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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Scarshield Legion-EU Guild Levels
1Doomhammers Legacy (10)Scarshield Legion-EUApr 6, 2011203025
2Unfinished SympathyScarshield Legion-EUApr 10, 2011164025
3HusariaScarshield Legion-EUApr 20, 2011141025
3Pogranicznicy (10)Scarshield Legion-EUApr 20, 2011222525
5Legio GlacialisScarshield Legion-EUApr 22, 2011162025
6Ire InfernusScarshield Legion-EUApr 23, 2011194025
7Disillusion (10)Scarshield Legion-EUMay 1, 2011200525
7The Rumsey RumblersScarshield Legion-EUMay 1, 201194525
9Circus (10)Scarshield Legion-EUMay 3, 2011143025
10Aftermath (10)Scarshield Legion-EUMay 4, 2011173025
11UnnaturalScarshield Legion-EUMay 11, 2011161025
12Nine Six OneScarshield Legion-EUMay 18, 2011108525
13The HavenScarshield Legion-EUMay 23, 2011153525
14NordlysScarshield Legion-EUJun 1, 2011194025
15AltsScarshield Legion-EUJun 11, 2011103525
16SarmatiaScarshield Legion-EUJun 12, 2011118525
16TenmenitScarshield Legion-EUJun 12, 2011114025
18HomelandScarshield Legion-EUJun 24, 2011186025
19Cenarion SerpentsScarshield Legion-EUJun 25, 2011139525
20InvictusScarshield Legion-EUJun 30, 2011101525
21Immortality (10)Scarshield Legion-EUJul 4, 2011232525
22Ferus (10)Scarshield Legion-EUJul 6, 2011217025
23ConfusedScarshield Legion-EUJul 16, 2011131025
24Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EUAug 17, 2011156025
25Menethil Motorcycle GangScarshield Legion-EUAug 23, 2011173025
25Veil of ShadowsScarshield Legion-EUAug 23, 201170025
27Ninja HKzScarshield Legion-EUSep 1, 2011101525
28TaintedScarshield Legion-EUSep 2, 2011151025
29Destiny UnknownScarshield Legion-EUSep 22, 2011129525
30PurgeScarshield Legion-EUOct 15, 201198025
31InceptionScarshield Legion-EUNov 6, 2011139025
32Dragon Raiders (10)Scarshield Legion-EUJan 3, 2012178025
33DeathguardScarshield Legion-EUJan 16, 201295525
34Cold BloodScarshield Legion-EUJan 30, 2012145025
35Jumalan RuoskaScarshield Legion-EUFeb 10, 201295025
36MalevolenceScarshield Legion-EUFeb 23, 201281025
37Soldiers of FortuneScarshield Legion-EUJun 17, 2012149025
38Abyssal (10)Scarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 2029108525
38and her altsScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202957025
38ApocalypsisScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202969025
38AscendanceScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202974025
38Ascending DawnScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202981025
38Assault And Recon CorpsScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202953025
38Blood and AshScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202973525
38BoXiTScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202927025
38Centzon TotochtinScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202947525
38Completely R O N I NScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202977525
38Darkspear RebelsScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202958525
38DomineScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202993525
38EpixplixScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202939025
38Faithless Rebirth (10)Scarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 2029122025
38Fists of PandariaScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202953025
38KefirScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202966525
38Leap of FaithScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202953025
38Legends of the DawnScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202995525
38Lumé QuentaScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202934025
38myth and magicScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202936025
38Original GankstersScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202943525
38Protection RacketeersScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202940025
38Real Men Wear PinkScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202935025
38Sang RealScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 2029122525
38SAPOS (10)Scarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 2029137525
38Shadow of FearScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202968025
38Storm Lords ReloadedScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202953525
38Stormwind Royal GuardScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202942025
38Stormwolf HowlersScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202917525
38The AmazingScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202987525
