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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dark Iron-US Guild Levels
1Knights of Arcadia (10)Dark Iron-USApr 4, 2011236525
2Panda Attack (10)Dark Iron-USApr 8, 2011207025
3BleaCh (10)Dark Iron-USApr 13, 2011202525
4Annarchy (10)Dark Iron-USApr 21, 2011201025
5Exuberance (10)Dark Iron-USApr 22, 2011197525
6Fear EngineDark Iron-USApr 26, 2011138525
6is cuteDark Iron-USApr 26, 2011121025
6Thrust (25)Dark Iron-USApr 26, 2011224525
9Disciples of DivxDark Iron-USApr 27, 2011206025
9ProphecyDark Iron-USApr 27, 2011182525
11GIFTDark Iron-USApr 28, 201199025
12Nirvana (10)Dark Iron-USApr 29, 2011177025
13N E R D R A G EDark Iron-USMay 1, 2011168025
14OutbúrstDark Iron-USMay 2, 2011172025
14Serious Growth PotentialDark Iron-USMay 2, 2011169025
16Eternity (25)Dark Iron-USMay 3, 2011228525
17Axis (10)Dark Iron-USMay 5, 2011217525
18Final Boss (10)Dark Iron-USMay 10, 2011190525
19One More BossDark Iron-USMay 11, 2011152525
20OvercomeDark Iron-USMay 14, 201181025
21MethodDark Iron-USMay 18, 2011110025
22PhoeniXDark Iron-USMay 21, 2011140025
23CondemnedDark Iron-USMay 23, 2011106025
24Minions of KhaosDark Iron-USMay 24, 2011202025
24Shadows of the AllianceDark Iron-USMay 24, 2011110025
26DjörkDark Iron-USMay 25, 2011175025
27SinisterDark Iron-USMay 28, 2011103025
28Hopes FateDark Iron-USMay 31, 2011154025
28ROME (10)Dark Iron-USMay 31, 2011202525
30ChronosDark Iron-USJun 2, 2011158025
30Spartan LegionDark Iron-USJun 2, 2011144025
32Terrible Swift SwordDark Iron-USJun 3, 2011205025
33Night OpsDark Iron-USJun 11, 2011153025
34Burly Men (10)Dark Iron-USJun 12, 2011174025
35DudepileDark Iron-USJun 15, 201195025
36Same Thing Less FailDark Iron-USJun 28, 2011113025
37Kind of a Big Deal (10)Dark Iron-USJul 4, 2011128025
38IncidentDark Iron-USJul 10, 2011114025
39Disciples of SteelDark Iron-USJul 14, 2011111025
40Unyielding SerenityDark Iron-USJul 20, 2011165025
41TaintedDark Iron-USAug 6, 2011112025
42ExtinctionDark Iron-USAug 7, 2011125525
42Optimus LuminariumDark Iron-USAug 7, 2011192525
44Hits Like a GirlDark Iron-USAug 10, 2011109025
45Twilight Raiders (10)Dark Iron-USAug 16, 2011201025
46BrashDark Iron-USAug 28, 2011161025
47Organized CrimeDark Iron-USAug 29, 2011124525
48Super Best FriendsDark Iron-USOct 8, 2011112025
49Gag Reflex (10)Dark Iron-USOct 14, 2011209525
50RitualDark Iron-USOct 23, 2011110525
51Guardians Of AsgardDark Iron-USNov 2, 2011134525
52Itteh Bitteh Kitteh CoDark Iron-USNov 5, 2011102525
53Why Are We In Combat (10)Dark Iron-USNov 30, 2011143025
54Hi My Name Is AmyDark Iron-USDec 22, 2011123025
55SchwartzstromDark Iron-USDec 29, 2011145025
56Save a Dragon Stop PVEDark Iron-USJan 3, 2012104025
57Bad ApplesDark Iron-USJan 21, 2012132025
58The SaiyansDark Iron-USJan 26, 2012150025
59Breathes FireDark Iron-USFeb 14, 201260025
60BloodStorm KnightsDark Iron-USMar 1, 201292025
61Raids DrunkDark Iron-USMar 10, 201277025
62Dark Iron Death MetalDark Iron-USApr 6, 2012114025
63ElectricmayhemDark Iron-USApr 11, 2012177025
64Fail Boat SailorsDark Iron-USApr 24, 2012111025
