017
365The Eternal BrotherhoodShadow Council-US-17017
365Touch of DestinyShadow Council-US-5017
376Attorneys at LawlShadow Council-US-40516
376CorruptedShadow Council-US-8016
376DarkstarsShadow Council-US-20016
376Devils AdvocateShadow Council-US-14016
376Just Buff MeShadow Council-US-15016
376No Rest for the WickedShadow Council-US-16016
376ProtectorsShadow Council-US-12016
376scuba ninjasShadow Council-US-31016
376Swords of HonorShadow Council-US-29016
376The Ook DookersShadow Council-US-30016
376Zebs ArmyShadow Council-US-15016
387Blood of HeroesShadow Council-US-6015
387Fait AccompliShadow Council-US-19015
387Imperial RegulatorsShadow Council-US-22015
387Landlocked Nautical TeamShadow Council-US-20015
387Legion of ValorShadow Council-US-27015
387LightbringersShadow Council-US-11015
387MillenionShadow Council-US-88015
387omegakatShadow Council-US-5015
387Shadow AnnihilationShadow Council-US-24015
387VaffenculoShadow Council-US-26015
387We Raid ToplessShadow Council-US-21015
387Wings of VengeanceShadow Council-US-29015
399CataclysmicShadow Council-US-22014
399Children of the StarsShadow Council-US-7014
399Cupcake RoyaltyShadow Council-US-13014
399Dead And DrippingShadow Council-US-47014
399Goat RodeoShadow Council-US-6014
399Insert Cliche Guild NameShadow Council-US-18014
399OhanaShadow Council-US-16014
399OrionShadow Council-US-22014
399Pessum PhasmatisShadow Council-US-13014
399Plausible DeniabilityShadow Council-US-39014
399ShadowheartsShadow Council-US-34014
399Soldiers of BetrayalShadow Council-US-19014
399Spoils of WarShadow Council-US-20014
399The Night WalkersShadow Council-US-14014
413A Light in the ShadowShadow Council-US-31013
413Banished SoulsShadow Council-US-6013
413Blood TraitorsShadow Council-US-6013
413CrossOverShadow Council-US-20013
413Dark ProphecyShadow Council-US-8013
413EpochShadow Council-US-12013
413Epsilon EridaniShadow Council-US-17013
413Harbingers of StrifeShadow Council-US-27013
413Has Left the GuildShadow Council-US-21013
413HeinekenShadow Council-US-24013
413Hellscreams RageShadow Council-US-10013
413Misbegotten of the GodsShadow Council-US-13013
413NoShadow Council-US-5013
413Order of Chaos KnightsShadow Council-US-37013
413Red Bats With TeethShadow Council-US-46013
413Salvadorian PowerShadow Council-US-27013
413Severed SanityShadow Council-US-57013
413Shades of GrayShadow Council-US-17013
413Streams of LifeShadow Council-US-9013
413Swords of the New DawnShadow Council-US-55013
413The EmbolishersShadow Council-US-9013
413The Endless NightShadow Council-US-19013
413The Gray WardShadow Council-US-12013
413Weekend RenegadesShadow Council-US-21013
413Westguard WardensShadow Council-US-12013
438AotSHShadow Council-US-45012
438ApocalypticShadow Council-US-12012
438Divining LightShadow Council-US-12012
438essence of warShadow Council-US-48012
438Fellowship of the CookieShadow Council-US-31012
438Fluffy BunnyShadow Council-US-32012
438Grimhammer ClanShadow Council-US-18012
438Souls of HonorShadow Council-US-10012
438The Explorers CommissionShadow Council-US-15012
438THE WHO DEY CLANShadow Council-US-15012
448All That RemainsShadow Council-US-16011
448BelieveShadow Council-US-12011
448DensetsutempShadow Council-US-56011
448DevstyleShadow Council-US-13011
448DysfunktionalShadow Council-US-12011
448GooniesShadow Council-US-23011
448La Cosa NostraShadow Council-US-13011
448Rent to PwnShadow Council-US-36011
448SorrowShadow Council-US-36011
