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Laughing Skull-EU Guild Levels
1Order Of The Temple (10)Laughing Skull-EUApr 7, 2011212025
2The Crystal EyeLaughing Skull-EUApr 16, 2011124525
3PRCLaughing Skull-EUApr 17, 2011183525
4Echoes (25)Laughing Skull-EUApr 18, 2011245525
5Grindhouse (10)Laughing Skull-EUApr 19, 2011202525
6Kill the Alliance in PVPLaughing Skull-EUApr 20, 2011152525
7Electric CircusLaughing Skull-EUMay 6, 2011160025
8SOULLaughing Skull-EUMay 11, 2011197025
9Youll Never Smoke AloneLaughing Skull-EUMay 14, 2011157025
10Hordealicious (10)Laughing Skull-EUMay 22, 2011176525
11TriumphLaughing Skull-EUMay 24, 2011124025
12Blood KnightsLaughing Skull-EUJun 4, 2011175025
13Vastarinta (10)Laughing Skull-EUJun 8, 2011147025
14The Laughing Skulls (10)Laughing Skull-EUJun 22, 2011243525
15Gizdavi NakurnjakLaughing Skull-EUJun 24, 2011107025
16Teutonic TemplarsLaughing Skull-EUJul 5, 2011109025
17ComitiaLaughing Skull-EUAug 4, 2011179525
18The Nightwatch (10)Laughing Skull-EUAug 10, 2011154025
19Lyxan ReadyLaughing Skull-EUSep 11, 201184525
20SalvationLaughing Skull-EUSep 20, 2011119025
21En Svensk TigerLaughing Skull-EUOct 10, 201188025
22GeekzLaughing Skull-EUNov 2, 2011109025
23TriariiLaughing Skull-EUJan 2, 201261025
24Anihilation (10)Laughing Skull-EUJan 16, 2012192025
25FeW (10)Laughing Skull-EUJan 18, 2012163025
26Loud PipesLaughing Skull-EUJan 19, 201277025
27Tea and BiscuitsLaughing Skull-EUJan 25, 2012111025
28SomniaLaughing Skull-EUFeb 19, 201267025
29The Forgotten HopeLaughing Skull-EUFeb 25, 2012129025
30Banana HammockLaughing Skull-EUMar 15, 2012144525
31Public EnemiesLaughing Skull-EUJun 15, 201298525
32League of ShadowsLaughing Skull-EUJun 28, 2012120525
33A Gnome Stole My BikeLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202930025
33Angels of HordLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202991525
33Aùrora BorealisLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202965025
33ChapterNineLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202946525
33Danish MadnessLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202957025
33DaybreakLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202952025
33DecodeLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202935525
33DreamwalkersLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202996525
33Fake DCLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202928025
33Fusion (10)Laughing Skull-EUJan 1, 2029154025
33Gardian Of ThrallLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202953025
33GivetLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202917025
33Gnome Pest Control IncLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202984025
33Lords of KobolLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202920025
33Luckydo Walrus hatersLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 2029101025
33Ludus Enim GloriaLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202971525
33Midnight ShadowsLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202950025
33Miners DreamLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202942025
33MoP and beyondLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202949025
33NameLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202958025
33OutcastsLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202924025
33PandariaLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202948025
33PanzerBattalionLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202970525
33PsychoGamersLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202960025
33Redwood OriginalsLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202921025
33Serenity NowLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202964525
33Stare Decisis (10)Laughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202979025
33SupernovasLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202936025
33TemptationsLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 2029155025
33The Aero FactoryLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 2029106025
33The OutcastLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 2029208525
33The Valiant CrusadersLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202957025
33TheFightersGuildLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202954525
33UndesirablesLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202976525
33VoodooLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202962025
33WeAreNoNerdsLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202935025
33WeOwnYourFaceLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 2029139025
33What Tomorrow BringsLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202947025
33WhisperwindLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202947525
33Wipe Addict (10)Laughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202976525
33YoloLaughing Skull-EUJan 1, 202919025
74ConsortiumLaughing Skull-EU-124524
74Left oversLaughing Skull-EU-15024
74UnrealisticLaughing Skull-EU-21524
74Wrath of GodLaughing Skull-EU-49024
78DOMlNATORSLaughing Skull-EU-37523
79Chaos ConsortiumLaughing Skull-EU-19022
79VanillaLaughing Skull-EU-29022
81MENTALLaughing Skull-EU-31021
81SanctumLaughing Skull-EU-65021
83RandomsLaughing Skull-EU-35520
84Crimson ReapersLaughing Skull-EU-20019
84Dark DespairLaughing Skull-EU-14019
84Die Gnomies DieLaughing Skull-EU-93019
84Legion of WinterLaughing Skull-EU-39019
84WE ARE ALLIANCELaughing Skull-EU-20019
89BraidLaughing Skull-EU-54018
89Dark RepubIicLaughing Skull-EU-13018
89fallen angelsLaughing Skull-EU-31018
89TribeLaughing Skull-EU-28018
93crusadërsLaughing Skull-EU-28017
93SeveranceLaughing Skull-EU-48017
95The Kopanoi (10)Laughing Skull-EUJun 5, 201251017
96Adrenaline RushLaughing Skull-EU-23516
96alliancekillersLaughing Skull-EU-22016
96Apathy IncLaughing Skull-EU-7016
96Commando HeroesLaughing Skull-EU-43016
96De BierbendeLaughing Skull-EU-20016
96IsirLaughing Skull-EU-75016
96OriginLaughing Skull-EU-57016
103DiscoLaughing Skull-EU-10015
103Full Metal DragonsLaughing Skull-EU-4015
103Lost DivisionLaughing Skull-EU-25015
103Psychopathic OperationsLaughing Skull-EU-43015
103Warsong ClanLaughing Skull-EU-40515
108KILL ALLLaughing Skull-EU-11014
108KrunkerLaughing Skull-EU-25014
108Scar TissueLaughing Skull-EU-14014
108SmoczeDzieciLaughing Skull-EU-29014
108Supermen of the HordeLaughing Skull-EU-19014
113The Dark DragonsLaughing Skull-EU-63013
114Nordic ReignLaughing Skull-EUApr 13, 201139013
115SobansaLaughing Skull-EUMay 12, 201128013
116Ctrl The OutcomeLaughing Skull-EU-35012
116Old timersLaughing Skull-EU-17012
116TIGER EYELaughing Skull-EU-24012
119Fallout KnightsLaughing Skull-EUJun 6, 201211012
120Doom SqùadLaughing Skull-EU-12011
120Guardian Of AncientsLaughing Skull-EU-26011
120Meet Your MakersLaughing Skull-EU-31011
120Twìlìght ElìtesLaughing Skull-EU-13011
120ViciousLaughing Skull-EU-9011
125Nerf KarskLaughing Skull-EU-46010
125The MaelstromLaughing Skull-EU-20010
125You touch You dieLaughing Skull-EU-26010
128Luso TerrorLaughing Skull-EU-2609
128MiGHTY ZULU NATiONLaughing Skull-EU-1209
128Nulli SecundusLaughing Skull-EU-3309
128The Ninth LegionLaughing Skull-EU-2009
132Twilight CouncilLaughing Skull-EUMar 19, 20121709
133BLADES OF FURYLaughing Skull-EU-2408
134And His Imaginary FriendLaughing Skull-EUMay 2, 2011508
135Rotten ApplesLaughing Skull-EU-1307
135The ApocolypseLaughing Skull-EU-7407
137blackshadowLaughing Skull-EU-506
137Daoine SídheLaughing Skull-EU-3206
137Horde MercenariesLaughing Skull-EU-2106
137Mew Mew KittensLaughing Skull-EU-806