65Are You Criting MeDark Iron-USApr 29, 2012176025
66Twisted FateDark Iron-USMay 3, 2012144025
67Rated Baddie Grounds (10)Dark Iron-USJun 7, 2012174025
68QQ ComplexDark Iron-USJul 4, 201283525
69A Second SelfDark Iron-USJan 1, 202986525
69AESTIMATIODark Iron-USJan 1, 202928525
69AffinityDark Iron-USJan 1, 202923025
69Army of ElitesDark Iron-USJan 1, 202999025
69Assassin NationDark Iron-USJan 1, 202997025
69BallinDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029106025
69Balling out of ControlDark Iron-USJan 1, 202926025
69Bare BonesDark Iron-USJan 1, 202942025
69Beep Beep Imma JeepDark Iron-USJan 1, 202967025
69BENTDark Iron-USJan 1, 202959025
69Big biznisDark Iron-USJan 1, 202928025
69Bloody FistsDark Iron-USJan 1, 202924025
69Blue Square (10)Dark Iron-USJan 1, 2029186025
69BOSSDark Iron-USJan 1, 202983025
69Brotherhood of RoninDark Iron-USJan 1, 202951025
69Burnt SheepDark Iron-USJan 1, 202989525
69BURRITODark Iron-USJan 1, 202958525
69CalamityDark Iron-USJan 1, 202955025
69Cannoni Di FerroDark Iron-USJan 1, 202959525
69Chick MagnetDark Iron-USJan 1, 202935525
69Chicken on RîceDark Iron-USJan 1, 202978525
69chickenflightDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029126525
69Come At Me BroDark Iron-USJan 1, 202935025
69ContactDark Iron-USJan 1, 202942025
69ContingencyDark Iron-USJan 1, 202954025
69CouchDark Iron-USJan 1, 202984025
69Crossing the RubiconDark Iron-USJan 1, 202936025
69Cult of Skaro (10)Dark Iron-USJan 1, 202958025
69Cute A LotDark Iron-USJan 1, 202937025
69Cyclic RedundancyDark Iron-USJan 1, 202982525
69DeathdealersDark Iron-USJan 1, 202928525
69DeathTollDark Iron-USJan 1, 202932025
69Decayed RevengeDark Iron-USJan 1, 202956525
69Decendants of DeathDark Iron-USJan 1, 202946025
69DefiledDark Iron-USJan 1, 202986525
69Dire BeefDark Iron-USJan 1, 202935525
69Drachen FeuerDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029135025
69Dragons ShadowDark Iron-USJan 1, 202954025
69ÐuMáDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029106025
69El Psy CongrooDark Iron-USJan 1, 202939525
69Endless StormDark Iron-USJan 1, 202976525
69EpinicionDark Iron-USJan 1, 202982025
69Even FlowDark Iron-USJan 1, 202942025
69Faded LífeDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029118025
69Fallen HeroesDark Iron-USJan 1, 202934025
69Fat Kids Need FoodDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029112525
69Gank StatusDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029100025
69General GoodsDark Iron-USJan 1, 202954025
69Going in DryDark Iron-USJan 1, 202938025
69Guardians Of LightDark Iron-USJan 1, 202953025
69Halycon DesertersDark Iron-USJan 1, 202971525
69Hang Me Up to DryDark Iron-USJan 1, 202968025
69HempireDark Iron-USJan 1, 202942525
69HEPLDark Iron-USJan 1, 202974025
69Honey BadgersDark Iron-USJan 1, 202986025
69Horde Extermination CoDark Iron-USJan 1, 202934025
69Horde TrollersDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029100525
69Inconvenient SalvationDark Iron-USJan 1, 202941025
69InfectiousDark Iron-USJan 1, 202979025
69Inglorious Liver PiesDark Iron-USJan 1, 202933525