448The Dark HandShadow Council-US-11011
448The Sixth ElementShadow Council-US-22011
448Third Street SaintsShadow Council-US-41011
448Unsung HeroesShadow Council-US-12011
461Bitter VictoryShadow Council-US-11010
461Crimson TalonShadow Council-US-18010
461digitaljesusShadow Council-US-9510
461EmpireShadow Council-US-35010
461KoReShadow Council-US-24010
461Rebels of the RebellionShadow Council-US-15010
461Sleepless KnightsShadow Council-US-8010
461Spartan SpringsShadow Council-US-21010
461ßlood of My ßloodShadow Council-US-7010
461The Guillotine CrewShadow Council-US-16010
461TouhouShadow Council-US-23010
461Twisting LightsShadow Council-US-28010
461Vanguard of the HordeShadow Council-US-13010
461VIPERS DENShadow Council-US-31010
475Adeptus ArbitesShadow Council-US-1309
475Crazy BreadShadow Council-US-509
475Death KnightsShadow Council-US-609
475For JirobriteShadow Council-US-1309
475Is under your deskShadow Council-US-2909
475Legion of DeathShadow Council-US-1009
475Limelight Stunt DoublesShadow Council-US-1309
475Little BrigadeShadow Council-US-1109
475NephilimShadow Council-US-4509
475RebelsShadow Council-US-1109
475the other guysShadow Council-US-809
475Toil and TroubleShadow Council-US-4409
475TràumáShadow Council-US-709
488Age of the PhoenixShadow Council-US-2758
488Deathfrost CrusadersShadow Council-US-708
488Dragonriders of AzerothShadow Council-US-1408
488Ebon Knights of DalaranShadow Council-US-1308
488None Return UnscarredShadow Council-US-3708
488OasisShadow Council-US-508
488Order of the Dark KnightShadow Council-US-3308
488Progressive EvolutionShadow Council-US-2008
488Red Dragon FlightShadow Council-US-2108
488Shrouded DawnShadow Council-US-208
488Silent AssassinsShadow Council-US-3708
499Ashes to AshesShadow Council-USSep 24, 20114708
500Auctions For LessShadow Council-US-4207
500Damage IncShadow Council-US-507
500Dead SetShadow Council-US-407
500Descending DarknessShadow Council-US-607
500Full CircleShadow Council-US-2807
500Laced ConfusionShadow Council-US-2907
500Legends of the ForgottenShadow Council-US-107
500Order of the Red HandShadow Council-US-2507
500Secret Of The ShadowsShadow Council-US-1507
500The clawShadow Council-US-907
500The Dark MortuaryShadow Council-US-207
500WolfsDenShadow Council-US-2107
500your mothers a hordeShadow Council-US-1007
513ArchEnemysShadow Council-US-206
513Army of the MoonShadow Council-US-806
513Dragons HollowShadow Council-US-306
513East Coast RaidersShadow Council-US-806
513Emortal WarriorsShadow Council-US-1406
513Fallen KnightsShadow Council-US-306
513Hellfire ClubShadow Council-US-1206
513Kittens Glitter SunshineShadow Council-US-506
513Legacy of GodsShadow Council-US-706
513LegendsShadow Council-US-1206
513RAIDZ BEFORE GRADESShadow Council-US-1706
513Shadow of EluneShadow Council-US-306
513SoloShadow Council-US-1406
513The Bloodrock ClanShadow Council-US-306
513The Bunny AngelsShadow Council-US-2906
513The Henchmans UnionShadow Council-US-6506
513The MobbShadow Council-US-1906
513WhiterunShadow Council-US-206
531Bayside TigersShadow Council-US-905
531Dark knightzShadow Council-US-905
531FriendsDontLetFriendsPVPShadow Council-US-1555
531Fun SizedShadow Council-US-1905
531HacheShadow Council-US-405
531ISISShadow Council-US-1305
531Order of the AncientsShadow Council-US-505
531Roses of AzerothShadow Council-US-805
531Shadows of OblivionShadow Council-US-905
531The Alliance NightmareShadow Council-US-505
531The Anubis BrotherhoodShadow Council-US-505