137Rainbow and CottoncandyLaughing Skull-EU-1006
137The ForceLaughing Skull-EU-1906
137the unicornsLaughing Skull-EU-1006
144CyanideLaughing Skull-EU-1455
144DeathmastersLaughing Skull-EU-505
144GoodfellasLaughing Skull-EU-2705
144Guild of StyckarenLaughing Skull-EU-1005
144Tropa de eliteLaughing Skull-EU-1705
144Vae VictisLaughing Skull-EU-2605
150ShadowlightLaughing Skull-EUOct 7, 20111705
151DesireLaughing Skull-EU-704
151Eat My ShortLaughing Skull-EU-2604
151Kill PhilLaughing Skull-EU-1904
151Lègacy (10)Laughing Skull-EU-1454
151Lex TalionisLaughing Skull-EU-1104
151Shadow ConclaveLaughing Skull-EU-904
157Darkwater CartelLaughing Skull-EUMay 17, 20111504
158KamikaziLaughing Skull-EUAug 2, 20111304
159Ministry of PainLaughing Skull-EU-303
159Raiders In The SkyLaughing Skull-EU-103
159RedeemedLaughing Skull-EU-403
159Soul SlayersLaughing Skull-EU-603
159The Drunk SquadLaughing Skull-EU-103
159Tors HammareLaughing Skull-EU-503
159VanguardLaughing Skull-EU-403
166ArisenLaughing Skull-EUAug 3, 20112403
167Eat My ShortsLaughing Skull-EU-1002
167Evil WaldmeisterLaughing Skull-EU-1402
167Inspect Her GadgetLaughing Skull-EU-702
170AnthemLaughing Skull-EU-601
170Blackhands GuardsLaughing Skull-EU-01
170BlocketLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Combined ChaosLaughing Skull-EU-201
170Council Of PoverestLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Courage KingsLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Ctrl Alt ElitesLaughing Skull-EU-501
170Dat BankLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Defenders of EquestriaLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Dont ScreamLaughing Skull-EU-01
170EnolaGayLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Flat Earth SocietyLaughing Skull-EU-01
170FreelancerLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Gravity HackLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Guardians Of AsgaardLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Guardians of HeavenLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Hellscreams FuryLaughing Skull-EU-01
170It burns when I PvPLaughing Skull-EU-01
170l o t s o f s p a c eLaughing Skull-EU-101
170Lizzard EmpireLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Mass TauntLaughing Skull-EU-101
170MeltdownLaughing Skull-EU-801
170MomentumLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Moral DecayLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Open RebellionLaughing Skull-EU-01
170PacificLaughing Skull-EU-01
170PilvenveikotLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Precious MillionairesLaughing Skull-EU-01
170R E V E N G ELaughing Skull-EU-01
170Relapse IILaughing Skull-EU-01
170RiotLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Ruff RydersLaughing Skull-EU-01
170RunicLaughing Skull-EU-601
170Sap And CapLaughing Skull-EU-01
170ShinigamiLaughing Skull-EU-01
170ShurikenLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Slaves of NephthysLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Stoppable ForceLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Suit UpLaughing Skull-EU-101
170SynergizeLaughing Skull-EU-01
170TEAM AWESOMELaughing Skull-EU-101
170ThamuzLaughing Skull-EU-01
170The Order of ChaosLaughing Skull-EU-601
170The Pirates Of AzerothLaughing Skull-EU-301
170The SavagesLaughing Skull-EU-01
170The SimpsonsLaughing Skull-EU-01
170The Warsong HeroesLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Time To ShineLaughing Skull-EU-101
170Wipe IncorporationLaughing Skull-EU-01
170Wrath of the AllianceLaughing Skull-EU-01
221Echoes of DestinyLaughing Skull-EUMay 10, 20111301
222I am LegendLaughing Skull-EUAug 21, 20113101
223italian gildLaughing Skull-EUMar 30, 2012101

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