69Inner TurmoilDark Iron-USJan 1, 202936025
69InsømniaDark Iron-USJan 1, 202952025
69InsurrectionDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029103025
69Intelligent DesignDark Iron-USJan 1, 202935025
69Into OblivionDark Iron-USJan 1, 202942025
69Is Beautiful (10)Dark Iron-USJan 1, 2029170525
69Is On SauceDark Iron-USJan 1, 202921025
69Je JoueDark Iron-USJan 1, 202937025
69KamehamehaDark Iron-USJan 1, 202960525
69Kind Of A Bigger DealDark Iron-USJan 1, 202966025
69Kung Foo Chickens (10)Dark Iron-USJan 1, 202973025
69La Brigade Du Diable (10)Dark Iron-USJan 1, 202959025
69Lègioñ Of ChäosDark Iron-USJan 1, 202931025
69LiveStockDark Iron-USJan 1, 202996025
69ManOwaRDark Iron-USJan 1, 202938025
69Mentally DefectiveDark Iron-USJan 1, 202996025
69Mild AddictionDark Iron-USJan 1, 202957525
69Mortis n RuinaeDark Iron-USJan 1, 202949025
69My Crit Dont Stink (10)Dark Iron-USJan 1, 202998525
69NecroticDark Iron-USJan 1, 202988025
69Nerd PrideDark Iron-USJan 1, 202979025
69NERGEDark Iron-USJan 1, 202942025
69NizaraiDark Iron-USJan 1, 202949025
69No ThroneDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029121025
69Novus InitiumDark Iron-USJan 1, 202986025
69OMEGADark Iron-USJan 1, 202975025
69Order of the WolfDark Iron-USJan 1, 202947025
69Orgrimmars Most WantedDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029121025
69OriginDark Iron-USJan 1, 202963025
69PandaclysmDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029108025
69pizza hutDark Iron-USJan 1, 202928025
69ProminentDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029124025
69PurgatoryDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029146025
69Purple BudzDark Iron-USJan 1, 202925025
69Raging HordemonesDark Iron-USJan 1, 202923025
69Rebels MC (10)Dark Iron-USJan 1, 202972025
69Relentless ChaosDark Iron-USJan 1, 202943025
69Relevant To My InterestDark Iron-USJan 1, 202985525
69RetrospectDark Iron-USJan 1, 202940025
69Rival StatusDark Iron-USJan 1, 202961525
69Robot Death Monkeys (10)Dark Iron-USJan 1, 202985025
69Rock StarsDark Iron-USJan 1, 202948025
69SalvationDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029114025
69Sandwich no JutsuDark Iron-USJan 1, 202931525
69SanitariumDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029107025
69ShillahDark Iron-USJan 1, 202959025
69SickandTwisted (10)Dark Iron-USJan 1, 202955025
69Silver CovenantDark Iron-USJan 1, 202934025
69Slash MoanDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029123525
69Slaves of LifeDark Iron-USJan 1, 202975025
69Sons of RuinDark Iron-USJan 1, 202998025
69Spanish InquisitionDark Iron-USJan 1, 202973025
69Specced for AwesomeDark Iron-USJan 1, 202930025
69Strawberry AssassinDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029102025
69Strong Like Bear (10)Dark Iron-USJan 1, 2029147525
69SuperjäilDark Iron-USJan 1, 202971025
69Suspicious CharactersDark Iron-USJan 1, 202954025
69Synergÿ (10)Dark Iron-USJan 1, 2029133025
69Team HennesseyDark Iron-USJan 1, 202942525
69The Arcane BrotherhoodDark Iron-USJan 1, 202959025
69Thé BètràyedDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029117025
