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Lightning's Blade-EU Guild Levels
1SimulacrumLightning's Blade-EUApr 16, 2011187525
2League of DuskLightning's Blade-EUMay 9, 2011111525
3Unicorn CrewLightning's Blade-EUMay 17, 201197025
4Myrrh (10)Lightning's Blade-EUMay 22, 2011154025
5NorthskaunersLightning's Blade-EUJun 30, 201186025
6PoseidonLightning's Blade-EUJul 5, 2011134025
7CAPS and s p a c e sLightning's Blade-EUJul 6, 2011165025
8Daisy SpringLightning's Blade-EUJul 8, 201190025
9CaldeumLightning's Blade-EUJul 15, 2011125025
10VrtraLightning's Blade-EUJul 17, 2011123525
11F R E E M A S O N SLightning's Blade-EUJul 20, 201194525
12Heroes Of The Lost WorldLightning's Blade-EUJul 25, 201182025
13TurpasaunaLightning's Blade-EUJul 29, 2011123025
14DreamcatcherLightning's Blade-EUAug 3, 2011190525
15Dark Iron MononenLightning's Blade-EUAug 18, 2011108025
16Darkness ComesLightning's Blade-EUAug 20, 201176525
17Band of ComradesLightning's Blade-EUAug 21, 201163025
18spánk you very muchLightning's Blade-EUSep 20, 201184525
19TEN (10)Lightning's Blade-EUJan 4, 2012167025
20VanquishersLightning's Blade-EUJan 12, 2012147025
21HellsBellsLightning's Blade-EUFeb 8, 201298525
22AtlasLightning's Blade-EUApr 5, 2012104525
23ACSELightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202972025
23AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029159025
23AnastasiaLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202969525
23Ancient PropheciesLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202978025
23Andromeda (10)Lightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202976525
23BalloonLuversLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202952025
23Bootneckers is AFKLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202994025
23D e n i e dLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202950025
23Dark Blood PartyLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202933525
23Dark CreatorsLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202930025
23Dead Gnomes Dont LieLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202936525
23death or gloryLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029143025
23DecadenceLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202936525
23DeterminationLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202936525
23EfeS BiLSeNLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202944025
23EliteMastersLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202961025
23eXodus (25)Lightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029163525
23FLASHPOINTLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029121025
23Guardians of BloodLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202980025
23Heroes LeagueLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202942025
23HomelessLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202976025
23Horde MaffiaLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202938025
23how i met ur sisterLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202956025
23In WonderlandLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202974025
23InceptionLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202962025
23InfexiousLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029117025
23Infinite FuryLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029184025
23Jolley JumpersLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029122025
23Kodos From HellLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029100025
23Leveling FriendsLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202949025
23LupgaruLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202952025
23MAFIOSOLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202988025
23Memories of Lost SoulsLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029145025
23MooTownLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202971025
23Moral DecayLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202967525
23NazgûlLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029127525
23Night CrusadeLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202986025
23No More HeroesLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202986525
23Northern GranditLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202986525