38The AuthorityScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202954525
38The AwakenedScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 2029103025
38The BossesScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202933025
38The cool HoedScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202969025
38the farmerScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202988525
38The FirmScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202955525
38The HubScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202941525
38The Night WalkersScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202962525
38The ProtectorsScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202980525
38The RisenScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202994525
38The ShadowsScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202926025
38Tranquillity (10)Scarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 2029123025
38VanguardScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202959025
38Warriors of the AllianceScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 202943025
82ORDER OF DRAGONScarshield Legion-EU-56024
83Stormsaber SentinelsScarshield Legion-EU-94023
84DesolationScarshield Legion-EU-40022
84LostScarshield Legion-EU-62522
84Not too Smart to LearnScarshield Legion-EU-42022
84Warlords Of HollandScarshield Legion-EU-18022
84WARRIORS OF WOWScarshield Legion-EU-24022
89Ashen OrderScarshield Legion-EU-116521
89doom raidersScarshield Legion-EU-35021
89Rough JusticeScarshield Legion-EU-77021
92Children of the AsylumScarshield Legion-EU-27020
92lion justaceScarshield Legion-EU-26020
92NoctemScarshield Legion-EU-45020
92Role ModelsScarshield Legion-EU-42520
92The Light Dawn CrusadeScarshield Legion-EU-20020
97A Good Day to DieScarshield Legion-EU-47019
97DepartedScarshield Legion-EU-42019
97Wanted Dead or AliveScarshield Legion-EU-96019
100D A N KScarshield Legion-EU-24018
100Elite CoreScarshield Legion-EU-58018
100LykkebringerneScarshield Legion-EU-40018
100Mount MillitiaScarshield Legion-EU-47018
100PvP MadNessScarshield Legion-EU-15018
100The Grey GoldScarshield Legion-EU-58018
106The ReckonersScarshield Legion-EU-61017
106Theatre of CrueltyScarshield Legion-EU-41017
106WIZARDCLEAVEScarshield Legion-EU-28017
109Blue screen of DeathScarshield Legion-EU-14016
109Department of PhilosophyScarshield Legion-EU-18016
109SerenítyScarshield Legion-EU-51016
109The ChosenScarshield Legion-EU-73016
109Winterspring KnightsScarshield Legion-EU-21016
114KalimdorksScarshield Legion-EU-37015
114SwayScarshield Legion-EU-42015
114Thé AvengersScarshield Legion-EU-14015
114The SleepwalkersScarshield Legion-EU-14015
114VersedScarshield Legion-EU-44015
119FUGScarshield Legion-EU-8014
119Hangin With My GnomiesScarshield Legion-EU-22014
121Deathwings HeroesScarshield Legion-EU-28013
121Evil DeedsScarshield Legion-EU-42013
121Lunar LureScarshield Legion-EU-17013
121The BrotherhoodScarshield Legion-EU-42013
121The Flaming FistsScarshield Legion-EU-39013
126Andraste CadiforsScarshield Legion-EU-13012
126Avenged WarriorsScarshield Legion-EU-27012
126Khef Ka and Ka tetScarshield Legion-EU-12512
126Knights of ScarshieldScarshield Legion-EU-31012
126MercuryScarshield Legion-EU-35012
131DismantleScarshield Legion-EU-21011
131Fortuna Imperatrix MundiScarshield Legion-EU-14011
131LFFScarshield Legion-EU-29011
134Red ScaleScarshield Legion-EUJul 25, 201118511
135Frozen HeroesScarshield Legion-EU-22010
135Party In The BeardScarshield Legion-EU-29010
135Ultimate PredatorsScarshield Legion-EU-14010
135Valliance SerpentsScarshield Legion-EU-33010
139Ad UndasScarshield Legion-EU-1109
139Cotton eye JoesScarshield Legion-EU-1609
139Exalted With Your SisterScarshield Legion-EU-1809
139Heavy HeartsScarshield Legion-EU-8309
139Pineapple PiratesScarshield Legion-EU-2609
139R E V E L A T I O NScarshield Legion-EU-4109
139Syd lysetScarshield Legion-EU-3209
139The Village PeopleScarshield Legion-EU-1909
147Extreme SpeedScarshield Legion-EU-1408
148All By MyselfScarshield Legion-EU-2107
148Burning RaidersScarshield Legion-EU-1207
148Greed Is GoodScarshield Legion-EU-1607
148LifeS BreathEScarshield Legion-EU-2107
148LoonsquadScarshield Legion-EU-1307
148The ExilesScarshield Legion-EU-907
148The Reaping SoulsScarshield Legion-EU-2607
148The Woodhill ClanScarshield Legion-EU-1307
156Echoes of LordaeronScarshield Legion-EU-306
156ViolenceScarshield Legion-EU-2506
158ExtinctionScarshield Legion-EU-505
158Khazrand ta KhazmodanScarshield Legion-EU-505
158Shadows of AzerothScarshield Legion-EU-2105
161Dark RisingScarshield Legion-EU-1304