69The Bláck CompanyDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029109025
69The Blackrock ClanDark Iron-USJan 1, 202937525
69The Collective (10)Dark Iron-USJan 1, 202977025
69the devils hamsterDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029100025
69The Dream TeamDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029121025
69The Eh TeamDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029117525
69The EndingDark Iron-USJan 1, 202936025
69The FallënDark Iron-USJan 1, 202937025
69The Fluffy Bunny GangDark Iron-USJan 1, 202933025
69The Gojobaly FamilyDark Iron-USJan 1, 202928025
69The Nerd BrigadeDark Iron-USJan 1, 202973525
69The Ninth LegionDark Iron-USJan 1, 202975525
69The Prime of SerenityDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029109025
69The Rising SunDark Iron-USJan 1, 202944525
69The TurksDark Iron-USJan 1, 202943025
69ThirteenDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029121025
69TitanDark Iron-USJan 1, 202932025
69tòótDark Iron-USJan 1, 202987025
69Trailer Park BoysDark Iron-USJan 1, 202926025
69TripodDark Iron-USJan 1, 202956025
69TriumvirateDark Iron-USJan 1, 202967025
69Tunnel RatsDark Iron-USJan 1, 202987525
69UnacceptableDark Iron-USJan 1, 202995025
69UnrestrainedDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029109525
69VèngeanceDark Iron-USJan 1, 202924525
69Vindictam Per IramDark Iron-USJan 1, 202940025
69VoltageDark Iron-USJan 1, 202931025
69VortèxDark Iron-USJan 1, 202953525
69Wildly InappropriateDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029124025
69Wu Wang ClanDark Iron-USJan 1, 202990525
69XerofateDark Iron-USJan 1, 202995025
69You Didnt Make The CutDark Iron-USJan 1, 202922025
222Edge of DawnDark Iron-US-62024
222Forgotten CrusadersDark Iron-US-71024
222GenôcideDark Iron-US-71024
222Ironforge InitiativeDark Iron-US-31024
222KnightDark Iron-US-15024
222Lynxies CrewDark Iron-US-64524
222Mythic DawnDark Iron-US-57024
222of SMDark Iron-US-53524
222Shetland PiratesDark Iron-US-19024
222SugodDark Iron-US-51024
232Evil ShenanigansDark Iron-US-37023
232Hockey Knights in CanadaDark Iron-US-52023
232LOK YARDark Iron-US-24023
232Mark Of The ShadowDark Iron-US-25023
232Try HardDark Iron-US-57023
232We Fight In MidDark Iron-US-23023
238Aetherion VanguardDark Iron-US-60022
238All Gear No SkillDark Iron-US-38022
238Jambo ExpressDark Iron-US-44522
238KotWDark Iron-US-26522
238RemnantsDark Iron-US-46022
238Swords of RiversideDark Iron-US-18022
244Forsaken UnityDark Iron-US-73021
244RogaineDark Iron-US-15521
244Vicious DeliciousDark Iron-US-50021
244VortexDark Iron-US-41521
248And The Three BearsDark Iron-US-16020
248desjardinsDark Iron-US-40020
248Disturbing SerenityDark Iron-US-89020
248Get In CarDark Iron-US-33520
248La MasiaDark Iron-US-25020
248MONGADark Iron-US-24020
248Taylor Gang or WipeDark Iron-US-54020
248Valár Morghulis (10)Dark Iron-US-46020
256Combo BreakerDark Iron-USMay 31, 201111020
257ÜBERDark Iron-USMay 18, 201247020
258A i n o k e aDark Iron-US-38019
258Gamon for WarchiefDark Iron-US-17019
258One Rule ELEDark Iron-US-40019