23Order of ValheruLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202951525
23P U L S ËLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202955025
23PandaLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202931025
23PANDEMICLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202981525
23PerseveranceLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029100025
23Pitsa Fapa KsaplaLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202972025
23PlayzonlineLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202989025
23PrimeLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202981525
23PvPonysLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202996025
23Quoth the RavenLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202969025
23RareLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202948025
23SaunaLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202969025
23Shades Of DeathLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202945525
23shiny sandalsLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202965525
23Taste good in ur mouthLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202937525
23TemppeliritaritLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029133025
23The Death AngelsLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202952525
23The SwayLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029154025
23The UnforgivenLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202944525
23UnaffectedLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202984525
23VanityLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202963025
23Z e v e nLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202948025
84QQpowahLightning's Blade-EU-17024
85Close to PerfectionLightning's Blade-EU-73023
85Jacks PackLightning's Blade-EU-18023
85RedMoonLightning's Blade-EU-34023
85RetroActionLightning's Blade-EU-58023
89E t e r n a l sLightning's Blade-EU-18522
90Archaic OrderLightning's Blade-EUApr 20, 201176522
91AmberLeafLightning's Blade-EU-65521
92Tranquil DreamLightning's Blade-EU-72020
93Ancient DefilersLightning's Blade-EUApr 21, 201133020
94eFamouzLightning's Blade-EU-68019
94Might And MagicLightning's Blade-EU-66019
96AristocracyLightning's Blade-EU-44518
96NIUVALightning's Blade-EU-56018
96The TitansLightning's Blade-EU-33018
96Triforze FTWLightning's Blade-EU-35018
96Tulips and DaffodilsLightning's Blade-EU-35018
101HardKorLightning's Blade-EU-64017
101Savage KidsLightning's Blade-EU-60017
101Why So SeriousLightning's Blade-EU-46017
104AetherLightning's Blade-EU-38016
104best guild eu jk worldLightning's Blade-EU-20016
104Rabbits of CaerbannogLightning's Blade-EU-39016
104The ForgottenLightning's Blade-EU-44016
104Vigor InstinctsLightning's Blade-EU-54016
104WarpedLightning's Blade-EU-39016
110SignaTrueLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202921516
111Alt Under CtrlLightning's Blade-EU-39015
111No Pain No GainLightning's Blade-EU-68015
111PwnhubLightning's Blade-EU-29015
111UniqueLightning's Blade-EU-48015
111Xero z KotaLightning's Blade-EU-54015
116Myst (10)Lightning's Blade-EUApr 14, 201175515
117Dark MatterLightning's Blade-EUJul 17, 201124515
118All inLightning's Blade-EU-34014
118B A N N E DLightning's Blade-EU-30014
118memOrialLightning's Blade-EU-20514
118ParodyLightning's Blade-EU-37014
118The CreatorsLightning's Blade-EU-70014
123DreamLightning's Blade-EU-30013
123iGNORELightning's Blade-EU-38013
123Monkey TennisLightning's Blade-EU-56013
126AH GodfathersLightning's Blade-EU-19012
126BuspojkarnaLightning's Blade-EU-35012
126GBLightning's Blade-EU-32012
126LuftslottetLightning's Blade-EU-34012
126Pure RushLightning's Blade-EU-23012
131Persona GrataLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 202923012
132BenknäckargängetLightning's Blade-EU-12011
132Blood RushLightning's Blade-EU-16011
132Forces of DarknessLightning's Blade-EU-28011
132Fortuitus IncursioLightning's Blade-EU-43011
132FreelancersLightning's Blade-EU-9011
132Horde BrothersLightning's Blade-EU-21011
132Riders of OrgrimmarLightning's Blade-EU-31011
132SanctuaryLightning's Blade-EU-34011
132WarbringersLightning's Blade-EU-28011
141Celestial AfflictionLightning's Blade-EU-30010
141GoneLightning's Blade-EU-15010
141IllusionLightning's Blade-EU-16010