531The Children Of ShadowsShadow Council-US-205
531The Merry PrankstersShadow Council-US-1105
544BaneShadow Council-US-2504
544Blood to BleedShadow Council-US-704
544Cataclysm SurvivorsShadow Council-US-504
544Demonic FrenzyShadow Council-US-104
544GauntletShadow Council-US-1304
544GnometasiaShadow Council-US-504
544IronwatchShadow Council-US-1404
544Lieutenants of SylvanasShadow Council-US-804
544Royal BloodShadow Council-US-1654
544TEAM FRIENDSHIPShadow Council-US-204
544The TemplarsShadow Council-US-604
555CitadelShadow Council-USOct 24, 2011904
556ShadowFlame IncShadow Council-USJan 1, 20292554
557Blood Stained TabardShadow Council-US-103
557Coalition Of AWESOMEShadow Council-US-103
557ContingencyShadow Council-US-203
557Dos AmigosShadow Council-US-303
557FIREWINDShadow Council-US-203
557IRAShadow Council-US-503
557ProphecyShadow Council-US-603
557Sic Parvis MagnaShadow Council-US-1103
557Sweet AnarchyShadow Council-US-603
557The B TeamShadow Council-US-203
557The City IgnitesShadow Council-US-1503
557The Red Blade CorsairsShadow Council-US-603
557UnemployedShadow Council-US-203
570Echelon (10)Shadow Council-USJul 12, 2011853
571Brutal ForceShadow Council-USJan 1, 20291653
572Elemental LegionShadow Council-US-1052
572HegemonyShadow Council-US-302
572Poof They are GoneShadow Council-US-402
572RenderShadow Council-US-1002
572ROLLIN THUNDERShadow Council-US-102
572Sisterhood of SteelShadow Council-US-102
572The ThundercallersShadow Council-US-302
572The Truffle ShuffleShadow Council-US-302
572Wrath of the TitansShadow Council-US-502
572Yard GnomesShadow Council-US-202
572Zangarmarsh Day TripShadow Council-US-102
583The Dedicated FewShadow Council-USJul 30, 2011102
584Hidden DangersShadow Council-USSep 3, 20111402
585CatalystShadow Council-USJan 24, 2012502
586ACME Labs PyrotechnicsShadow Council-US-01
586AdeptShadow Council-US-01
586AncientsShadow Council-US-301
586AshesShadow Council-US-301
586BakshiShadow Council-US-01
586Bank of ChadShadow Council-US-01
586Bank of WürstShadow Council-US-101
586Battle TrollsShadow Council-US-101
586Blizzard Dragon RidersShadow Council-US-01
586Blood Knights of AzerothShadow Council-US-01
586BloodbanditSShadow Council-US-101
586Brothers at ArmsShadow Council-US-01
586BubblesShadow Council-US-01
586Canadian ElitesShadow Council-US-01
586ChaoticShadow Council-US-01
586Cow Liberation FrontShadow Council-US-01
586DefiasSecuritySolutionsShadow Council-US-01
586Destructive DesiresShadow Council-US-01
586Divine InterventionShadow Council-US-01
586Dont Trust AnyoneShadow Council-US-01
586Dragon LordsShadow Council-US-01
586DragonsongShadow Council-US-01
586Drakes Deadly DrivenShadow Council-US-01
586ElysianShadow Council-US-01
586Essence of AriesShadow Council-US-301
586EverloreShadow Council-US-01
586ExemplariShadow Council-US-01
586Fairy TalesShadow Council-US-01
586Fight ClubShadow Council-US-01
586Garroshs DisorderShadow Council-US-01
586Harbingers of FailShadow Council-US-01
586Hell ReaversShadow Council-US-01
586HeroShadow Council-US-101
586Hoarders AnonymousShadow Council-US-01
586Holy MightShadow Council-US-01
586House AllerianShadow Council-US-01
586Impossible PerfectionShadow Council-US-01
586JB Pee PeeShadow Council-US-01
586Jungle FeverShadow Council-US-801
586KATASHIShadow Council-US-01
586Knight of the Blood OathShadow Council-US-01
586Knights of IthacaShadow Council-US-101
586Knights Of The BloodOathShadow Council-US-01