258super familyDark Iron-US-49019
258The Dragon RebornDark Iron-US-15019
258THE WAR MACHINEDark Iron-US-26019
258Unholy IncDark Iron-US-30019
265ExclusiveDark Iron-US-27018
265Fish and PaintDark Iron-US-28518
265MightDark Iron-US-22018
265Time Well WastedDark Iron-US-28018
269Shadow GuardDark Iron-USMay 29, 201160018
270Beyond the GatesDark Iron-USJun 22, 201125518
271Aqua Unit Patrol SquadDark Iron-US-27017
271FrenzyDark Iron-US-18017
271IndefiniteDark Iron-US-40017
271ManloveDark Iron-US-48017
271Rad WagonDark Iron-US-22517
271The Vault KeepersDark Iron-US-27017
271Vital LuckDark Iron-US-18017
278Dark Horde LegionDark Iron-US-48016
278Kill on SightDark Iron-US-18016
278Lil TwinksDark Iron-US-53016
278People under the stairsDark Iron-US-13016
278RavenclawDark Iron-US-8016
278SealabDark Iron-US-18016
278Shadows BreathDark Iron-US-11016
278VeniVediViciDark Iron-US-25016
286After DawnDark Iron-US-63015
286DebaucheryDark Iron-US-46015
286Hellscreams GuardsDark Iron-US-90015
286Ironforge KnightsDark Iron-US-14015
286LuminosìtyDark Iron-US-25015
286Patient ZeroDark Iron-US-32015
286Phoenix ImpulseDark Iron-US-21015
286Skill CappedDark Iron-US-15015
286The HollowDark Iron-US-31015
295Might of the HordeDark Iron-USJan 3, 201222515
296AathmaDark Iron-US-53014
296Blood GuardDark Iron-US-9014
296Brutality is LawDark Iron-US-13014
296Dark Iron LegacyDark Iron-US-22514
296Fairy TailDark Iron-US-18014
296Fat CampDark Iron-US-13014
296How HighDark Iron-US-11014
296IncomingDark Iron-US-25014
296N E X TDark Iron-US-7014
296The Irony of AwesomeDark Iron-US-34014
296Voluntary ManslaughterDark Iron-US-33014
307Altoholics AnonymousDark Iron-US-9013
307Blast OffDark Iron-US-26013
307Blue DreamDark Iron-US-32013
307Care Bear StareDark Iron-US-33013
307Chase the DragonDark Iron-US-39013
307DethroneDark Iron-US-34013
307Ebony KnightsDark Iron-US-22013
307InfinitumDark Iron-US-24013
307Knights of Mors AstralisDark Iron-US-36013
307Sic Semper TyrannosaurusDark Iron-US-22013
307Strength In NumbersDark Iron-US-24013
318AwakenedDark Iron-US-37012
318Cärpe NoctëmDark Iron-US-43012
318Dark Iron MercenariesDark Iron-US-18012
318Druid TrainerDark Iron-US-19012
318GnomaphobicDark Iron-US-5012
318JudgmentDark Iron-US-26012
318LogicDark Iron-US-31012
318Logical JourneyDark Iron-US-31012
318No ReliquishDark Iron-US-20012
318No ShameDark Iron-US-16012
318Sloots In BootsDark Iron-US-24012
318Tango DownDark Iron-US-14012
318The HurricaneDark Iron-US-32012
318Veterans of the Dark SunDark Iron-US-21012
318We Just Cant DecideDark Iron-US-52012
333BananashananagramDark Iron-US-33011
333Beastly BoysDark Iron-US-13011
333Caseus PalatiumDark Iron-US-28011
333Cherry Popper RenegadeDark Iron-US-21011
333Clan WolfDark Iron-US-31011
333darkknightsDark Iron-US-15011
333Fabulous Rainbow BoysDark Iron-US-12011
333HypeDark Iron-US-38011
333InfernusDark Iron-US-14011
333LordsOfWarDark Iron-US-4011
333Pallet Town RefugeesDark Iron-US-28011
333Përfëct ImpërfëctîônsDark Iron-US-16011
333Vortex RebornDark Iron-US-21011
346Girl Worth Fighting ForDark Iron-USJan 1, 202934011