141IndurainLightning's Blade-EU-31010
141W A S T E DLightning's Blade-EU-35010
146B r e t h r e nLightning's Blade-EUApr 6, 201137010
147U L D U MLightning's Blade-EUApr 29, 201157010
148NordlysetLightning's Blade-EUAug 14, 201111010
149AmebankLightning's Blade-EU-709
149CrazyOneLightning's Blade-EU-1609
149DisrespectLightning's Blade-EU-3309
149Gutta på SkauenLightning's Blade-EU-309
149H E A V E NLightning's Blade-EU-1509
149HangoverLightning's Blade-EU-3709
149HydraxianLightning's Blade-EU-3209
149ParanoíaLightning's Blade-EU-2409
149PiratebayLightning's Blade-EU-2109
149VillainsLightning's Blade-EU-3109
149Waptor TwappersLightning's Blade-EU-1509
160IndecencyLightning's Blade-EUApr 27, 20111859
161Cow And ChickenLightning's Blade-EU-1508
161FamousLightning's Blade-EU-2508
161Gods of DeathLightning's Blade-EU-1208
161justwhileilvlLightning's Blade-EU-1708
161Meet Your MakerzLightning's Blade-EU-3108
161Strip My MindLightning's Blade-EU-2708
167Awkward SilenceLightning's Blade-EUJan 4, 20121958
168Blazing WingsLightning's Blade-EU-2507
168BrödernaLightning's Blade-EU-3307
168ClanKiosLightning's Blade-EU-1507
171Kickass UnicornsLightning's Blade-EUMay 20, 20114107
172Lord Helmets Royal Guard (10)Lightning's Blade-EUMay 31, 20112057
173Casuals with perksLightning's Blade-EU-856
173EutanasiaLightning's Blade-EU-1306
173FINAL CUTLightning's Blade-EU-1106
173For Kings And CookiesLightning's Blade-EU-2906
173Gone FishingLightning's Blade-EU-1206
173heroes of azerothLightning's Blade-EU-2006
173PerceptionLightning's Blade-EU-1206
173SogonatonLightning's Blade-EU-2506
173UnchainedLightning's Blade-EU-2306
182The AsylumLightning's Blade-EUApr 16, 20112706
183SeVeNLightning's Blade-EUMay 2, 20111456
184High SocietyLightning's Blade-EUJun 12, 20112406
185DreamersLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 20293356
185Nos Optima SuntLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 20291306
187Avatars of DarkLightning's Blade-EU-1605
187C u r s e dLightning's Blade-EU-905
187Lord HelmetsLightning's Blade-EU-1805
187MirageLightning's Blade-EU-1205
187Shining StarsLightning's Blade-EU-1805
187Swedish Royal RaidersLightning's Blade-EU-1105
187The DarklightLightning's Blade-EU-1005
187UnknownsLightning's Blade-EU-605
195Off TopicLightning's Blade-EUSep 22, 20111955
196Wayward Sons (10)Lightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 20291255
196Whitebeard CrewLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 20295055
198GentlemanLightning's Blade-EU-504
198Ice QueenLightning's Blade-EU-604
198ISTOCNO OD GAJNICALightning's Blade-EU-1204
198Knights of RetributionLightning's Blade-EU-904
198M D KLightning's Blade-EU-904
198NeonLightning's Blade-EU-04
198TeRRoRsQuaDLightning's Blade-EU-1104
205ConflictLightning's Blade-EUMay 4, 20112304
206Pirate FreakshowLightning's Blade-EUMay 23, 2011604
207Titanium (10)Lightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 20295104
208Ebay with SkillzLightning's Blade-EU-2603
208Faculty of CoxLightning's Blade-EU-1703
208NotoriousLightning's Blade-EU-203
208Pride Before FailLightning's Blade-EU-103
208Public EnemiesLightning's Blade-EU-903
208ReNeGaDeZLightning's Blade-EU-203
208The DarksideLightning's Blade-EU-503
208The GhostsLightning's Blade-EU-1503
208The Mighty KaljakoppaLightning's Blade-EU-703
208TranquilityLightning's Blade-EU-703
218EdgeLightning's Blade-EUJul 7, 20111353
219ÐominanceLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 20293503
220AnorimoiLightning's Blade-EU-902
220HavanaLightning's Blade-EU-1702
220One Eyed SnakeLightning's Blade-EU-2502
220ParsLightning's Blade-EU-702
220R E B I R T HLightning's Blade-EU-402
220Rubber duckies platoonLightning's Blade-EU-1002
226Suecia Nux (10)Lightning's Blade-EUOct 23, 2011752
227CrushLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 2029502
227OverkilILightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 20291652
227RAGE NORWAYLightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 20291002
230Ares RGLightning's Blade-EU-01
230ArmadonLightning's Blade-EU-01
230AWESOMELightning's Blade-EU-01
230Badge Of JusticeLightning's Blade-EU-101
230BattlegroundLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Blood ReaversLightning's Blade-EU-01
230ChaoticLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Creative GameplayLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Crittlers ClubLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Cry ThunderLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Dawn of WarLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Dead EternityLightning's Blade-EU-01
230DebaucheryLightning's Blade-EU-01
230DeliveranceLightning's Blade-EU-201
230Distinct AdvantageLightning's Blade-EU-01
230DranoshLightning's Blade-EU-01
230EnhaseasonLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Epic FabrikenLightning's Blade-EU-201
230Eternal OrderLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Eternally CondemnedLightning's Blade-EU-01
230F A L L E NLightning's Blade-EU-201
230ForTheHordeLightning's Blade-EU-01
230FriendlyLightning's Blade-EU-101
230Furious BunniesLightning's Blade-EU-101
230H A R M O N YLightning's Blade-EU-101
230Heil NoregLightning's Blade-EU-201
230HistoricalLightning's Blade-EU-01
230högtrycksområdeLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Horde SlappersLightning's Blade-EU-301
230HostsLightning's Blade-EU-01
230House TargaryenLightning's Blade-EU-01
230IDDQDLightning's Blade-EU-01
230InfidelsLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Intellect And HonorLightning's Blade-EU-201
230InvictaLightning's Blade-EU-01
230JævelhodeLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Karazhan Chess TeamLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Knights of NorthrendLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Lost HeavenLightning's Blade-EU-101
230Lost Souls UnitedLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Macho MenLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Mega GloryLightning's Blade-EU-01
230NervosaLightning's Blade-EU-101
230Nice cup of TeaLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Ninja In PyjamasLightning's Blade-EU-01
230no Humans are RobotsLightning's Blade-EU-01
230OmegaLightning's Blade-EU-01
230OverTimeLightning's Blade-EU-01
230PantheonsLightning's Blade-EU-01
230ParagonLightning's Blade-EU-01
230PentakillLightning's Blade-EU-1501
230PhobicLightning's Blade-EU-101
230Pick Up GuildLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Prime IILightning's Blade-EU-01
230ProeliteLightning's Blade-EU-01
230ProeliteptLightning's Blade-EU-101
230ProvenLightning's Blade-EU-601
230Psycho LogicLightning's Blade-EU-801
230PsychoticLightning's Blade-EU-01
230RadiationLightning's Blade-EU-01
230RequíemLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Sacred BloodlineLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Saints of SylvanasLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Satans RejectsLightning's Blade-EU-01
230shredded wheatLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Sobchak SecurityLightning's Blade-EU-101
230Social EliteLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Society Of SensationLightning's Blade-EU-01
230SolsticeLightning's Blade-EU-301
230StekarnaLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Straw Hat PiratesLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Sweet SixteenLightning's Blade-EU-101
230TA MPOURIALightning's Blade-EU-201
230The AchiëversLightning's Blade-EU-01
230the fermLightning's Blade-EU-01
230The HellfrontLightning's Blade-EU-01
230The Obsidian OrderLightning's Blade-EU-01
230The One and Only GuildLightning's Blade-EU-01
230The Sinister AwakeningLightning's Blade-EU-01
230The Skull AvengersLightning's Blade-EU-01
230The Swan LakeLightning's Blade-EU-1001
230thë ultimateLightning's Blade-EU-601
230The UnknownLightning's Blade-EU-01
230TorgerosLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Veseloto SeloLightning's Blade-EU-01
230vipersLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Warloads of WarcraftLightning's Blade-EU-01
230We Eat GnomesLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Writers of DestinyLightning's Blade-EU-1001
230XXL BumsLightning's Blade-EU-01
230Your Worst NightmareLightning's Blade-EU-01
321SerenityLightning's Blade-EUApr 11, 20111101
322MysteriousLightning's Blade-EUSep 7, 2011901
323just a delusionLightning's Blade-EUJan 31, 20122501
324The Reign (10)Lightning's Blade-EUJan 1, 20292301

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