586KNIGHTS TEMPLARShadow Council-US-01
586Knights TemplârShadow Council-US-01
586Kollidge FundShadow Council-US-01
586Lakeshire Dredging CoShadow Council-US-01
586Languid ApathyShadow Council-US-01
586Last PullShadow Council-US-01
586League of AssasinsShadow Council-US-01
586Left BehindShadow Council-US-01
586LegâcyShadow Council-US-01
586Legion of LordsShadow Council-US-01
586Lightbound WrathShadow Council-US-01
586Lost AvatarsShadow Council-US-01
586Lost WingsShadow Council-US-101
586Mercenary LegionShadow Council-US-01
586Mum Caught Me GankenShadow Council-US-01
586My Goldfish Is On FireShadow Council-US-01
586Ne Humanus CredeShadow Council-US-01
586NefariousShadow Council-US-01
586Nephalem CovenShadow Council-US-01
586Office spaceShadow Council-US-01
586Point of ImpactShadow Council-US-01
586Pretty Purple PoniesShadow Council-US-01
586ProspectzShadow Council-US-01
586Protectorate of SecretsShadow Council-US-01
586Rank oneShadow Council-US-01
586Reign in BloodShadow Council-US-301
586RepublicShadow Council-US-01
586RevokedShadow Council-US-01
586Riders of the MarkShadow Council-US-01
586Sadhus Of The SmokeShadow Council-US-01
586SedsoShadow Council-US-01
586Shadow DancyrsShadow Council-US-01
586shadow jugmentShadow Council-US-01
586ShadowDragonsShadow Council-US-01
586SilenceShadow Council-US-01
586Snow Of CompassionShadow Council-US-01
586Solo ActShadow Council-US-101
586team aquaShadow Council-US-01
586The blood of soulsShadow Council-US-01
586The Bold n The BeautifulShadow Council-US-01
586the Brownie MonstersShadow Council-US-301
586The Circle of ChampionsShadow Council-US-01
586The Dark PassengersShadow Council-US-01
586The DeadmenShadow Council-US-01
586The Deepspace PiratesShadow Council-US-101
586The Fâllen AngelsShadow Council-US-01
586The Falling HammerShadow Council-US-01
586The Firehouse n PubShadow Council-US-01
586The Guild DenShadow Council-US-01
586The Knights Blood OathShadow Council-US-01
586The Legion of DoomShadow Council-US-01
586The MadhouseShadow Council-US-01
586The Order of the StickShadow Council-US-101
586The RemnantsShadow Council-US-01
586The True HordeShadow Council-US-01
586Thunder BuddiesShadow Council-US-301
586Thunderbluff SteakhouseShadow Council-US-101
586Tortured SoulsShadow Council-US-01
586Touch of EvilShadow Council-US-101
586Turtle KnightsShadow Council-US-01
586Twilight EclipseShadow Council-US-01
586Twilight StorageShadow Council-US-01
586Twilights OblivionShadow Council-US-01
586UltimatumShadow Council-US-301
586Union of Eternal MoonsShadow Council-US-01
586Victrix MortalisShadow Council-US-01
586VipersDenShadow Council-US-01
586VisionShadow Council-US-01
586Voljins VanguardShadow Council-US-01
586Warriors of DarknessShadow Council-US-01
586Wings of TomorrowShadow Council-US-101
586ZBankShadow Council-US-01
586Zero ToleranceShadow Council-US-01
702Natural ReactionShadow Council-USJul 16, 2011101
703Reprise (10)Shadow Council-USJul 28, 20111251
704Frozen YogurtShadow Council-USAug 29, 2011401
705ASCENDANTSShadow Council-USFeb 21, 2012101
706brimstoneShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029401
706DispøsedShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029301
706Exodus (10)Shadow Council-USJan 1, 20291701
706Keepers of the BifröstShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029101
706Riddle of SteelShadow Council-USJan 1, 2029901

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