347Alliance du QuebecDark Iron-US-37010
347BloodswornDark Iron-US-40010
347CakeDark Iron-US-7010
347CL TropicsDark Iron-US-16010
347CutieMark CrusadersDark Iron-US-10010
347DiscordDark Iron-US-12010
347Evasive ActionDark Iron-US-23010
347Everyone WipeDark Iron-US-26010
347Fallen CrusadeDark Iron-US-13010
347Horde Hunters INCDark Iron-US-17010
347RemnantDark Iron-US-29010
347Society of NerdsDark Iron-US-8010
347Traveling WilburysDark Iron-US-13010
347TriumphDark Iron-US-18010
347WhooterzDark Iron-US-32010
347Your Mothers A HordeDark Iron-US-5010
363World PvP BattlemasterDark Iron-USMay 10, 201119010
364F a d e d L i f eDark Iron-USMay 31, 201118010
365Covenant in BloodDark Iron-US-709
365Force of ValorDark Iron-US-809
365IolipopDark Iron-US-2609
365OverWhelmingDark Iron-US-509
365ProgrêssionDark Iron-US-1509
365Silent BrosDark Iron-US-2809
371Apple TreeDark Iron-US-1208
371Blood for BloodDark Iron-US-1808
371Contract Horde KillerDark Iron-US-1508
371Drugs IncDark Iron-US-508
371Embrace The ShadowsDark Iron-US-1608
371Head ExplodyDark Iron-US-5608
371HeroDark Iron-US-1708
371High RegardDark Iron-US-1008
371League of LegendsDark Iron-US-2508
371Mini StorageDark Iron-US-1058
371ninjaDark Iron-US-408
371PsychoDark Iron-US-1408
371Roflcers of the LawlDark Iron-US-1608
371The Dark SideDark Iron-US-2008
371The Fiction We LiveDark Iron-US-808
371Vae victisDark Iron-US-1608
371way she goesDark Iron-US-4308
371WyEastDark Iron-US-3708
389Boats n HoesDark Iron-US-807
389Dark KissDark Iron-US-1707
389FallënDark Iron-US-2107
389Hayabusa Ninja clanDark Iron-US-407
389Illidium OrderDark Iron-US-2607
389MadnessDark Iron-US-1907
389Original GangsterDark Iron-US-1607
389Savaged KnightsDark Iron-US-2307
389SBKDark Iron-US-2407
389Union of MercenariesDark Iron-US-2807
389Warriors of AnoxiaDark Iron-US-1407
389WitherwoodDark Iron-US-407
401Anger ManagementDark Iron-US-806
401Creepe DollsDark Iron-US-906
401Crimson BladeDark Iron-US-706
401Died in a FireDark Iron-US-2006
401Drill Bit LobotomyDark Iron-US-3206
401Drunkendis OrderDark Iron-US-306
401End of That ChapterDark Iron-US-2806
401FlexDark Iron-US-2606
401Good GriefDark Iron-US-1506
401Knights of HonorDark Iron-US-1906
401Obsidian Sun VanguardDark Iron-US-1506
401Project MayhemDark Iron-US-906
401RUN THERES A BEARDark Iron-US-1206
401Seven SwordsDark Iron-US-406
401SorrowsDark Iron-US-1306
401StaticDark Iron-US-1006
401Stomping the AlliDark Iron-US-1006
401Virtute et ArmisDark Iron-US-1206
419Enjoys a Null PlayDark Iron-US-1105
419QT PiesDark Iron-US-1855
419RoughnecksDark Iron-US-505
419SanctumDark Iron-US-1155
419Story TimeDark Iron-US-405
419Team MagmaDark Iron-US-805
419The Elite GuardDark Iron-US-1105
426DarkIron MafiaDark Iron-USJun 20, 20111605
427FidelityDark Iron-USAug 5, 20123205
428SurrealismDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029905
429Champions of the SunDark Iron-US-1204
429DragonForceDark Iron-US-104
429Echo CompanyDark Iron-US-1304
429Fancy LadsDark Iron-US-204
429GiVe MeH uR GoLdDark Iron-US-904
429Hard Dekins CiderDark Iron-US-104
429Knights forceDark Iron-US-1204
429Pizza ShackDark Iron-US-404