161Dry FistScarshield Legion-EU-2804
161FringeScarshield Legion-EU-704
161Guards of StowmindScarshield Legion-EU-404
161Kalimdor OutridersScarshield Legion-EU-804
161The SanctuaryScarshield Legion-EU-1304
167LegionScarshield Legion-EU-1603
167Lost in AzerothScarshield Legion-EU-2403
167Order of the GryphonScarshield Legion-EU-403
167RegroupedScarshield Legion-EU-103
167SkorporScarshield Legion-EU-2303
167The Ebon ConclaveScarshield Legion-EU-1203
167The Unseen HandScarshield Legion-EU-1003
174Descendants of MadnessScarshield Legion-EUMay 27, 20111053
175AquariumScarshield Legion-EU-1202
175Avatars of TormentScarshield Legion-EU-302
175SindoreiScarshield Legion-EU-602
178A Poison TreeScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Battle ToadsScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Bear SchoolScarshield Legion-EU-01
178BEEP BEEP Im a JeepScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Better Luck Next TimeScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Beyond PrideScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Bloodsworn VanguardScarshield Legion-EU-01
178BloodwindScarshield Legion-EU-01
178CandlekeepScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Closed CircleScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Cookie MonstersScarshield Legion-EU-01
178CorleoneScarshield Legion-EU-01
178DemonsScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Deus VoxScarshield Legion-EU-01
178DiddyKillersScarshield Legion-EU-01
178DominionScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Dont Make Me Get My MainScarshield Legion-EU-01
178EmpireScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Engineering CoScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Fellowship of WanderersScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Flame of NeltharionScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Forsaken RaidersScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Give you soulScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Gryphon HammersScarshield Legion-EU-2351
178Hells AngelScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Heroic TemplarsScarshield Legion-EU-01
178HybrisScarshield Legion-EU-101
178InterfectoresScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Kelstenkovsky CoScarshield Legion-EU-01
178KnäckbrödScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Knights of LegendScarshield Legion-EU-01
178LATE NIGHT CLUBScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Less FortunateScarshield Legion-EU-01
178NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU-01
178NightingalesScarshield Legion-EU-01
178No Skill Just LuckScarshield Legion-EU-101
178Non OblivionScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Öwes EntertainmentScarshield Legion-EU-01
178OyuncularScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Pa the GreatScarshield Legion-EU-01
178ParadoxScarshield Legion-EU-01
178peanut paradiseScarshield Legion-EU-01
178PestilenceScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Preperatus SupervivetScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Primal FusionScarshield Legion-EU-01
178PurePvPScarshield Legion-EU-01
178R O N I NScarshield Legion-EU-101
178Rise of HeroesScarshield Legion-EU-301
178Saints Of The NorthScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Sanctuary of DreamsScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Servants Of The AncientScarshield Legion-EU-101
178ShrikeScarshield Legion-EU-01
178sky is the limitScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Slayer AllianceScarshield Legion-EU-01
178SoulforgeScarshield Legion-EU-01
178SphereScarshield Legion-EU-01
178The Cellar DoorScarshield Legion-EU-1701
178The Dark WarlordsScarshield Legion-EU-01
178The Dawn CrusadeScarshield Legion-EU-01
178The Eternium OrderScarshield Legion-EU-201
178The IncendiumScarshield Legion-EU-01
178The Knights of DeathScarshield Legion-EU-01
178The PantheonScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Turgon MelwasùlScarshield Legion-EU-101
178Twisted FateScarshield Legion-EU-01
178United NationsScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Valar MorghulisScarshield Legion-EU-01
178VARGScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Viides ElementtiScarshield Legion-EU-01
178VitalityScarshield Legion-EU-01
178Watchers of AshranScarshield Legion-EU-01
178WildbornScarshield Legion-EU-01
250Northrend ExposureScarshield Legion-EUMay 4, 2011801
251Whack A DragonScarshield Legion-EUJan 1, 20291701

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