429Semper LetalisDark Iron-US-1104
429Silence of the StarsDark Iron-US-1604
429SuicidalDark Iron-US-704
429ThirstDark Iron-US-804
429To The SkyDark Iron-US-2004
429wonton soupDark Iron-US-1004
443LetchDark Iron-USMay 26, 20111504
444All Gear No TalentDark Iron-US-03
444Back by Popular DemandDark Iron-US-703
444BenevolenceDark Iron-US-1303
444Blood RightDark Iron-US-103
444Dont Tempt FateDark Iron-US-2203
444Elitist PerksDark Iron-US-1203
444Eternal LegionDark Iron-US-703
444ExtravagantsDark Iron-US-803
444NightmareCafeDark Iron-US-903
444PeekayDark Iron-US-103
444That Seventies ShowDark Iron-US-1503
444The EinherjarDark Iron-US-403
444The Newbian InstituteDark Iron-US-503
444Vechten VerbondDark Iron-US-703
458Demon BirdsDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029103
458Valar MorghulisDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029953
458Zerg IncDark Iron-USJan 1, 20292853
461AwesomeDark Iron-US-302
461B n EDark Iron-US-202
461Basement BattalionDark Iron-US-1202
461Civil DisobedientsDark Iron-US-302
461Lords of AsgardDark Iron-US-1102
461Self HelpDark Iron-US-202
461The Dark RepublicDark Iron-US-902
461United in BloodDark Iron-US-302
461You Cant Crit With UsDark Iron-US-502
470Comfortably NumbDark Iron-USJun 7, 2011902
471ClockworkDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029202
471MonstrosityDark Iron-USJan 1, 20291552
471UndeniableDark Iron-USJan 1, 20292502
474and His Amazîng FriendsDark Iron-US-01
474AnimâlDark Iron-US-01
474AnimosityDark Iron-US-201
474Bay LifeDark Iron-US-01
474BloodlineDark Iron-US-101
474Chaotic TheoryDark Iron-US-101
474ChoineseDark Iron-US-01
474Colorado Power KushDark Iron-US-301
474Council of MagesDark Iron-US-01
474Cruel FateDark Iron-US-01
474CzBDark Iron-US-01
474Daffy BlokesDark Iron-US-501
474DeadMansChestDark Iron-US-01
474Death StalkersDark Iron-US-01
474DeathBeforeDisHonorDark Iron-US-01
474Deaths AdvanceDark Iron-US-01
474Deathwings DescendantsDark Iron-US-01
474Defense of LightDark Iron-US-01
474defilementDark Iron-US-01
474Demon Souls NightstalkerDark Iron-US-01
474Disciples of DurotarDark Iron-US-01
474DistantDark Iron-US-01
474Dooms EdgeDark Iron-US-01
474Dreamy WorldDark Iron-US-901
474Echo of SilenceDark Iron-US-01
474Enveloping ShadowsDark Iron-US-101
474EnviousDark Iron-US-01
474ëXõrçístsDark Iron-US-901
474expendablesDark Iron-US-01
474Filled with AwesomeSauceDark Iron-US-551
474Final LoyaltyDark Iron-US-01
474FireStormDark Iron-US-301
474Flavour CountryDark Iron-US-201
474Fools ErrandDark Iron-US-01
474Forgotten LegacyDark Iron-US-01
474FORSAKENSDark Iron-US-01
474FUS RO DAHDark Iron-US-01
474Fusion RealmsDark Iron-US-01
474GKDark Iron-US-01
474God ComplexDark Iron-US-101
474GRYPSDark Iron-US-01
474Harmful IntentDark Iron-US-01
474Has a Monitor TanDark Iron-US-01
474Haters IncDark Iron-US-01
474Hell HoundsDark Iron-US-01
474Hello Kitty Pirate ClubDark Iron-US-1101
474HighwindDark Iron-US-01
474InjusticeDark Iron-US-01
474Interrupts Like KanyeDark Iron-US-01
474Invincible Crazy FistsDark Iron-US-01
474Irish LassesDark Iron-US-01
474Joint ChiefsDark Iron-US-01
474JuggernautDark Iron-US-01
474Kitty Kat Death SquadDark Iron-US-301
474Knights of ExillusDark Iron-US-01
474KOSDark Iron-US-01
474LA FAMILIADark Iron-US-01
474League of LegendzDark Iron-US-01
474Legendary FuryDark Iron-US-01
474Legends of the UnheardDark Iron-US-01
474Light of the NightDark Iron-US-01
474Liquid HaloDark Iron-US-01
474Log HorizonDark Iron-US-01
474Lost LegionDark Iron-US-01
474Malestos GuildDark Iron-US-01
474MLGDark Iron-US-01
474Mondork and FriendsDark Iron-US-01
474Murderous IntentDark Iron-US-01
474My Lil PwniesDark Iron-US-01
474NémésisDark Iron-US-01
474NO MORE HORDEDark Iron-US-01
474Numbers Dont CountDark Iron-US-01
474Of DeathDark Iron-US-101
474Old Surfers RuleDark Iron-US-01
474oODark Iron-US-01
474Paradox LostDark Iron-US-101
474Pokemon TrainerDark Iron-US-01
474positDark Iron-US-01
474Pull Out its a TrapDark Iron-US-01
474Purple Rhino KnightsDark Iron-US-01
474QTPie AzN BaByGiRL SQuaDDark Iron-US-101
474Raw Dogging RandomsDark Iron-US-01
474Ready CheckDark Iron-US-301
474RepublicDark Iron-US-101
474RevivalDark Iron-US-01
474Righteous Stoudt ArmyDark Iron-US-701
474RiseNDark Iron-US-01
474ROWBOATDark Iron-US-01
474RPDDark Iron-US-01
474Saints of InterventionDark Iron-US-101
474SavagesDark Iron-US-01
474Scorch PowDark Iron-US-01
474SIXRDark Iron-US-01
474Sloppy SecondsDark Iron-US-301
474Stalwart HeroesDark Iron-US-201
474Stardust CrusadersDark Iron-US-01
474SunnyvaleDark Iron-US-01
474Sword and BoardDark Iron-US-01
474The Dirty HordeDark Iron-US-101
474The GoAT AssassinsDark Iron-US-01
474The Hurricane Old GuardDark Iron-US-01
474The Last HopeDark Iron-US-01
474The Lolive GardenDark Iron-US-101
474The NemesisDark Iron-US-01
474The RebellionDark Iron-US-01
474The Red TeamDark Iron-US-1301
474The Shining CrusadeDark Iron-US-01
474The TowerDark Iron-US-01
474The UndertakersDark Iron-US-01
474Thieves BrotherhoodDark Iron-US-01
474Three ANGRY InchesDark Iron-US-01
474ThunderCougarFalconBirdDark Iron-US-01
474Tol in GaurhothDark Iron-US-01
474Twisted CrusadeDark Iron-US-01
474TyrannyDark Iron-US-01
474UnbreakableDark Iron-US-01
474Varsity CheerleadersDark Iron-US-601
474Veni Vedi VeciDark Iron-US-01
474Vicious CycleDark Iron-US-01
474VindicationDark Iron-US-01
474Vindicators of Dark IronDark Iron-US-01
474VirtùDark Iron-US-1201
474War Is The AnswerDark Iron-US-01
474Warlords of AzerothDark Iron-US-01
474Was BeautifulDark Iron-US-501
474We Pee In LightwellsDark Iron-US-01
474West Coast BiasDark Iron-US-01
474Where everyone knows yaDark Iron-US-101
474Wølf PackDark Iron-US-01
474Ye Ole HangmenDark Iron-US-01
607Dark TemplarDark Iron-USJul 24, 2011701
608GLORYDark Iron-USSep 4, 2011501
609Angels of the FallenDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029801
609Awakened TimeDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029301
609DerangedDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029301
609OH SO GRIZZLYDark Iron-USJan 1, 2029301
609Sacred OrderDark Iron-USJan 1, 20295001
609The LeagueDark Iron-USJan 1, 20293151

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